Flurry of news and opinion stories…let’s see

IDF bombs a school…but there were UN claims it’s bullshit…but their headmaster was a goddamned bomb maker for hamas!

In the meantime, there are reports that Hamas is stealing aid and selling it to the residents. This bodes poorly for the 3 hours of aid and ceasefire the Israelis are promising. (The lull apparently didn’t last more than a few minutes)

The opinions have been coming all over the place. Bibi himself had a column in the Wall Street Journal with a haunting opening:

Imagine a siren that gives you 30 seconds to find shelter before a Kassam rocket falls from the sky and explodes, spraying its lethal shrapnel in all directions. Now imagine this happens day after day, month after month, year after year.


That certainly would suck, there is no doubt about it and would certainly be more than just nagging. Boston.com has a photo journal of the situation (warning- some graphic pics) that will break your heart for both sides. Daphna Golan writes in Haaretz calling for a Peace Strike. Thomas Friedman tries to put it in perspective at the New York Times, seeing the Palistineans as pawns of the Iranians. Abu Marzook took up the voice of Hamas in a LA Times Article:

But, of course, options remained available. Israel might have relented months ago, for the sake of the truce, in its criminal determination to starve Gaza, cutting off much of its fuel and choking all commerce to a trickle, blocking relief organizations from delivering food and medicine, and consigning Gaza’s citizens to famine rations. Only the most cynical observer would call this grinding attrition “good faith” adherence to the truce. Blockades, after all, are explicitly acts of war.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa penned a piece on just how crappy Israeli politicians are these days, Jonathan Freedland at the Guardian speculated about how the incursion will help Hamas, Robert Fisk had his say in the independent:

Yes, Israelis deserve security. Twenty Israelis dead in 10 years around Gaza is a grim figure indeed. But 600 Palestinians dead in just over a week, thousands over the years since 1948 – when the Israeli massacre at Deir Yassin helped to kick-start the flight of Palestinians from that part of Palestine that was to become Israel – is on a quite different scale. This recalls not a normal Middle East bloodletting but an atrocity on the level of the Balkan wars of the 1990s. And of course, when an Arab bestirs himself with unrestrained fury and takes out his incendiary, blind anger on the West, we will say it has nothing to do with us. Why do they hate us, we will ask? But let us not say we do not know the answer.

Egypt announced a ceasefire plan though neither side has been all that interested in ceasing the fire.

In other news, Muffti is off to the gym and then his office hours. Yesterday, one of his former students (an Iranian who got an A in his class) brought him some home made baklava. Proof that good jewish-arab relations are lo rack chalom.

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  • You’re quoting Fisk?!

    And Tom is right. At best what you’ve got going are good Muslim-Jewish relations. (But really it’s just a student kissing ass for a better grade, you naive person).

  • Does lo rack chalom mean, ‘whoa, that student’s got a helluva rack’?

  • She’s already got her grade, you cynic! FORMER student.

    Muffti quoted Fisk for fun. He also quoted Marzook. And Bibi. He’s fans of none.

  • Oy, you are not just quoting Fisk – you are accepting a reference to Deir Yassin uncritically?!?!

    Thomas Friedman is bad enough.

  • ok i know what i am about to post is not related to the article but here goes

    i saw your video of the girl speaking in arabic explaining how israelis are not enjoying the civilian casualties in gaza

    what a load of crap, i have been to many israeli/jewish websites and blogs and let me tell you, 90% of the jews there were happy about the bombing of gazan civilians, if you dont believe me, check out haaretz talkbacks, and remember haaretz is a moderate left wing israeli newspaper

    only god knows what the right wing israeli sites contain.

    and to the grandmuffti guy, i am guessing its a reference to the grandmuffti of jerusalem in the 1940s who was pro nazi

    grandmuffti do you know who else were pro nazi’s???

