I mean it has to be. How else do you explain this otherwise completely retarded advert:

condoms and care

It’s from SuperPharm, owned by my beloved Montreal-based Pharmaprix. For those of you who don’t know Hebrew, it’s your typical buy one get one free deal. If you buy a pack of condoms, you get a free pack of first aid products. Ordinarily one might ask what the connection is between condoms and first aid. If you have to ask, you’ve obviously not sampled a sabra if you know what I mean. Those babes can be fierce! Isralicious indeed.

Totally lifted from lizraelupdate.com – but I did help her with some WordPress issues so I’m entitled.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Maybe this is just a ploy to sell condoms by including a first aid kit with it?

    “What did you buy at the market today?”

    “A first aid kit–And look, it came with a free box of condoms!”

  • Glasgow has a lot of beautiful women, but this is mostly due to a lot of Poles moving here in the past two years.

    Seriously though, Scotland is gorgeous! You should visit.

  • Any hardcore, Jewish cocksmen ( Men who like Pussy ) can say if getting action in Israel is a reality or hoax? Jdates perdominity worthless in getting the info ( Alot of turd pushers on there I think) Can someone speak up on this issue? Good weather is everywhere, the western wall is a sure thing, and I can see the sites with google image search, Whats the poon tang situation with israel?

  • … praying this post slips off the front page before it is discovered by anti-circumcision nutters…

  • Bill, I can provide the information you’re seeking. Israeli women don’t sleep with idiots or trolls, so if you go there you’re likely to remain a virgin.

  • Actually, Bill has a good question. And alot of valid points. Im actually wondering the same thing.

  • Yea, your right, just at themiddle and froylein are the same as well. As far as me being a virgin goes, maybe for this week. But hey, thanks for responding, ANY RESPONSE, positive or negative, promotes this issue. And I say with confidence, I don’t want to know you, i don’t want you around me if your not like me. In other words, if ur against fucking, then fuck you!!!

  • When preparing to have sex, one often notices new rashes, sores and boils, so first aid should be at the ready.

  • Yes, Bill, you got that right. Froylein and I are the same person. Or at least we use the same breast firming cream.

  • And also, nothing wrong with wanting to make kiddish in some of Israels golden cups (Vaginas) Totally Kosher for a Jewish man to rock out with the cock out on the beach of Tel Aviv and Eilat.

  • Blah Blah Blah, I think Tom Morrissey is a fag. And ever see that show “Generation Kill”

  • Themiddle, I read though thise blogs again and take it ur bangin, who knows in the future huh? Look up “Israeli girls” On YouTube and you’ll see where im coming from, im not politicly correct. Oh yeah, anyone who uses language like “beautiful, sexy, etc” must want a cock in there asshole. So any red blooded man looks at those youtube vids is gonna WANT SOME!!!!

  • Oh Yeah, I left some misspellings in my last one, for those who like to correct ppls spellings, can you find em? : )

  • Middle, as I said before, I am not politicly correct. I believe that political correctness not only rancidates society, pretty soon people are going to be dying in hospitals from getting wrong surgeries, or not getting proper treatment on time due to peoples fear to call someone what they are. But there is one thing with me, which is a rarity these days, im 100% trustworthy. I will tell it like it is, just as I am asking it like it is. Maybe you should chew on that for a while and maybe you’ll come to the right conclusion.

  • Very disturbing how the little people with there little flee bites like to strike at any opportunity. Does anyone remember that this blog is called “In Israel, sex is a contact sport?” Go back to Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic people fuck all the time, talk about fuckin in public, literally you could go up to a girl in the street, start talking, and ask on the spot (if theirs energy) for an afternoon fuck!!! What is wrong with us?? Of course I always forget how high the homosexuallity rate is among Jews. And did everyone forget this is a blog? No face, no gender, just open questions and whatnot?

  • Oh Bill. A true cocksman does not need to talk about it. Know what I mean? No time!

  • I can honestly see why there is so much anti semitism in the world, from just this blog experience alone. More often then not I am embarresd to call myself a Jew. Israelis, they’ll at least throw a bomb in your house, but the little piss-ants that come on here to take little bites out of you, then threaten to sue when you confront them in person. Well every culture has its niggers, and were no exception to the rule it seems. Well enough of this, I know i’ll find my answer from some real people

  • Yeesh Bill, relax. You came in a little strong and some of us have sisters you know? One ought not refer to Israeli women as “poontang” without expecting somewhat of a response, know what I mean? All I can tell you is that I live in Israel and life here is grand. OK?

