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I know there’s all kinds of chatter on the internets about Nefesh B’Nefesh’s First International Jewish Bloggers Conference (which, if you are a Jewish blogger you should register for) – but it seems that last Sunday in New York, we had our own First First International Jewish Bloggers Convention over at David Kelsey‘s place at that other capital of the Jewish people – the Upper West Side of New York City.

Our Jewish Bloggers Convention, mindful of the concerns voiced by some bloggers and their print media cronies, was truly diverse and international in scope. From left to right we see Tanya from the Former Soviet Union who writes for, our own Grand Muffti who is Canadian, Lori who is Persian, David Kelsey our American host and me – in all the way from Israel.

Some of the topics discussed by our panelists included “Taking JBlogging to the next level:
Increasing your readership, reach and influence – Poignant Prose vs. Pictures of Hot Babes,” “Developments in Social Marketing Techniques: I blog in the nude” and the very lively “Hey Lana, want another Arak Appletini?”

Tanya, Lori and I had been fasting all day for Tisha B’Av and so of course, while we had to endure ridicule from Muffti and Kelsey, we took comfort in the knowledge that we had allowed a diversity of opinion to flourish.

But in all seriousness… do read that Haaretz article about Nefesh B’Nefesh’s JBlogger Conference. It describes the Conference as “one-sided and agenda-driven” but fails to mention that for the most part, the blogger panels will be discussing issues related to blogging. Lisa from On The Face said that “I’m more interested in the complexities of Israeli life than in blogging about aliyah-related themes” – which is fair, while Shmaryah Rosenberg from Failed Messiah stated that “At first glance, the conference seems stacked in favor of Orthodox bloggers with right-wing political leanings.” Haaretz also took NBN to task for not contacting Rosenberg who as a finalist in the 2007 Jewish Israel Blog Awards ought to have been contacted for such an august gathering – along with the 437 other finalists in the JIB Awards…

I don’t understand the fuss. For me this Bloggers Convention is about meeting fellow bloggers and having fun for a few hours – like we did at our Bloggers Convention (despite David Kelsey’s kvetchy presence). So uh… stay tuned for more coming up as we introduce you to a couple prospective new immigrants…

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