Hi! I'm a fucking idiot!

Hi! I'm a fucking idiot!

Which is… I’m not quite sure…
So guess what? Roseanne Barr has a blog. Like other bloggers, she writes about this and that. Roseanne used to be a fairly popular TV actress but given that she hasn’t really worked much lately I guess she had to go looking for topics of discussion in other areas. Areas she is dramatically unqualified to comment on. Like the Middle East for instance. A recent blog post of hers started off talking about Sean Penn’s latest flick and then quickly degenerated into an asinine commentary on Israel, Gaza, Mumbai and… Chabad militias. I think Rosie needs to get back on her meds:

I would like to be the first jew in hollywood to call on all other jewish lefties in entertainment to demand that israel be held accountable for what it is doing to the children of gaza, and to demand the blockade end. I know it is now more styling to be about hugo chavez, but this is the time to speak up as a jew against israeli aggression, or go to hell by chanukah. I am reading where the chabad and other jewish fascist organizations are calling on their right wing militias to punish gaza residents for the terrorism against them in mumbai. this is like the nazis. the jews must embrace hashem and not war! hashem is peace!!!! let hashem fix the middle east. let allah help him and let jesus join them both! this is the time to turn to god and stop waging war. this is armageddon now! there is no stopping it. prepare for the end and repent! repentance is the issue right now, not getting even!!! repent and prepare to meet the big black hole.

I am dumbfounded of course. Just for the record, Chabad does not have any militias, right wing or otherwise. All Chabad has called for in the wake of Mumbai is for greater love, peace and understanding. No one is calling for genocide as an appropriate response to the tragedy at the Chabad House. As to the rest of her rant, one verily shudders at the thought of what “black hole” exactly Roseanne is referring to.

All I can say is that whenever penile turgidity is inappropriate or inconvenient, a trick I find that is handy is to think of Roseanne Barr naked. That’s all I’m saying.

Hat tip to Dave at Israellycool.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Wow, just wow. After reading your intro to her blog entry, I was holding out, assuming that maybe she’s just been spending too much time in left-wing circles that you disagree with. Definitely a lot of what she wrote is probably due to that.

    But what the heck is with the “let allah and jesus help him” bit? I don’t know enough about Roseanne’s background…is she messianic? Or is this her attempt at being a universal unitarian jew?

    And ok, maybe I only found out what Chabad was last September, when they offered free High Holy services and were criticized by the media in my city for taking away from synagogues who charge. (It was a horrible piece of journalism that took a lot of surprisingly anti-semitic tangents). But nothing I’ve learned about Chabad would strike me as facist…

  • she’s right — i’ve seen chabad militias!! they go around in tanks they call “mitzvah tanks!”

  • I would like to be the first righie jew (sometimes leftie to get that feeling a strangers doing it) to kick Roseann’s teeth down here throat.But this is what happens when Courtney Love steals your meds.

  • “All Chabad has called for in the wake of Mumbai is for greater love, peace and understanding.”

    Oh, sure.

  • Anyone who would marry Tom Arnold has a problem with logic, so I would not pay much attention to whatever this comedic actress says on politics and international affairs.

  • Dude, I once watched the E! True Hollywood Story on her… Yeah, that’s all I’ll say about that. Not so surprised by this.

  • I don’t care what Roseanne Barr writes, as long as she never sings the national anthem again.

  • Here is another recent terrible example from THIS rather well known comedian/actor:

    “like esther i will fight

    for my people the jews! Like Judith I will cut off the head of their opposition! like deborah i will prophecy of military intelligence. The nazis have bombed a mosque! these are not jews! these are nazis! the experiment worked the way hitler willed it to work—jews and germans when bred together create a cyborg!!!! with no heart!!!! hashem where are you today? I accuse you! I accuse god today! To have brought the jewish people out of bondage and slavery to sacrifice them on their own altar once again proves your cruelty to your children, and so we are dumping you daddio! we will once again immerge our souls into that which is elemental. In the name of the HOLY motherandfather in heaven, amen. i am david and the beast will fall. i programmed the matrix of cyber, and still do. she who is and is not yet rises further in the green pandomonium!”