  • Good luck finding those answers, my friend. The quest continues.

  • ck. Go to yahoo images, Type in “Israel, Girls” with the safety filter turned off, and see what you get. In fact, heres one:


    If I could make it shorter I would, but thats as short as it comes. Cut and Paste and tell me if it works.

    And ya, Ck, the title of this blog is called “In Israel, sex is a contact sport” I could understand if I put this up in an “Orthidox” or “Better home and garden” Section of this site, but im not out of place, nor will I ever admit im wrong on any of it, plus, did you know that someones sisters, or daughters went on Maxime Magazine to “Sex up Israels Image” go to youtube, type “Israel, girls” I can go all day with this one.

    CK, you seem like a reasonable person, u tell me what you think.

  • CK and fruit flies, click “Images search” The better home and garden to orthidox living in israel! : )

  • OY, one more thing. Girls, women, females, bitches, chicks, POON TANG, all have there OWN words about guys and our parts, so im not EVEN ASHAMED!!!

  • Bill? I have no idea what you meant to say in comment #36. And I’m not trying to shame you. I’m just saying that those words are going to elicit a reaction – one that’s not going to encourage a fruitful discussion. I mean your initial question, once you get past the bravado is legitimate. And the answer? Israeli women rarely sleep with foreign tourists. They tend towards monogamy and long term relationships. So yeah. There ya go.

  • Nothing wrong with Bill that a week in Phuket wouldn’t take care of.

  • Well, the Phuket lady boys would probably be right up Bill’s alley, if you get my drift and I think you do.

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much, etc.

  • Ok, from this point on, im only responding to CK, its no longer interesting swatting flies. CK, Tel Aviv, is well known as the sex capital of Israel, heard Haifa and Eilat was good too. Im not going to Jerusalem with my dick hanging out, thats for the kotel wall, shabbot, the museam of tollerance, etc. And to say they are all for monogamy, please look at this again


    Click it and tell me what u think again?

  • CK, to answer the question to #36, I was saying that this blog is called “In Israel, sex is a contact sport” So I was asking a sex question. If there was a blog called “Guns and ammo” I would talk about gun stuff; which I know alot about. Or if there was a blog about Skateboarding and BMX, I would ask Bike and Skate questions. Get the point?

  • nice link. Do let’s make this guy a poster. He has spunk and no fear of offending. Isn’t that how muffti got the job?

  • I don’t know how Muffti got the job, but with Bill I’m reminded of the insecure high school kid who never leaves his basement. But sure, let’s make him a poster here – we could use a “real cocksman” whose life experience consists of reading the letters section in Penthouse to impart wisdom to our readers.

    At least he’s taken a shine to ck, his good host.

  • Nice link Bill. See all those women? Nothing personal here but understand this: None of them will sleep with you. Unless you move here of course. And get this – te disdain you show for Jerusalem? Highly misplaced. For instance, many of the scantily clad women in that link are participating in the gay pride parade/love festival in Tel Aviv. They walk around like that all the time. In Jerusalem, by the time you get to see even half that flesh, you already know you’re gonna get some whereas in Tel Aviv, a woman can show you her boobs and it means nothing.

  • Middle…you soooo rock! Tell your wife I said she is lucky to have you. Response 9 was perfect. I have a suspicion “Bill” is an old blogging Troll from this site who has not been seen in a while…. supposedly found employment…

  • Um …Froylein …I know you didn’t mean to imply that Tom Jones and Elvis (obm) were not extremely extremely hot in their large chrome belt buckles back in the day, so no offense taken.

    Looking forward to new TJ CD release in UK in November and hopefully a duet with Welsh blue-eyed soul singer Duffy ..who beats Amy Winehouse anyday.

    Sorry I missed your visit but I was afraid you wouldn’t like me in person so I didn’t try to contact you…

  • Chutzpah, if I can’t convince my wife I rock without telling her what you said, I may have a problem. 😉

    Your guess about that old blogging troll is interesting.

