oh sachaSlow Torah Studies to Blame

Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiancee Isla Fisher have announced the postponement of their wedding. Fisher, an actress and mother of Cohen’s daughter Olive, is in the process of converting to Judaism but hasn’t made sufficient progress, both with her Torah studies and her relationship with the in-laws.

A source said: ‘Isla was supposed to spend her time after giving birth hard at work on her Torah studies, and that’s gone far slower than expected… For Isla’s part, the actress is said to be looking forward to becoming a Cohen… The source said: ‘No matter what Sacha’s mother throws at her, Isla isn’t going to be scared away from the relationship or the family… ‘You really get the sense that her devotion to Sacha is total, even if she’s stalled a little bit on her Jewish studies. She loves sharing her life with this guy.’

By the way, Sacha’s Mom isn’t pissed that Isla isn’t Jewish – she’s just doesn’t understand Isla’s professional ambitions. All this will pass I am sure, but in the meantime, I have to let Penelope, my Social Secretary, know that she needs to reschedule a flight and cancel a tuxedo rental. It’s all good though – here’s hoping Isla makes good progress on her Torah studies now that she’s completed filming on her next film – confessions of a shopaholic. Cohen in the meantime is putting the finishing touches on his new Bruno movie.


OK, OK… sheesh.

Hey everybody! Jews marrying Jews is a good thing.

OK? Can I go now?

Source: The Daily Mail

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  • Well, good to see that she’s learned a lot about dressing tsniusdich at her conversion classes.

    Maybe her Torah studies have stalled because the twins get in the way.

    I assume this conversion will not be an Orthodox one, since if Cohen is actually a Kohen, he can’t marry her anyway.

    However, I know a Kohen who married a Japanese giyoret after he got a Beit Din to essentially say he wasn’t really a Kohen since his family had been secular for so long his status was in doubt. His wife is, needless to say, way more frum than he is. Seems pretty common with these sorts of marriages.

    But they waited to have the kids until after they got married.

  • Ephraim: Just because the marriage wouldn’t be acceptable to most Orthodox rabbis doesn’t mean the conversion itself can’t be.

    And I’m pretty sure there’s some modox rabbis that would allow kohanim to marry converts, if only because it’s better that they marry a convert and raise Jewish kids than the possibility of them marrying a non-Jew and not raising Jewish kids.

  • I don’t see how the conversion could be Orthdox; it’s pretty obvious that neither of them are shomer mitzvot or have any intention of being so, from the look of things. But maybe they do things differently in Old Blighty.

    Yael, there are probably plenty of closet Sascha lovers out there, but I’d be willing to bet that few if any are guys. Unless they are, indeed, closet(ed) Sascha lovers.

    But there are always lovers of any kind of look; and if you are into The Jewish Look, Sascha certainly has it in spades.

  • yes he’s gorgeous, but I think Jeff Goldblum is a gorgeous too, so don’t go by me…

  • What do they have to do for the child to be considered halachically Jewish? how bout Isla’s rack, do they need a separate conversion?

  • I wonder how many people think Jeff Goldblum is white?

    I have a friend who is in the Goldblum/Cohen mold. He says people always think he’s Hispanic.

    Yiou couldn’t find a more Yiddishe punim if you made one from a recipe. How people could think he’s Mexican is beyond me.

    The child would have to be converted separately, meaning they’ll need at least three conversion, but most likely four: one for the kid, one for Isla and one for each of her twins.

  • Why no coverage of the Jewish couple everyone’s talking about– A-Rod and Madonna?

  • I always liked Jeff Goldblum as well.

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but will their child also need to convert as Isla Fisher hadn’t converted before giving birth?

  • Maybe people think some jews look hispanic because a lot of northern mexicans have sephardic jewish genes. There is alot of jewish blood in all of mexico. In fact, a lot of the northern mexican dishes are sephardic in origin. A lot of the hispanics in northern mexico and south texas still speak traces of ladino [which is the sephardic yiddish]. Most people assume that these individuals do not know proper spanish. I do believe there is racism among certain ashkenazi jews especially when hispanics try to revert to judaism. Sometimes it seems that no matter what minority group you are a part of, the more white european genes you have, the better you are treated. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

  • Just to clarify, their child will have to convert, but it will be extremely easy. It’s like when Jews adopt a baby or child, they just have a small ceremony. They don’t have to wait until the kid can read Hebrew and everything and learn Torah studies. Because it is a child, at a child’s conversion ceremony, it is assumed they will learn the majority of what they would have to learn like a born Jewish kid would.