For those a little behind the social media eight-ball, tweeters are users of, an innovative way for people to connect and share information. I’ve been trying to get my co-workers to use Twitter in the way we use Facebook. It is such a great way for us to speak to the world about what our organization (StandWithUs) does (Israel advocacy). Thus far, I still remain the lone Twitter using ranger in my office.

After being inspired by amazing Jewish networkers, including Jewlicious’s ck, I’m getting my tweet on day and night. I mainly post on issues relating to my blog: which discusses Kosher & Jewish related Travel, Social Media Marketing, and travel in general. If you’re not sure what Twitter is about, check out my posts here: StandWithUs’s feed on Israel and advocacy can be found here:

You can also follow Jewlicious’s Twitter feed:

For those seasoned Jewish Tweeters, I’ve come up with a new networking opportunity… a “Jewish Tweeters” group on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it didn’t exist until this point, but it does now, and I recommend you connect with the ever growing online Jewish community using Twitter:

Looking forward to many more Jewlicious posts.

DK ~~ YeahThatsKosher

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