    “kapos”(camp jews)
    not to mention thousand of jews who converted to christianity.
    how about the fact that in 2008 israel arrested some jewish nazis(yeah its true, i can post the article if you want)

    but you people always mention the mufti,lol, saying how the arabs are the nazis even though the arabs are a lot more diverse both culturally and racially compared to the jews.

    as for assault on gaza, i repeat everything you do comes back to haunts you, i have extensively studied the torah and it has shown me how you have time and time again betrayed god, did you know in the torah it mentions that god offered moses a chance to start a new race with his own children and he offered to wipe out all israelites??

    Moses being the humble person he was refused, proving that god saved you because of moses but today rabbis say that moses was punished by god by not allowing him to enter israel???

    can you people tell me why during 2002 , IDF took over a palestinian tv channel during a security operation and broadcast porn to palestinian homes????

    the idf confirmed the incident but failed to explain why???
    i will tell you why, because you are europeans thats why, its funny to you isnt it, forcing conservative families to watch porn.

    how about the fact that israel kidnapping palestinian children and putting them in detention and releasing them 6 months or years later?

    let me remind you that the israeli govt has admitted those children were not terrorists or even militants, the israeli court itself has called it an illegal practice and their parents have admitted that israel was pressuring them to act as informants using their kids as bargaining chips.

    i know you are going to call me a jihadi, a dirty sand nigger or an amalekite, an anti semite, but i am neither(i dont mind being called a sand nigger though, arabs are defined by their language and culture)

    you always complain about the psychological stress israelis face, well what about the stress the palestinians face, the threat of random arrests, the threat of abuse at checkpoints, the threat of their olive crops being burned down, the threat of their home being demolished and a settlement being built,the threat of idf strikes for 40 years???

    israel can kill militants and terrorists and arrest them but what about all the other stuff??
    can palestinians respond with f-16s against their crop burnings??

    during the hebron riots palestinian police were even not allowed to protect the arab homes from the settler rampage

    the settlers themselves warned that if the israeli court evicts them then they will exact a price against the palestinians.

    all the settler rioters got a slap on the wrist, even the guy caught on tape shooting a palestinian man

    what about us???……if we complain, we are called fanatics

    if we complain of abuse, you call us liars, even if we have video proof, do you know that idf soldiers during the heavy occupation days would start random fights by throwing stun grenades into a crowd, and then when they would he react he would fire live rounds into them, this practice has even disgusted some professional idf soldiers and they formed a group called “breaking the silience”

    but of all the things i have mentioned, the one thing that sickens me is the system of reward and punishment for palestinian daily living.

    if a palestinian needs a permit to build a home he needs to be an informer.If a palestinian needs paperwork to go to another arab country, he needs to be “cooperative” with the idf.

    many palestinians i know had to literally grovel in front of the idf in exchange for just going to a hospital or leaving for higher studies.
    when ever we complain, our complains were brushed aside.

    did you know that a palestinian man bashed his own head into the wall of an israeli prison after the idf tricked him into believing that he was responsible for the arrest of his entire family??

    he was arrested on the street, and then he was told that he either had a choice to be an informant or his family would be arrested.After he refused, the idf brought his father into the prison in prison clothes(they didnt arrest him but told him the clothes were part of the security procedure,his father put on the clothes as he was not aware of israeli procedure)

    after he saw his father the idf told him that he was responsible.He then started to bang his head against the wall, apparently over the guilt.

    i guess some people arent strong enough to face the idf eh.

    here is a story with some proof

  • Rank: Staff sergeant
    Unit: Shimshon elite unit
    Place of incident: Beitar checkpoint
    Description: Things that just happened: Sometimes we would detain buses, so just… You know, you get on the bus, that sort of routine – one gets on at the front, and one at the back, and all these dumb things… There was that tear-gas-grenade launcher, and we would get on the bus and you know lock the launcher; it sounds like charging a weapon. At six in the morning, when all the workers are still half asleep, you wake them up like that. All kinds of fear creating, and deterrence techniques. All these things I’m talking about now were not [done under] direct orders from any commander or factor. It was simply the section-commanders who passed it on to the soldiers. Because when they where soldiers their section commanders taught them, and it stayed at the level of section commander and soldiers. Although in my opinion there wasn’t one officer in the company who didn’t know about this stuff. Every officer commanding those section-commanders, every officer, was once a soldier. So no one can say they didn’t know, everyone knew everything

    this is from an israeli website, talk to any idf soldier and he will confirm it

    let me as you if you were a palestinian, would choose to live with these people?

