Anne Frank: Vacation's all I ever wanted...

Anne Frank: Vacation's all I ever wanted...

Amsterdam is a very popular European travel destination. Besides the liberal drug and sex trafficking laws, Amsterdam is a lovely city, criss crossed by canals, populated by friendly residents most of whom speak English and possessed by impressive architecture and cultural institutions like the Rembrandt House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum etc. Amsterdam is also of great interest to the Jewish traveller. The Dutch Jewish community has a long and storied past and the Portugese-Israelite Synagogue, founded in 1675, is impressive both for its austere Classicist style as well as the history it embodies.

Finally, no Jewish tour of Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to the Anne Frank House – the house where Anne Frank wrote her diary while hiding with her family from the Nazis. Anne Frank’s diary, with it’s unbridled optimism in the face of unprecedented adversity has become an international best seller and translated into multiple languages. This has made the Anne Frank House one of the top tourist destinations in Amsterdam and the line up outside is often quite long. Once inside, visitors get to see a moving exhibition that includes a visit to the Frank family hideout. Getting around the beautiful city successfully is essential to save time and money, you will want to know your bearings to navigate around correctly so you could get a map to follow once you have used a reliable taxi service such as to pick you up from the airport.

But what if you want more? What if you really want to relive the experience of hiding out in cramped and confined quarters in fear of your life?

Luckily, an enterprising Dutch person has the solution for you. In a short term housing listing on, on offer is the “Anna Frank Apartment-2 Bedrooms in City Center” listing. And what do they offer?

Entire top floor apartment located just opposite the Anne Frank house… A very nice location, Dam square 5 minutes walk and all the major attractions, restaurants, and night life within walking distance. The Jordaan area is home to many students, artists, and young professionals. This lively and picturesque area is known for its restaurants, night life, specialty shops, and cultural attractions such as the Anne Frank House and The 9 streets, 9 small streets selling lots of items you will not see elsewhere.

Awesome right? But the real kicker?

LIve like Anne Frank, lovely Amsterdam attic apartment.

Now all they need to complete the experience is jackbooted Nazi thugs to raid the apartment and “place you under arrest” as part of the checkout procedure. Yikes.

Hat tip to Yevgeniya who never ceases to amaze me with the demented shit she pulls out of the Interwebs.

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  • This was originally found by me my friend. I was looking for Amsterdam lodging, came across it and posted it on my Facebook page. Then Eli Valley posted as did numerous others.

  • Sorry. I’ll make sure to duly chastise my research department. One thing for sure though – none of you mofos have an awesome Anne Frank graphic attached to your assinine story. None of you!

  • Well from now on you should contact me when you come across something cool or if someone forwards something cool to you just to be sure that it didn’t originally come from me.

  • Actually, we were very disappointed with our visit to the Anne Frank house a few years ago. There is nothing there except for the bare walls and the exhibit of her diary translated into all of the languages it was translated into. There is absolutely no connection to Judaism except for that Anne, was herself Jewish, and even that was blurred out. In the exhibition there was very much sympathy for the suffering Palestinians, and their cause. And this was at a time when there were constant terror attacks in Israel.
    This left me with an “uncomfortable” feeling towards the Dutch country and it’s people, as friendly as they seem to be.
    But the canal streets sure are pretty.

    I wonder if, during the stay at the Anna Frank hotel, can never leave the attic and need to stay quiet at all times of the day. I wonder if from there you are sent off to a prison camp for the continuation of your vacation.
    Maybe next someone should open a Hotel Bergen-Belsen (or Auschwitz).