This is kind of cool. I am blogging from Ben Gurion Airport (free wifi is so civilized!). I am going to board in about 10 minutes and I have an awesome seat. Yay! I am going to New York as part of a team of Jewish bloggers who will be following new immigrants to Israel as they prepare for and ultimately make aliyah to Israel on August 18th with Nefesh B’Nefesh. NBN will then follow up a day after our arrival with an International Jewish Bloggers Conference, which, if you are a blogger, you ought to sign up for. In any case, NBN will be assigning a new immigrant to me when I get to New York and hopefully you’ll get to know who he or she is and why they decided to go to move to Israel. I’ll try to be informative and entertaining – Stephen, the guy in charge told me I’ll be covering a hottie, but I don’t believe him. In any case, we’ll see. Besides, I’ll be happy to write about (and celebrate) anyone willing to leave the deceptive comforts of Babylon in order to make a life for themselves in Israel, the Jewish homeland. You can meet and see what the rest of our blogging crew are up to at

Zionist much? Hell yeah! Stay tuned for more info…

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