I know. Shocker right? But apparently every once in a while something fun happens in that sleepy, sleepy town by the sea. Gila from the My Shrapnel blog is organizing a party at the Dancing Camel Brewery to benefit the Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem. The cost is a measly 10 shekels and there will be lots of dancing and drinking. You can get all the details from Gila’s Web site.

Did I mention that Alyn is a Pediatric hospital? That means it helps children. Cute little innocent children. So you have to go and if you don’t you’re a heartless bastard.

What? You can’t get to Tel Aviv? Well, see this is part of a larger fundraiser that Gila’s doing for Alyn. The bigger thing is a five day bike ride. Yes. A five day bike ride. Feel guilty that you took the car to the corner store to buy a beer and a pack of smokes? Now you can make up for it by sponsoring Gila on her bike ride. Details here you lazy, heartless bastards. Even the creepy clown is helping. You’re better than a creepy clown aren’t you? Aren’t you??

Do it for the children.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Thanks!!!!

    BTW, who are these Nextbook people and how can I get a job writing for them? They sound cool.


  • And speaking of parties, someone failed to mention that there is a picture of Dov Charney on the cover this month’s Conte Naste Portfolio in his New York apartment that is so hot it makes me want to just climb on top of him and ride forever…is that too much information?

    After the hot Charney spread this is a bloody 6 pages of the story of Agriprocessors 9,000 counts of child labor violations.



  • And speaking of parties, there is a picture of Dov Charney in his New York apt. on the cover of this month’s Conte Naste’s Portfolio that makes me want to….

    After the hot Charney spread, there is an article complete with bloody photographs of the Agriprocessors schander.



  • I knew he was too perfect to be true…he’s living with a houseful of young boys, one of whom calls him Daddy??? He’s gay or bi. I’m devastated. He is going to have to personally prove to me that he likes fucking women or I will have lost hope forever.

  • Thanks Froylein,because if I was banned I have no where to vent any of my frustration or sarcasm and I’d have to pour it out on my boss, which would not be good for my career.

    Any opinion on a man who keeps young boys around ’cause I have to say it is a HUGE turn-off for me. Didn’t like it when Michael Jackson did it and don’t like it now.

    At least when a man is a womanizer, you don’t have to worry if your gaydar is off. Can you believe that for years I didn’t even realize Ricky Martin was gay.

    I’m going back to watching clips of the last truly heterosexual male sex symbol on earth…it’s not unusual.

  • My son, trekker, spent two weeks in Alyn after he was injured in an accident. The care was good, but when I wanted to light Shabbat candles, the nurses were awfully anti, and there was no change in routine for Shabbat, besides the shul being open. I hope things have improved.

    ps B”H, my son recovered. Maybe you’ve seen trekker biking around Nachlaot.

  • ciao!your blog is generous and great! any parties going on from the 27th to 3rd may? me and some italian friends will be in tel aviv!
    un bacio a tutte,