  • palestinian areas are the wild west for you guys,check this story out

    Rank: Sergeant
    Unit: Nahal brigade
    Place of incident: Atarot-Kalandia


    There wasn’t really a checkpoint in Kalandia [at that time]. We would stand there at the fence of the airport, as if this was aiding the guys who were guarding the airport. There were riots and we would shoot… how do you call it –

    Rubber [rubber coated metal bullets].

    Rubber, stun grenades. And all the time we were playing ‘Catch’ with the kids throwing stones. We would set traps for them there.

    What do you mean by traps?

    Traps, let me give you a somewhat funny example. We would put a can with a stun grenade inside, take out the safety pin, and place on it sweets, desserts that we would take from the kitchen. Then the kids would come, look at them and when they picked it up, the grenade would explode in their face. That’s one. I’ll give you another example. There was a couch that they would move all day, so we would booby trap the couch with stun grenades.

    Where was this couch placed?

    It was placed in the middle of where we were… there was a certain place where they would throw stones. And we were sick of them, like, taking the couch. So we (grinning)… and my platoon commander were wounded during this. He tried to set a trap and a stun grenade blew up in his hand, such things, it was a period then… And let me tell you, it was a crazy time.

  • Rank: Sergeant
    Unit: Nahal
    Place of incident: Atarot (near Jerusalem)


    They caught some kid – really young, 11 or 12 years old, I don’t know how old he was – who threw stones. They managed to catch him. It was an all-out abuse. They abused him, and I don’t think something was done about it. They put him in the toilet, I remember the soldier, I remember, he was a friend of mine, a friend from the company. And he took pride in shoving the kid’s head into the toilet…

    into the bowl?

    Into the bowl. And he was proud of it, and he slammed his head against the bowl, and I don’t know what else. They put him there, he was locked in the toilet for a whole day, by the company commander’s orders, to teach him a lesson. Just locked up there. And from time to time, you know, a soldier who was guarding there would enter, put his head in the toilet, slam his head against the toilet, and I remember he told me that, and I was shocked, but you know, who am I to report this? Today I don’t see it that way, but then [it was different]. I think it was madness, no doubt. I remember that boy crying, what a mess, what… Even without that the boy was already in shock, coming towards ‘the Zionist enemy’, who knows where, a whole platoon of soldiers, all of them want to kill him, in the pretense that he threw a stone. You see; that’s what happened there.

  • do you know why the jewish people always have a chance to be saved and loved, because sometimes your souls speak out against the crimes you commit .

    and yes as an arab i am honest enough to admit we commit crimes too, but unlike you guys we receive our punishments, you dont.

    or maybe you do, considering the fact that god killed 24000 jews after saving a few hundred thousand from the egyptians(story of exodus)

  • enjoy your your new found power and glory, like everything you enjoy it will be goneone.

    (if you are wondering where i got the stories from, its from an israeli website called “breaking the silence”

  • Dude, why not stop obsessing about the Israelis and do more to hold your own ‘leaders’ to account? Your people will get nothing but disrespect (or pity, if they’re lucky) until they get their own house in order. I’d rather live in a dysfunctional sub-Saharan country than in any of the tinhorn dictatorships that pass for governance in the Arab world.

    No one likes to see bloodied women and children, but it’s time to look in the mirror, pal.

