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Blog Day 2008Today, August 31st, is Blog Day. According to the BlogDay site, “it was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest.” Of course I have to participate because Blog Day is the brainchild of an Israeli, Nir Ofir, the VP of product and content at blogTV.com who started Blog Day 3 years ago. In any case, here are my blogs:

Syria Comment: A blog about what’s happening in Syria by Joshua Landis, the co-director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Yeah. He’s a white guy. Really white. But his blog has some great insight into Syrian politics and he writes pretty much every day.

Syria Planet: Kind of a Syrian blog aggregator, you get links to a number of posts, some political and many just the normal writings of normal people. Today’s blog posts included one about mixed marriage between and English woman and a Syrian Muslim, some guy’s ecstatic musings upon his acceptance to Concordia University’s Engineering program (Mazel Tov Adham! Thanks Google Arab to English translation!) and wishes to all for a Ramadan Kareem (Today is the start of Ramadan duh!).

toot: The Arab Blog Network – I applied for inclusion in the network because my entire family are, for all intents and purposes, Jews of Arab descent, but I didn’t get chosen. Nor did they reply to my request. But no hard feelings! Here you can find links to articles by our friends at Kabobfest and 172 other Arab blogs.

MentalMayhem: This Jordanian blogger does not blog enough but hopefully that will change. I’ve been following her for a while but luckily Jordanian Restraining Orders aren’t enforceable in Israel. OK, I’m kidding. I like her “slice of life” style of writing – she’s smart and cool and one day, when the Restraining Order is lifted, we will have coffee together at the Starbucks in Amman. Oh yes we will. For more Jordanian blogs, visit this list of links.

OK? So are we done here? Happy Blog day and uh, Ramadan Kareem!

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