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  • MUFFTI! LINKS! Come on!! What’s the source? What’s the name of the Little Bo Peep University you teach at anyways???

  • When Muffti can get tenure for publishing here, he’ll give you a link. Til then he’ll remain a bad example to his students. But if you hunt around jpost you’ll probably find it.

  • Very surprising this guy will not be a force for peace in the region.

  • He sure is a handsome guy, if I were him I’d forget jihad and start pulling off some panties and jihabs.

    He’s got a lot of making up to do seeing he spent his sexual peak, and then some, in Israeli jails, getting his learn on.

  • Wait, what?

    I thought he said he didn’t kill anybody.

    Dammit, you can’t trust anybody these days.


    You’re joking, right? He’s one of the most evil, depraved-looking people I’ve ever seen. His eyes give me the creeps. A mad dog through and through.

  • Muffti, Hizballah went through a lot to get him back (Nasrallah started asking 1,000 freed terrorists and settled for 5 and 200 dead ones)… Did you expect him to say “Being a prisoner of the Jews during two thirds of my life really turned me into a Jew-loving, Jewlicious-reading hamentachen-eating Hizballahnik” ???

    The only thing that surprisss me is that he is a Druse, not an Muslim-Arab. Maybe the Israeli Druse could have showed him the other face of Zionism??

  • It’s not that he wants to kill Jews, it’s that he wants back into Hotel Israel. In “jail” he was obviously VERY well fed, he went from a runt to the horizontally-gifted creature he is today (that’s the medical term :-)).

    In jail, Kuntar “bettered himself”, getting a degree at the expense of “the Great Satan” (from a Tel Aviv University no less, in Sociology, lol! Delicious Irony!).

    As if that wasn’t enough, the man was able to court and marry an Israeli Arab woman… And I’m not even going to get into the ‘funny stuff’ he had with Bargouti (even seen the picture of two hugging in their coveralls? Looked very much like a jailhouse marriage…Nothing like 2 decades in prison to ‘open your mind’)

    Conclusion: he just wanted back in… (pun fully intended)


  • WTF?

    Israel paid for this animal to go to school while he was in jail? After he bashed a 4-year old’s brains out? He should have spent his jail time upside down with his head in a toilet and his hands around his ankles for the convenience of all the other inmates.

    How in the Sam Hill did the Jews ever get a reputation for being smart? We’re our own worst enemies.

  • Eh, Ephraim, don’t feel too bad about it. In Canada, Muffti’s people paid for one of our worst killers, Karla Homolka, to get a sociology degree after giving her a sentence of 12 years! And she helped rape and kill her own sister!

    That’s how things go in democracies. You willing to give that up so we can hold people’s heads in toilets with their hands around their ankles?

  • Hey Muffti, you are from Canada also? Ever feel you are in some type of Bizarro world, where up is down, and down is left?

    I do not think this is a democracy issue. We can still have fully functioning democracies while still punishing the worst offenders. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating an American Style system where non-violent drug offenders are thrown in with the wolves on a 20 year “mandatory-minimum” but Samir Kuntar bashed in the head of a 4 year old; Homolka killed & raped her sister, Leslie Mahaffey & Kristen French, not to mention aiding & abetting the most prolific rapist & sadist in Canadian history!

    Surely throwing away the key on such wastes-of-oxygen won’t interfere with public healthcare, life, liberty and the pursuit of Waldo…

    Just my 37 million Turkish Lira…

  • In Kuntar’s case, hell yes.

    I don’t believe it would have been impossible for a hit to be put out on Kuntar so his death could have been made to look like he got s shiv up under the ribs in a prison fight.

    This could all be solved if Israel would just show some sense and execute convicted terrorists like any sane country would.

  • Muffti is cool with that, Wingless. He’s also willing to consider the case for executing convicted terrorists in Israel (though, if we did so, who would we trade for fraudulent reports???)

    But he’s not a fan of violation of set out prisoner’s rights, etc., in a country that partially justifies it’s support and ethical standing by being a functioning democracy.

  • I don’t see how “prisoner’s rights” means paying for a rabid mad dog who killed a little girl to go to school. If you’re not going to execute him as he deserves, put him in a cell, throw away the key, and just make sure he gets fed, a bit of exercise, maybe books and some magazines, cigarettes, a few phone calls a month, family visits, TV or whatever. That seems like more than enough.

    But using the money of Israeli taxpayers to give him an education? That means, you realize, that the mother of the girl he killed is helping to pay for his degree.

    You have just got to be shitting me.

    And why educate him if he’s supposed to be in jail for the rest of his life? The people who run Israel must be from Chelm.

  • He was a strange candidate for rehabilitation. Then again, he was a strange candidate for release.