Who says that Christmas stories about Holiday Miracles need to monopolize the giving spirit of the Winter Holiday Season? We have a genuine Chanukah Holiday Miracle waiting to happen in LA.

Yaelle and Nouriel Cohen and their 6 children are a family like no other. Every day from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep they dedicate their lives fully to serving and helping those who need it the most. Through their grassroots organization, Global Kindness (which they run from their own home), this amazing family provides food, furniture, clothing and financial assistance to individuals and families in need. They´ve changed the lives of hundreds of people!!

The operation does not leave them any funds to repair their home, which is in desperate need of repair. A group is trying to raise 175k to help rebuild their home. This group tried hard recently to get the home chosen for Extreme Makeover or some other makeover program, but no latkes. So get in the giving mood, and head over to Miracle in the Hood, and make a donation. Chanukah is big tzedakah time.

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