Hmmm. The Olmert scandal? Yeah, that’s pretty stinky, but now that he’s resigned and that his political career is over and done with, that’s not what i was thinking of. Is it the Haredi schools that are discriminating against Sephardi and Ethiopian girls by keeping them physically separated from their lilly white Ashkenazi schoolmates? That is kind of stinky, but frankly, if you’re sending your daughter to a Haredi school, you’re kind of asking for trouble. Besides, the Israel Supreme Court has ruled against these Haredi nincompoops and it’s juts a matter of time before the National Guard is called out to these schools, forcing them to integrate. Oh wait. That was Alabama. In the 50’s.

No, what I’m thinking of is a brand new non-lethal crowd control weapon in Israel’s arsenal. Called the “Skunk Bomb” it’s a stinky liquid – a synthetic version of skunk stink developed by Israeli scientists – that is sprayed on protesters in the hopes of dispersing them. It was used last week in the village of Naalin where Palestinians and Israeli anarchists have been holding almost daily protests against a security barrier that Israel is building in the area. Israeli police said that a water-spraying device showered the liquid on the demonstrators, forcing most to rush off to change their clothes. The demonstrators described the smell as similar to that of sewage, and added that it was hard to get rid of, even after a shower.

The crowd was dispersed, no one was hurt, and in the case of the anarchists, they were finally forced to shower and launder their clothes. Maybe now the Israeli police can use it against the parents and administrators of those nasty Haredi girls schools who refuse to comply with the Supreme Court… those people can use a shower too I think.

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