The mother of two of the convicted bombers holds a poster of the three who were executed Sunday. Source <a href="" target="_blank">CNN</a>

The mother of two of the convicted bombers holds a poster of the three who were executed Sunday. Source: CNN

Imam Samudra, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim and his brother Mukhlas were just executed by firing squad in Nusakambangan Prison in central Java for their part in the Bali nightclub bombings of 2002 which caused 202 deaths and 300 injuries. The men had asked to be beheaded because that is “the Islamic way of execution.”

Now that these murderers are dead, a big party in their honor is planned by the family and supporters of the Nurhasyim brothers. As per their last wishes, the bodies are to be wrapped in the traditional Muslim cloth and buried in their native village of Tenggulun next to their father. Also planned is the slaughter of a goat and a procession of their bodies accompanied by a 500 man honor guard.

“I’m positive about the execution of Amrozi and friends because they have done jihad in God’s way,” Sungkar [the younger brother of Abdullah Sungkar, who co-founded the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah] said. “The TNI [Indonesian military] should have learnt from them how to make bombs.”

Well that’s true. I mean they were pretty good bombs. 202 dead and 300 injured is way above average casualties for a suicide bombing. The fact that dozens of the dead were burnt beyond recognition or blown to pieces by the bombs lends credence to the notion that these were very effective bomb makers. I hope that Allah has a special place in hell for these fuckers.

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  • I worked and photographed in Bali and Java for a decade. I have close associates who speak candidly with me about conditions there. My recent trip there after seven years absence revealed a very unhappy land due to the direct impact of Islamic terror and Javanese hegemony. Here is a link to my post, including photos and information about Wahabi influences in Indonesia.

  • bali bombers think they will be martyrs what a joke they will rot in the ground like every one else to believe in such a weak religion is pathetic.I can only hope that they died slowly and that it was very painfull.Good riddance.