Watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Erev Olympics, my thoughts drifted from pondering why 16 year old gymnasts look younger than 14, to wondering why Israel and the USA have such different styles of Presidents. Just contrast the attached pictures. Here is President Bush, looking drunk and wild, and there is Peres, sitting calmly and wondering why the heck he has to walk back to his Beijing hotel and not take a ride in a sedan, and will they have nice food at Kehillat Beijing. There is President Bush, being offered an Olympic butt to spank, and there is Peres, writing a poem (see below) and exchanging diplomatic gifts.
Tipsey Bush Helped into Olympic Stadium SeatBush invited to spank some Tush

Oy. Is it true? Are Jews and Israelis the perpetual “other?” hehe

Dignified Peres at Olympics

Dignified Peres at Olympics

A poem in the Bird’s Nest Stadium:
Birds of all feathers come and sing together/
A hymn of hope in an Olympic nest,
Forget your borders, ignore your cages and fly free/
Reject your different nightmares and have one dream/
The same dream: of glory, of harmony, of peace/
An equal dream for poor and rich, black and white
Win, don’t kill. Lose, don’t hate. Hope, don’t regret/
Go Home with an olive branch in your lips: together in harmony.
Breathing fresh air and singing for the newly born in the
cradles and the nests.
a little tipsey and red faced

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  • I had a classmate who was a gymnast, and she once told me that extreme gymastics practice, as olympics participants likely pursue, can lead to severe growth impacts on not yet fully grown people and even to becoming a cripple later on in some cases, but that fully-grown adults didn’t possess the flexibility required to compete in today’s contests.

  • Whenever i watch Womens Volleyball, I get really stiff wood, and I want to do alt more then “spank there butts”

  • Those pictures of Bush are hilarious.

    I wonder if the last one, where he forms an “o” between his thumb and forefinger, were practiced a couple times in front of state police officers as part of a roadside neurological exam.

  • Somehow I sense that Jews and Israelis can never win Gold in Synchronized diving. Is it anethma to us to be synchronized about anything? hehe

  • The video of Pres Bush with the vollyball team is priceless. A true legacy. Makes me real damn proud to be a ‘Merkin.

  • I watched the video, what a pussy Bush is, he patted her back instead!!! God help us if we don’t get a democratic president. Cuz u know what Bill Clinton would have done!!!!!!!!! : )

  • the former israeli president moshe katzav,
    could do a lot more then just spanking…

  • I think Bush is a big homo, and that Barbara (Bob) Bush is a Tranny, and those Bush girls are adopted…. They proved Hitler was a homosexual so….

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