  • U.N. agency demands Israel support claims about militants at school.

    The white elephant aka UN just don’t get it. These coward Hamas terrorists fire their mobile rockets then run. Jeeezzz, people! Wake up!

  • Hey simpleguy,

    Can you list the references for the incidents that you listed above?? Where can I find them?

  • “Spokesman Christopher Gunness said UNRWA, which spelled its teacher’s surname al-Geeg, was looking into the matter.”

    Wow, that’s funny, because that same Chris Gunness, who obviously thinks his s*** doesn’t stink, was earlier daring Israel to provide evidence that Hamas was using a UN school as a staging ground for attacks. What a tough guy he is, standing up to the big bad Israeli army who will of course do absolutely nothing to him.

    I swear, these people are almost as bad as Hamas. Just despicable human beings. The UN can really provide only two explanations for that school attack, either a) they had no idea that Hamas were launching attacks from a booby trapped UN school, in which case they are incompetent fools who are completely incapable of doing their jobs, or b) they knew about the attacks and the explosives, let several dozen civilians take “shelter” there, and didn’t seen to think it was a problem. If it’s a), then they’re ignorant, if it’s b) then they’re war criminals.

  • i will tell you why, because you are europeans thats why, its funny to you isnt it, forcing conservative families to watch porn.

    Simple douche, don’t Arab TVs have an off switch?

  • yoni they did switch of the tv, but isnt the act of taking over a tv station and forcing people to watch porn a crime itself

    what a stupid response, saying the tv had off switches

    how about this, didnt the nazi’s warn the german jews to leave their country?

    or how about the fact that you guys broke every covenant you ever made with god, you had moses the great and you still messed up

    and as an arab i am not obsessed with you, you jews are obsessed with arabs, if you treated the palestinians like the way you treated the israeli arabs who are the same people or the way you honoured the peace deal with the egyptians, you would not face rockets

    look at egypt, they are blowing up tunnels and cooperating with the idf, all because israel honoured its deal with egypt.

    the fact of the matter is israelis have made even the simplest task for palestinians a daily nightmare, if a palestinian farmer wants to to go his field near a settlement he faces:
    1-settlers with sticks
    2-band of settler children with dogs
    3-settlers in cars with guns
    and if he tries to complain he is called a liar.
    do you remember the girl who filmed the idf soldier shooting into the foot of a palestinian guy, well the idf arrested her father for no reason as a warning to the palestinians
    if the jews of europe today faced the same treatment today, israel would send nukes to europe in retaliation.

    coming back to yoni c., how would you like it if your kids watching tv were suddenly faced with porn thanks to a foreign army

  • Tom morrissey actually most conservative american christians and jews enjoy seeing bloodied women and children

    you might ask where is the proof, well have you ever been to any of the mainstream conservative blogs and chatrooms??
    during the iraq war american tv journalists reported beside dead and mangled bodies with a smile on their faces and laughing and cheering, one fox news journalist was laughing while an iraqi was bleeding beside him.

    americans are by far the worst of the worst in any situation, go to thailand and cambodia and go to the more popular “tourist” sections, there you will see hordes of americans looking for under aged prostitutes.

    i have been to lots of asian countries and its the same everywhere, americans acting rude, laughing at the locals and being drunk in public and groping very young girls.

    american soldiers have been arrested in japan for raping girls.Americans are also the worlds largest collector of child porn and snuff porn, its a known fact.

    the gist of the matter is this, todays jews and rich arabs are all hellenized semites.The jews have already forsaken their connection to the teachings of moses,and todays arabs are the same, drinking the poison cup of western philosophy, forgetting the fact that they should have mixed with other races instead of perpetuating their own.

    as an arab it shames me that my people still choose to believe in this concept of “the arab race”, we are becoming like you, a narrow ethno centric people.

    i have a question, if judaism is the true religion of abraham, then why didnt you guys try to teach judaism to others through missionary work?