    That was posted to Roseanne Barr’s Blog! I have been banned [for just over a month now] from her website for trying to post balanced facts there – she really is encouraging anti-Israel sentiments and even seeding antisemitic attitudes.

    It’s amazing how there can be such intransigence in people with such overwhelming evidences as to the real nature of this noted conflict.

    So many people still think that Hamas Fatah Hezbollah [and a host of other such groups] are freedom fighters – they think that the Islamist insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan are freedom fighters – they think that terror attacks are a result of these freedom fighters resisting western hegemony and foreign occupation.

    We could ask how this fits with the Mumbai and other terror attacks in India. Where is the occupation in India? How can people fail to see the reality here – Islamists are not freedom fighters and the Islamist program is revolution on a global scale.

    Islamists are a threat to all peoples on Earth – currently even nations like Russia and China have been doing weapons business with Iran and seemingly without understanding that they too shall become targets of the Islamists.

    These irregular fighters seem to not value their own children’s lives outside of the role they play in martyrdom – it’s just appalling to think of little kids being born into such a scenario and to NEVER know what it means to be a kid in the classical sense.

    Too often people think that Islamist is a scary monster created by neocon think tanks – but these same people are in denial of the fact that there are many lucid warnings of the significant dangers to come if the Islamist movement isn’t checked.

    It would seem that Muslims and Muslim populations are under the most immediate threat to this ‘revolution’ – the cult like movement is being disseminated in their midst and I pray that that freedom loving Muslims start to act to push the Islamist movement out of their communities.

    Yet it all comes back to Israel and this present conflict – if anyone – including Muslims blame Israel for this conflict – then they are not being fair to the truth…

  • I think most of you are missing the point. it’s good that another actress has started to state her beliefs. More people should do so.

    Even if she is slightly wrong, because it’s all about learning / developing ideas.

    I say, Rosanne for the win!!!! Good work!

  • Roseanne is a nutcase. Most of the stuff she post on her blog is strange and full of lies about Israel and Jews. I think she is a self hating Jew. When she dressed as Hitler with the burnt cookies that are shaped like ginger beard men it absolutely disgusted me. It was in very poor taste.

    I know a lot of people complain about being banned from her blog. If you show her proof of her errors she will ban you. She cant stand to be corrected and yet she raves on about allowing others to have an opinion.

    Roseanne is a moron!

  • I have chatted and debated with Roseanne on her blog. One thing is for sure, she does not know what Judaism is. Her idea of Christianity is totally off the wall and she attempts to re-write the TANAKH and the Christian NT.

    This woman truly believes that Christian virgin Mary was raised in the Temple and was in fact a priestess. Further, she claimed that the apocryphal work of the Book of Mary stated that Mary was a priestess. Well, there are only 6 chapters that exist and there is no mention of this. I posted it all on her blog to prove it. Roseanne does not understand that no women ever were allowed in the temple. As we know, women were not given this right until very recently in history.

    Kabbalah is an issue I have with her. She made claims that are similar to those of Phillip Berg of the Kabbalah center. Bottom line: the Zohar (book of splendor) was penned in 1285 by Rabbi Moses di Leone. Leone’s wife admitted he wrote it and the great Gershom Scholom (the greatest expert in Kabbalah of the 20th century) confirms this “fact”. Roseanne refuses facts and when facts are presented to her she curses or would attempt to attack personally.

    What we have here a self hating Jew who also hates men and she admits this. A woman who hates Israel for defending itself against Hamas but has also stated that Islam is bad. A woman who wants to see Goddesses all over TANAKH and thinks she is the supreme Goddess on the planet.

    Its no wonder that this moron has not worked in 12 + years. I am sure Viacom was glad to finally see her leave. Note: I was banned from her site. I wonder if I will ever get over it? …..LOL

    To Roseanne Barr: get some lithium

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    I like it when folks get together and share views. Great website, continue the good work!

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