Obamba - Choclaty Goodness from Israel

Obamba - Choclaty Goodness from Israel

Israel’s apparent love affair with President elect Barack Obama (and vice versa?) continues unabated. It started modestly enough with a Falafel/Shwarma joint called Mifgash Obama in Hell Aviv, but now it’s gone totally out of control as President Obama’s love child graces the bag of new chocolaty nougat flavored version of Israel’s beloved national treatBamba.” Bamba is a nutritious peanut flavored snack that sustained Israel’s forces during the 6-day war and then went on to become a huge success all across Israel – it was even used by my good friend Amber Sutherland to lure Jewish men in to her web of depravity… Now Obamba celebrates America’s first African American President and the Jewish votes that helped get him there. No idea how the stuff tastes, but better grab them as they are sure to become collector’s items! Oh and for our Haredi readers, the Kosher certification is Badatz – black hat, black President, it’s all good.

Hat tip to my old friend Jack Buzaglo. See? Moroccans can be funny.

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  • That is not real. Its just a graphic that went viral. I challenge you to find this in any store. You can even see someone’s signature in the bottom right corner. FAKE!

  • Nooo! Really? Are you serious Harry? Fake? For real? You mean a major Israeli company did not in fact dedicate one of its beloved flavors to a President that just got elected? Really?

    Oh Harry. Do you leave similarly scathing comments on the Onion as well?


  • It took me way too long to realize the baby looked like Obama! I went to osem.co.il to remember what the real bamba baby looks like. That is really hysterical and quite an achievement. Is it wrong to admit that I kinda like this way-too-greasy bamba flavor…

  • Israeli love affair with Obama? Not really, maybe the media who was frothing at a ‘leftist’ winning. Israelis know that Obama is bad news for us, but then again, we were also very worried about Clinton.

  • Just got back from Israel last month — tried these chocolate filled Bambas and they’re AWFUL.

  • I googled them and they have peanut butter ones as well. Those sound a bit better than chocolate nougat.

  • I thought the chocolate nougat ones would taste like Reccess pieces but they don’t.
    Nice photoshop job.

  • It’s obviously fake – if they really did this, they would use the red-colored Bamba since the O’s a closet leftist.

  • Well I wouldn’t say he was in the closet. I mean thank h@shem the Republicans have been so awesome letting us know what a commie anti-Israel bastard he really is. The fact that he chose Joseph Biden, a solidly pro-Israel Senator, to be his running mate, that he has full approval from AIPAC, that his first major appointment was super pro Israel Democrat Rahm Israel Emanuel, that his Secretary of State is gonna be Hillary Clinton – that’s all just smoke and mirrors. We now all know that any minute now he’s going to hire Walt & Mearsheimer to be in charge of Jew affairs and that soon we’ll all be wearing furry hats, adopting bears as mascots and setting up Gulags in New Jersey.

    Any minute now Comrade. I’m waiting for the great leap forward!

  • As Jim Garaghty keeps reminding us, every statement by Barack comes with an expiration date. ‘Change we can believe in,’ for example.

  • Ну Ñ‚Ñ‹ и дурак. Ну как такое Ñ‚Ñ‹ умудрился здесь разместить?

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