    are you so selfish that you dont believe in sharing the truth with anyone???

    look at indonesia the worlds largest muslim country, they were never conquered by arabs, they dont speak arabic and they look like east asians but why are they muslims?

    the answer is simple, the arab traders brought islam with them and impressed the locals(sadly todays arabs are no where near as spiritual)

    compare this with jewish traders, they are secretive and create clubs for jews only, and yet they complain of discrimination which is incredible considering the fact that throughout your history you have wiped out the native people of israel(the canaanites)

  • i am a sick puppy for stating the obvious??

    you are the sickos, rescue workers found 4 children clinging to their mothers corpse in gaza , god knows what the children were thinking, you are the sickos you israelis

    we arabs have have darker skin and more african features than you jews, proving we are the true sons of the middle east, you are all white europeans, nothing more.
    we are a diverse people, we embrace others and we will do so again, in the future the asian muslims and arab muslims and african muslims will all be the same,

    you jews on the other hand are a narrow ethnocentric nationalistic group, when you formed israel you all thought you would reinvent your jewish way of life, instead you have russian stores selling pork and russian neo nazis brutalizing israeli pensioners, where is your macho shit in front of your own nazis????

    there are many areas in israel where white russian gangs dominate, they are racist as hell, and the scary thing is they will all join the idf and “have fun” with the palestinians.

    you gave communism to russia thinking it would free you from the tsars anti semitism, then after the jewish bolsheviks were purged you were again targets.

    wasnt karl marx a jew???

    jewish bankers taunted germany after ww1 , then after hitler you suffered.You laughed and celebrated after moses drowned the egyptian army, but after king solomon died his empire crumbled and israel was sacked by the egyptians, it seems the ancient egyptians had the last laugh, they out lasted the israelis, but they too fell to the romans like jerusalem

    your own torah and your own history reflects your arrogance and racism

    did you know that after moses married a dark skinned egyptian desert nomadic woman, the israelites mocked her skin colour and god as a punishment gave them leprosy

    if you can mock the wife of your savior then only god knows how you israelis are towards others.

    after the iraq invasion all the jewish blogs were jumping with joy, now that the US is in recession and jews losing billions, you are not so jumpy now

    bernard madoff proves what america is, a big ponzi scheme,
    borrowing money from the worlds largest oppressor of religious and political rights(china) to fund “”democratic war in iraq””, while sinking their own country

    you can laugh at me and at the gazans, but you can never reclaim your heritage, you will always be europeans pretending to be middle easterners and like your ancestors the israelites hashem will give you your reward

    there are almost 7 billion people in this world and yet you believe god created the world for only 14 million jews?????

    are so narrow minded as to actually think god doesnt care about asians,africans,south americans,?????

    do you think you are not going to pay for your crimes????

    as for the american right wing christian fundamentalists, your new best friends, they are going to turn on you just like the egyptians,romans,greeks,communists turned on you.

    the americans are probably going to kick out all palestinians from israel and then you will jump with joy, but when they will tell you to “believe” in jesus you wont be jumping in joy

  • Simple guy, now look what you did. All your screen is covered with froth. jiffa

  • Within Israel and without, there has been an ongoing argument about the way these three priorities of an army – a) protecting Israeli civilians, b) protecting Israeli soldiers, and c) protecting Gaza civilians – should be ordered.

    Israel excites, alienates, and compels. How are we as Jews implicated in Israel’s achievements, mistakes, and challenges?

    MAKOM invites you to join an ongoing conversation about hugging and wrestling with Israel.


