This short film was created to promote the 1st Annual Arab-American Comedy Festival and has been re-released in order to promote the 2nd Annual Arab-American Comedy Festival which will be taking place at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan on August 15th 2008. The film is 13 minutes long and you can get more info about the Festival at

Why is this here? Well… it’s kind of funny – reminds me of my 1st generation immigrant family (we also had a living room no one was ever allowed to use), they use the same logo as Jewlicious and… it’s really so over the top! Look, we can all sit in a circle, sing Kumbaya and then I can tell you that this is really some sort of plea for better relations between our communities. Of course I’d like nothing more than for the Arabs and the Jews to live in peace and all that, but really? I put this up because it’s well shot, well acted, well scripted and? Totally retarded.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Here is a crazy thought. Watch the video in its entirety. Youtube videos all have a Statistics & Data section. In this case, located at .
    Wouldn’t it be funny if Jewlicious was this video’s BIGGEST referrer?
    Like I said…. “Just a crazy thought”.

  • Seriously, this is hilarious!!! I can’t stop watching it. These types of projects really help bridge the gap between our communities. Watch the credits…there is some funny stuff in there. It would be so ironic and funny if we were the biggest referrer for this clip. Peace and love…

  • Hey I’m the Director, Editor and Writer of this video. I have to say that it’s really cool to see this linked here. Funny too you mention the living room similarity and the font!! How crazy is that?! THE FONT of all things! Anyways thanks!

  • As the actor portraying the lone Jew in this short, I have to say that your support and understanding concerning the making of it is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Oh, and the dialogue is almost 100% improvised.

  • Well Mike and Marke (Marke?) I thought the movie was awesome. Great editing. My family is essentially Arab – we’re from Morocco originally and now we mostly live in Israel. We share many cultural traits – the old folks won’t sign shit for instance. My Mom’s been known to throw shoes around but the living room? Forget about it. A shoe to the head would be lucky. She’d tear the eyes out of anyone who set foot in there. Well, unless they were royalty. And we yell. Alot. Not in anger mind you, mostly as a form of communication. So when i saw this video, it reminded me of my family, what can I say? I’d have loved to be in Dearborn for the Comedy Fest – are Israelis of Arab ancestry welcome? I could do a stand up routine about Hummus.

  • As a Yekke, I don’t understand the deal with the living room. Can you explain, ck? You mean family members are not allowed to go inside?

    Is it just for guests or something?

    The yelling, though, that’s not so hard to understand.

  • Arab recruitment slogans:
    Be Allah you can be!
    Martyrs have more fun!
    Free camoflage turbans! Sign up today!
    Uncle oSAMa wants you!

  • ck,

    Thats so funny. I love hearing people come across saying that there are similarities with their families and this video. Whats also cool, is we begin to find other cultures coming out to say the same things. Polish even Filipino’s do the same things with their living rooms. It turns out that there are many other cultures that do this also. I’m now intrigued in finding out where the hell this all started from!

    And the yelling, forget about it’s all across the board with Arabs. My family bloodline is from Yemen. Yet they reside in Indonesia and even being there for more that 4 generations the customs and the yelling followed them…lol.

    In terms of Israelis in Dearborn? Please, no problems here. We are a bunch of positive thinking people here, its why we chose comedy. If your serious about getting on that stage you think you can send in a audition tape?


    In the homes I’ve been in, it’s just that the one living room is used for special occasions and guests. I think when ck said only for royalty he/she was joking. My family never had that type of living room when I was young because we lived modestly. Now my mother is sitting pretty and you better believe she has 2 living But our relatives and friends who did were usually wealthy or flamboyant or both. I think it’s a way of showing wealth. You’d have one just for entertaining guests that was flawless because you never used it and would leave a great impression on guests. The other, usually in the basement, would be for everyday wear and tear.

  • Mike, not only do we yell, but we yell in Arabic. Now I looked at the calendar – I’ll be in the US (New York) during the Comedy Fest and if chosen I would have totally gone, but… well, I am Sabbath observant so performing on a Friday night would be kinda impossible. I could send you a tape though. And if you like it, go ahead and use it!

  • Just walk there and don’t use the mike, ck. With all that yelling, you should be able to manage, right?

  • ck,

    It would have to be an audition tape for next years show my man. It would be impossible to do it this year, too late in the process and we are all running around like crazy (and yelling…LOL!!). You could send it to my email if you have a digital copy, you could send it via My email [email protected]. Or just send me a message there and I’ll send you an address. Let me know whats up and I’ll pass it on to the producers. I hope this keeps up like this, there would be nothing better than to bridge gaps with this medium. That’s why I love doing this stuff and I’m so glad that CRIBS made it here. Just proves to me I chose the right profession. Thanks!


    LMAO!! Imagine a show where no one is listening to you but yelling at each other.!!! LMAO!!! I might have to remember that for a future bit.

  • Actually, Mike, it’s just sort of an inside Jewish joke.

    On Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) you’re not supposed to use motorized transportation like cars or buses, or electrical appliances such as microphones. Since ck observes those laws, if he were to perform on Friday night (not going to happen, really) he would have to walk to the club and perform without a microphone. I was just joking that if Arabs (Jewish or otherwise) yell that much, then his lungs and vocal cords should be up to performing without the aid of a microphone.

    I really don’t think the yelling is exclusively an Arab thing. My family is originally from Germany, and we could never get my grandmother to shut up.

  • Ephraim,

    ROFLMAO!! You’re giving some wonderful ideas. That there in itself is a comedy short in the making. Thanks!!

  • Hey Mike,
    Can you help me out here. I loved this video btw and I can totally relate myself and my family to this. lol
    What was the song played at 1:30…near the car. I really liked it but couldn’t figure it out. I was wondering if you could tell me.
    Great job on this! 😀

  • … The living room is easy.
    My friend’s mom (Orthodox Morrocan Jews) had a “display kitchen”.

    What, in the name of God, is a “Display Kitchen” you ask?


    It’s the big new shiny kitchen you never cook in so you can show it off to the family guests whom you dangerously overfeed with delicious fatty Morrocan cookies you cook in the tiny dilapidated kitchen you have hidden at the end of the hall behind the display kitchen.

    I swear on my baby girl’s eyes this is a true story
    …and boy do i miss those cookies.

    : )

  • Its so nice to see you having a good attitude about arabs i know there are some hostilities between us two nations that i dont understand frankly i just hope that we find peace with the jewish community as i have no hatred or resentment at all towards them. I dont blame the jews hating Arabs because the attitude we have towards them is horrible our prophet taught us tolerance towards the people of the book who are the jewish and the christians and that we should love their prophets as much as ours because they are our prophets as well. My point is its nice that you gave us a chance 🙂 lol i just wanted to let all this out thnx love hope this will make u smile as much as i did when i saw a jewish blog liking an arab skit 🙂 ciao