Fast Food Death

Fast Food Death

Scienceline has written a report on a new study that shows that eating dairy products and red meat can kill you.

The study suggests that red meat and dairy products contain a molecule that humans don’t naturally produce called Neu5Gc. Human cells absorb this compound, and over time the body produces antibodies against it. After years of ingesting milk and meat, constant antibody production may trigger a mild, but continuous inflammatory immune response. This kind of chronic inflammation has long been linked to cancer.

Ajit Varki, who helped design the study, is not himself a vegetarian, but he stated that he avoids Neu5GC by consuming as little lamb, pork, beef and milk as possible. Now of course there’s plenty of Kosher red meat and loads of Kosher dairy products, but at least Kosher keeping Jews don’t eat Pork and do not habitually mix meat and dairy – so maybe treif (non-kosher food) does indeed kill? In any case, keeping kosher is an article of faith and scientific studies are unnecessary for those who believe – but would it kill you to cut down on your meat consumption? Maintain a Kosher diet? Or just give up on meat entirely?

Talk about food for thought, huh?

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