  • One has heard of ‘one issue’ candidates getting voted into parliament, and in a sense Zionists seem to have a narrow agenda. On the other hand Zionism arose out of a desperate need, and to begin to comprehend this one needs to go back more than 50 years to see how centuries and centuries of, sometimes, the most unspeakable persecution, helped maintain a sense of identity amongst the Jews, despite global dispersion. From the little I understand, just two core attitudes kept these people together (if ‘attitude’ is the right word) ‘religious faith’ and ‘belief in a homeland’. The children of Ishmael have had the good fortune not to have been evicted in the way the descendents of Isaac were, nearly two thousand years ago (things have happened since then, though). A belief in a series of covenants and a belief in a homeland, over the millennia, creates a slightly different perspective with regards to a ‘right of tenancy’, one that extends a little beyond 1948 & 1967 (for instance). This is given impetus by the age-old axiom that the Jew has nowhere to lay his head (and I get grumpy missing out on just one night’s sleep!). Convention has it that tenancy usually lasts just a few generations: me great grandfather gambled his heritage away, and but for him I just might have been living in that lovely Scottish castle . . . and certainly this is the way the U.N. thinks when attempting to mediate between the Arabs and the Israelis, but one somehow has to step outside the square. For me, had I been living in Palestine in 1945 and a whole lot of people with strange accents set up tents on my back lawn, I might well have asked my relatives to help me evict them (as happened in 1948). And I probably would have had another go in 1967. But here’s the thing: I would have been dealing with a people I had fought with three thousand, four thousand, eight thousand years ago and unless I learn to take a step back I shall continue to fight them for another three, four thousand years. So, how do mediators resolve all this? One could throw one’s hands up in the air and say ‘God (not the U.N) only knows’, but perhaps one should start by getting to know the people one is dealing with, their history, their beliefs and certainly avoid using narrow ‘Western’ cultural guidelines when judging. It is interesting,for what it is worth . . . Iranians are not Semitic, but the Israelis and Arabs are!
    And we, that now make merry in the room they left, and Summer dresses in new Bloom, ourselves must we beneath the Couch of Earth descend, ourselves to make a Couch— for whom?

  • Simply guy,

    if there is an off switch they aren’t being ‘forced’ to do anything.

    you are so drowned in your own filth and propaganda you can’t even realize when you are out-right lying.

  • I wonder whom this comment is being directed towards Mr Yoni C? It certainly is a little forceful, perhaps a tad angry, which is a pity.

  • Wartyhog3,

    if you couldn’t figure out I was addressing Simple guy by the first line of the post you are lost my friend.

    Doesn’t the spreading of lies, hatred, and propaganda make you angry wartyhog3?

  • The Tongan CIS are after me so Wartyhog3 no longer exists, but thanks Yoni C I sorted it out and indeed my getting lost is not all that rare. As far as lies, hatred and propaganda go, well, we all tend to ‘bend’ the truth to suit our particular ends. The more adamant we are about being right, then the more likely we are to be angry when challenged: you want to see my reactions when someone cuts in front of me in heavy traffic, and I’m not even being shot at!

  • themiddle of course islam is superior to judaism, look at our diversity, we embrace others

    and yoni c is accusing me of propaganda, were the hebron riots on tv propaganda???

    didnt the hebron riots prove what the palestinians were saying all along??

    dont tell me yoni c, those white skinned people speaking hebrew were palestinians pretending to be israelis,wow what a propaganda trick.

    as for islam being superior to judaism, look at non arab muslims and look at non hebrew jews, which one is more diverse???????

    asian muslims outnumber arab muslims, but how many mizrahi jews and non white jews are there??????

    judaism is a narrow philosophy for ethnocentric europeans,

    dont you people ever wonder why god would only care about you jews and ignore the rest of humanity??????

    as for your views of “ishmael”, you call him a wild man and almost all rabbis insult him by calling him violent
    but your own torah cant explain the fact as to why god saved him in the desert and allowed him to prosper

    you jews still cant explain why the israelites mocked the skin colour of the wife of moses

    and as far as ishmael and isaac are concerned, most jews and arabs are not descended from them.

