Can 300 Rabbis be wrong? Here’s an excerpt of their letter:

Senator Barack Obama inspires in us the hope for an America once more called to its best values. We know him to be a man of incredible integrity, born of a deep and abiding spiritual faith based on the teachings of the Hebrew Prophets, and committed to achieving a world of peace with justice for all people.

But is he ready to lead???

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  • 300 Rabbits can be wrong about many things, but about this, they are not.

    Oooooops….. I thought it said Rabbits for Obama. My mistake.

    But I like the rabbis’ webpage even if they are not rabbits

    Did you know that if you do a frequency distribution on the first names of the signatory rabbis… you get…

    David 11
    Michael 10
    Jonathan 7
    Joshua 7
    Daniel 6
    Jeffrey 5
    Susan 5
    Alan 4
    Andrew 4
    Brian 4
    Bruce 4
    Elliot 4
    Leonard 4
    Shira 4
    Steven 4
    … since when is David a Jewish name? And for a rabbi, no less?

  • It seems rather odd that a group of rabbis would opine on The One’s “spiritual faith” (is there any other kind?), as opposed simply to endorsing his policies in a more general way. Is this a means of trying to innoculate him from the stigma of Rev. Wright?

    How would it go over if the National Conference of Catholic Bishops endorsed McCain or Palin (neither of whom are Catholics) as persons of “deep and abiding spiritual faith based on the teachings” of Jesus Christ? Not well, I suspect, and understandably so.

    I’ll have to reread the Dem. platform, but I missed the part on “achieving a world of peace with justice for all people”.

    Well, give the rabbis credit for this: the Jews came up with this whole messiah thing in the first place. Perhaps we should defer to their Torah-based analysis of the Oneness of The One.

  • This rabbinic intervention is unfortunate, absolutely gratuitous– ’cause we have Joe Biden. From a fundraiser yesterday:

    “Part of the problem is in white suburbia, as well as…among ethnic groups, among, particularly Jews and Catholics, there is a lack of ease about Barack. They don’t know him. One of my major jobs is to go out and talk about what I know — they know me — talk about who I am, why I support Barack.”

    Biden proceeded with a lengthy disquisition on the Book of Micah.

  • To quote the Holy Pythons, “You see, it’s all a show. / Keep on laughing as you go. / Just remember that the last laugh is on you.”

  • Some “rabbis’ on this list seem to call themselves rabbis just to make it to the list. If someone would fact-check who many of these ‘rabbi’ supporters really are this could develop into a debacle for Obama’s campaign.

  • I doubt it would be a debacle since it is a group that is self created. I looked at the list and they all look like rabbis and teachers to me.

  • Wait. Rabbi Steve Bob? Rabbi Bob??? Is it possible? Rabbi Billy Ray Bob. Rabbi Bobby Ray Bob. Rabbi Robert J. Bob. This is too much fun.

  • Meh. Rabbis for Obama shouldn’t exist. Not because rabbis shouldn’t have political opinions, but instead because rabbis should stay out of politics. (Unless they’re choosing to run for themselves.)

    As Jews we are usually the victims of religious discrimination, and people get all fired up when a noteworthy priest, minister or televangelist announces their support for a political candidate. Why are our rabbis getting involved in the same political nonsense that the xtians are already in?

  • Judging by the list of women and the places that many of them are from, I’m going out on a limb here and guess that they are mostly reformed rabbis, no surprise there. I would be amazed if most of them knew the Parsha Hashavouh. In general, I don’t like to see Rabbi’s so politically involved. If anything, they should just advice which candidate appears to have some spiritual merit. Spirituality shouldn’t take a backseat to their political agendas, which I feel is top on their list for these particular rabbis.

  • Could you imagine if 100 preachers came out and endorsed McCain? The Democrats would be going ballistic talking about separation of Church and State. American Jews here would be up in arms… But when it’s for of your own, you see it very differently I guess.

    blip is absolutely right… or just as dumb as Messianic Jews (we call them Christians)