The mortgage committees of several NYC tristate area synagogues might be abuzz and salivating, if Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald and Ivana (Ivana Marie Zelníčková) Trump, becomes an active Member Of the Tribe for the love of another heir to a NY/NJ/FL real estate dynasty.

(Pictured below: Is Larry King measuring Donald Trump’s head for a knit kippah?

According to today’s NY Post, the relationship between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner has been rekindled, like the candles on a menorah (they had split up around Pesach after a year of dating). Perhaps Kushner, the grandson of two Shoah survivors and the son of a convicted felon, got pressure from his observant, and very generous, philanthropic (Kushner yeshivas/dayschools, etc), family around the holiday seder for dating a Trump. (I guess you are allowed to blackmail a governor (sponsored the visa for Golan Cipel) and promote prostitution, but try to get the kids to marry within the faith. hehe)

A friend of Ivanka told the NY Post that Ivanka will convert to Judaism before they marry. “It’s a possibility, but that’s way down the line,… For now, they’re back together and very happy.” Well. If they are happy, then I am happy, too.

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  • She must have watched too many episodes of Sex in the City where Charlotte the Wasp converts for her Jewish Divorce Attorney and lives in happily ever after.

    I’m sure Jared will do just fine as a Starter Husband. She’ll probably go through a few spouses in her lifetime, they say she takes after her Father.

  • The pressure was “when are you going to marry that shiksa already? We have real estate deals we are trying to close with her Father”.

    Money speaks much, much louder than “yichus” . Damn, I’m cynical again today. Somebody tell me something good about Jews so I can be nice for THE 3 weeks. Oh…Ari Hest live in NYC Aug .7…there…I feel better.