Flatbush? Have you ever eaten in Flatbush? In this predominantly Orthodox Ashkenazic New York enclave, anyone who can teach these people that there are spices other than salt and pepper will have already created a miraculous advancement in local culinary practice. In any case, the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts opened this week. Offering a 4 week certification program, it is the only professional kosher cooking school in North America. And it seems kinda serious too judging by its all Flash (annoying) Web site. I was particularly struck by its Flavors of Morocco course. Taught by an actual Moroccan cook, the menu includes traditional Moroccan fare like Matbuchah, Carrots a la Fez and Cous Cous and a “discussion of the origins of Sephardic cuisine as well as instruction from Chef Daniella (Bensimon) on knife skills…”

Knife skills? Fuck me, that is authentically Moroccan!

The first intensive 6-week course, costing $4,500, has 13 men and women enrolled and just started. Fun!

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  • comment about knife skills was unnecessary and feeds into one of our internal problems that is just plain fucked up. don’t we have enough problems with everyone else? isn’t internal crap the reason behind the destruction of the Temple? makes me freaking embarrassed to be of ashkenasi origin!

  • I’m Moroccan. I have a knife. I was being ironical…
    Didn’t mean to offend anyone. Certainly not anyone ashkenazic.

  • Ah, but we’re what’s called in Israel and mixed marriage (the irony was not wasted on me)!

  • So wait Jane. Are you or aren’t you offended? Are you married to a Moroccan man? I don’t understand!

  • Even in the Jewish world, circumsicion remains controversial.

  • Yes I am married to a Moroccan man and yes I am offended because of all the stereotyping to which he was subjected. Had it all been in good fun, different story. Maybe you are unaware of the ma’abarot, etc.

  • ck, I’ll spoon with ya. How’s that?

    Jane, the most effective way to respond to people that bring up prejudices is to laugh at them. Those that want to hurt take delight in seeing you hurt. Oh, and ck most definitely didn’t mean to hurt. Even if he’s got a knife.

  • I think it’s interesting that the classes are mixed: both men and women? In Flatbush?

  • Nu? Are they using Agri meat or just fish sticks covered in shrimp crumbs?

  • Wait did you say men and WOMEN- I don’t know about this. Who said its kosher- looks like they may have to ban it since I hear the kitchen is coed.

  • ck.. u r too kind.. salt and pepper? i don;t think they use pepper in Flatbush, just lots and lots of salt.

    “Flatbush: The Land That Low Sodium Diets Forgot”

  • Although, you might even more enjoy their entire Knife Skills course. Led by someone who runs a business called The Kosher Tomato, yet.

  • Hey, awesome school…completely kosher, completely kashered kitchen, meat only. Amazingly serious but fun at the same time.Totally should check it out…very convenient.