The BBC reports that theCatholic Church is planning on subjecting their priests to sex drive tests. In light of a slew of pedophelia related scandals, the Church will be testing priests for, amongst other things, “deep-seated homosexual tendencies [and] uncertain sexual identity.”

Apparently the Church thinks that all pedophiles are homosexuals and by rooting out the homosexuals in their midst, they will prevent future pedophile priest scandals that have tarnished the image of the Church and cost it hundreds of millions of dollars in law suits. The fact that this is complete crap and flies in the face of innumerable studies seems to be lost on the Church as it embarks on this ridiculous and useless witch hunt.

Why is this on Jewlicious? Because our community has also been rocked by similar, albeit not as extensive, scandals and only a factual understanding of the underlying problem will allow us to deal with it properly. Let’s not make the same mistakes that the Catholic Church has.

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  • To some extent, particular Orthodox communities have acted worse by letting a child abuser escape to Israel. There was a huge list of comments by now adult Chasidim on the Chaptzem blog a while ago that reported having been molested in yeshiva or whose sisters had even been impregnated by sexual offenders in seminary. The offenders were known to their superiors, yet little if anything was done to change the situation; apparently in many cases the superiors even covered the behinds of the offenders. And therein lies the difference between the cases in the yeshiva and the Catholic world, i.e. that during his primacy, while he was / is deemed more amiable than his successor by many, John Paul II believed pedophile priests would repent and make up for their sins, worst case they retreated or were removed to monasteries; there were bishops that had violated / neglected their responsibilty of supervision / control, but there was no episcopal whitewashing. Noteworthily, Benedict XVI insisted on pedophile priests subjecting themselves to the secular law of the land they reside in as they committed a secular crime, which usually means imprisonment. BTW, the German association of homosexuals issued a statement years ago in which they distanced themselves from pedophiles but also admitted that indeed many pedophiles pose as homosexuals or deem their inclinations to be homosexual and dwell among their midst. The criminals are the offenders and their enablers, not the religions / denominations per se.

  • Well, not so fast. Historically, the priesthood has served as a kind of refuge for gay men, especially those who view their orientation as sinful and seek to atone for it or conceal it, from themselves and others. The hierarchy is trying to get ssminaries to examine candidates for their degree of sexual maturity. I wouldn’t attribute this policy to pedophilia, though I’m sure they think (perhaps wrongly) that pedophiles can be readily identified and excluded.

    Priests have told me that seminaries historically ignore sexuality and fail to address the consequences of the vow of celibacy. So while this may be a heavy-handed way of going about it, the church is trying to address these issues and screen out men who are signing up for the wrong reasons.

  • I´m sure that we can trust the catholic church to handle this in an effective and enlightened manner, after all jesus speaks to them.

  • Hey, where did you guys get that picture of me– from my uncle, Caspar the Friendly Ghost?

  • That article has cheered me up no end! It thrills me that logic and reason are placed above what the church says is true. I am a reared catholic but despise the church. Just yesterday, the bishop here, bishop smith in Ireland said at mass, i quote “science is about killing people, and christmas is not about science”. What a clever bunch.