Two Israeli men are looking at a death sentence for possession of 23,000 (!) hits of Ecstasy in Thailand. Muffti’s advice: slip the judge a few at the appeal court and give him a massage. From Jpost

A Thai court sentenced two Israel citizens convicted of drug dealing to death on Tuesday.

Alon Mahluf, 37, and Vladimir Agronik, 34, were arrested a year ago in a drug bust on Bangkok’s Kao San Road, a destination popular with Israeli tourists. They were charged and later convicted of possessing some 23,000 ecstasy pills which Thai police said were destined for Italy and the US.

During the large-scale operation, coordinated with US police, a number of other Israeli citizens were arrested, but most were subsequently released once it was established that they had no connection to the drug ring.

The Foreign Ministry said that it was “aware” of the developments and was taking the necessary steps in the matter.

The pair said that they would appeal the grave sentence. The Foreign Ministry further added that in a similar case involving foreign nationals, the sentence was changed in a court of appeals.

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  • Like we don’t have enough problems already – people have to go out and further tarnish Israel’s name…

  • Hope they change the sentence… to life in prison. Who wants these shmucks back here?

  • Trafficking in child prostitution is OK, but the Thai authorities draw the line firmly at X.

  • heh, good call Morrissey. And interesting site Italian Friend. Muffti has a soft spot for drug dealers (he, perhaps not surprisingly, is not especially impressed with anti-drug laws).

  • Not such a big deal.

    If you want to talk about big time drugs; forget lightweight Polish Ashkenazi jew, Meyer Sucholansky and have a look at the heavyweight jew: the Mizrahi Sassons. After they fled Baghdad around 1792 and set up their criminal shop in Bombay; the nefarious family, profited no end, by trying to convert the Chinese people into a neo dependency religion called drug addiction. They killed miserable millions and caused a few Opium Wars, in the dastardly process. They were more evil and destructive than Sephardi, black slave traders, such as Lopez et al. Now, I remember reading some years ago, that later, one of the Anglicized Sassoons sic. paid of a gambling debt of one of the pure English aristocratic Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, no usury was involved; well, yes and no; pressure was then put on Balfour, to make that infamous epigrammatic Balfour Declaration, written on the back of an envelope. If true, the State of Israel is not so much a fraud but more a gamble!