  • My 2nd guess is Juda Engelmayer having more fun from his apartment.

  • Sigh.

    So much hotness, so little tznius.

    Bill, dude, seriously: we know Jewish girls are hot; believe me, we get it. But do you really think even one of these girls would let you even do so much as be in the same room with her?

  • Ck

    Ha Ha, I knew something was up, gay pride Tel Aviv huh?. I guess Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are paridoxal. I guess i’ll find out when I get there. Anyways, I was reading up on Israels gun laws ( I’ll change the subject like everyone else) and I read 2 worlds too, one says there laws are like Flordias, weras if you go near an Arab area, they give u an uzi, and its encouraged u carry a gun there, and on the other hand, there so strict that its even a bitch getting a lil 38. snubby. So whats the deal, can I bring my heat when I visit Israel, or will even a can of mase be forbidden?

  • And why would I have to move to Israel for the straight girls in that link to sleep with me?

  • A typical white person, poor Bill’s turning to guns and religion.

    I second Muffti, even if Bill did call me a cigarette.

  • Ok, white person? This one really takes the cake. Arn’t all Ashkenazi Jews of white skin color? Tom Morrissey sounds like a honkey name if I ever heard one! Ok, to clear the air here, last time I checked, I was born an Ashkenazi Jew, Im of Polish Decent.
    The only Jews who arn’t white are the Ethiopians, most of the morrocans, and the yemites? “Rolls eyes and whistles”

  • I hope im just tired, but I seriously hope the flies here wouldn’t think a Goy would come onto a Jewish site asking about Israeli girls? This would really take the cake……..

  • Chutzpah, I’m still around till tomorrow afternoon. Going to the MoMA today. Email ck for my number if you like..

  • Make sure you’re dressed in black for MoMA, froylein. And I want a full report on the Becher show– I’m a big fan. Love their students, too, Struth, Gursky, Hofer et al.

  • themiddle Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 6:47 pm
    Yes, Bill, you got that right. Froylein and I are the same person. Or at least we use the same breast firming cream.

    themiddle Says:
    July 30th, 2008 at 1:12 am
    Chutzpah, if I can’t convince my wife I rock without telling her what you said, I may have a problem.

    Your guess about that old blogging troll is interesting.

    Dude, are in the process of a sex change operation? What does a man need breast firming cream for? :p This room is getting creepier then I thought

  • He’s a highly emotionally-evolved person who has the courage to be in touch with all sides of himself. Someone to look up to, if I were in your shoes, Bill.

  • Soft skin, firm texture – what gender could not desire that? Better than man boobies afterall.

    Tom, if only had I known before… I was wearing a black top though. The Becher show was only open for MoMA members today.

  • Well im done with this. All im gonna say is, if I don’t get any pussy while im in Israel, not only will I hate the Country forever, I will join the “Boycott Israel” banwagen!!!

  • You mean, you’ll join the Boycott Israel “banwagen” just as you’re now a certified member in good standing of the Boycott USA, Boycott Canada, Boycott Western Europe and Boycott Asia “banwagens.” It’s hard to get laid when you’re a lame troll.

  • middle, are you high, drunk, both? What did all these other regions have to do with anything?

    Secondly, please define “Troll” because for one you don’t know anything of what I look like, and if I was a troll, I would live under a bridge, meaning I would not have a computer. So maybe u should pull your own head out of your own ass and get your brain reorganized.

  • Best of luck, wherever life’s banwagen may take you.

  • Bill, a troll in this context is not a little ugly guy who lives under a bridge. It’s someone who posts provocative comments for the sole purpose of eliciting a strong reaction. You can easily get pussy in Tel Aviv, but you have to probably pay for it. Jerusalem is also full of feral pussies who roam the street looking for food scraps. When are you planning on coming to Israel? Just so I can warn the ladies, know what I mean?

  • HAHAHAHA!!!! Why would I tell you when I am coming so you can tell them to run? And im confused as to what u meant by feral pussies roaming the street looking for food scraps. Please Elaberate on that CK


  • Hello CK? Where are you? I was kidding about the first part of my last blog, now im curious on what feral pussies are!

  • Am looking for israel american girl , and the objective is to get out from my country jordan (i am palestinian)

    My email address is [email protected]

    She must be beauty, thanks for understanding, waiting for you…

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