Hi! I'm a fucking idiot!

Hi! I'm a fucking idiot!

Which is… I’m not quite sure…
So guess what? Roseanne Barr has a blog. Like other bloggers, she writes about this and that. Roseanne used to be a fairly popular TV actress but given that she hasn’t really worked much lately I guess she had to go looking for topics of discussion in other areas. Areas she is dramatically unqualified to comment on. Like the Middle East for instance. A recent blog post of hers started off talking about Sean Penn’s latest flick and then quickly degenerated into an asinine commentary on Israel, Gaza, Mumbai and… Chabad militias. I think Rosie needs to get back on her meds:

I would like to be the first jew in hollywood to call on all other jewish lefties in entertainment to demand that israel be held accountable for what it is doing to the children of gaza, and to demand the blockade end. I know it is now more styling to be about hugo chavez, but this is the time to speak up as a jew against israeli aggression, or go to hell by chanukah. I am reading where the chabad and other jewish fascist organizations are calling on their right wing militias to punish gaza residents for the terrorism against them in mumbai. this is like the nazis. the jews must embrace hashem and not war! hashem is peace!!!! let hashem fix the middle east. let allah help him and let jesus join them both! this is the time to turn to god and stop waging war. this is armageddon now! there is no stopping it. prepare for the end and repent! repentance is the issue right now, not getting even!!! repent and prepare to meet the big black hole.

I am dumbfounded of course. Just for the record, Chabad does not have any militias, right wing or otherwise. All Chabad has called for in the wake of Mumbai is for greater love, peace and understanding. No one is calling for genocide as an appropriate response to the tragedy at the Chabad House. As to the rest of her rant, one verily shudders at the thought of what “black hole” exactly Roseanne is referring to.

All I can say is that whenever penile turgidity is inappropriate or inconvenient, a trick I find that is handy is to think of Roseanne Barr naked. That’s all I’m saying.

Hat tip to Dave at Israellycool.

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