    prophet abraham was born in chaldea, which is in iraq, which already had civilizations well before they came along, so did the egyptians

    so that makes isaac a chaldean by race, and ishmael is half egyptian(from his mother) and half chaldean(on his fathers side)
    arabs descended from the ancient chaldeans,egytpian,hittites,north africa,and arabia.
    before the prophets came along, there was extensive trade between all the civilizations.
    todays jews descended from east europe and from khazars,with a minority of libyan and yemeni jews, who are probably arabs who converted to judaism during the reign of king solomon.

    thats why we arabs have have such darkers skin, we belong to the middle east.

    you europeans dont belong, your delicate white skin cant stand the sun my friends, dont pretend to be “middle easterners”, go take sun screen and enjoy europe and america, why come to the middle east???

  • oh and one more thing, i am proud to be sand nigger, please tell your american friends calling us sand niggers only proves what we are saying, we are the true sons of the middle east, you on the other hand arent, a local mosque was spray painted “sand niggers”, by whom, you guessed it, americans.

  • Ah, simple guy, come on now. Your mother and your sister told me that apart from yout ‘little’ (ahem) problem you can be quite a nice guy

  • Phew, so being Middle Eastern depends on the colour of your skin? As I understand it, the Hebrews (before they were known as Hebrews came from a third millennium Northwest-Semitic group, as did the Arameans and they pretty well overran the whole of what was known as ‘the fertile crescent’: Palestine and Upper Mesopotamia. What their skin colour was like heaven knows. One also has problems with the fact that Indo Aryan groups coming from roughly what we know as Iran (‘the land of the Aryans’) were also moving Southwards. In fact an Indo Aryan group conquered Egypt about the time of Moses, or a little before. And then we have Hurrians and Arkkadians and zappo, you’ve got one hell of a melting pot. But you’re not really talking about history are you. I suspect you feel that the fact that the original Jews were booted out, spreading all over Europe, Russia (even some in China, believe it or not) they have no right to be in the Middle East. This would take us into quite a different realm of discussion and one that cannot satisfactorily be concluded here (see wartyhog3 post above for a little taste of this).

  • Just so I’m clear, Simple Guy, you’re saying to us that we have a problem with our supeiority complex (eg “dont you people ever wonder why god would only care about you jews and ignore the rest of humanity??????”) but you believe with utter and complete confidence that Muslims are superior to Jews. You claim this is due to your “diversity” in contrast with our “delicate white skin.”

    Is that what you’re saying, or did I miss something?

  • i see we have reached the personal insult stage, lol.

    i never personally insulted anyone here or mentioned their mothers, but i see you have managed to stoop to a lower level, its typical i say

    most of the other jewish blogs are the same

    when ever you people are presented with an argument you cant win, you stoop to personal insults.

    what are you guys, teenagers?

    as far as the egyptians are concerned, which indo aryans are you talking about????

    the egyptians kicked hittite ass, the hittites were a powerful force but an egyptian pharoe stopped them

    the egyptians even recovered from the drowning by moses and sacked israel, there is a pharoe named shishak and archaeologists have discovered in his temple that he was responsible for looting king solomons throne room

    doesnt your own torah say that the hebrews descended from abraham and wasnt abraham a chaldean????

    lets face it, most of the middle easterners(excluding jews)today are either descended from the ancient iraqis,egyptians,arabians,yemenis or the iranians with some roman and greek blood

    you jews are not authentic middle easterners, your skin colour is proof of that,i am mentioning your skin colour because

    as for white looking arab speakers in lebanon, they call themselves maronite christians and they are honest, they only use the arabic language and they claim to be phoenicians,

    please be honest jews, you are europeans, look in the mirror, you cant change who you are can you

    if abraham or moses were alive today, who would he look like, you white europeans or the palestinians????

    as for muslims being superior to jews, we muslims believing in sharing our truth, its easy to become a muslim but its not easy to convert to judaism is it

    judaism is a “people born jews only” club, islam is a religion open to all,just like christianity and buddhism.

    but christianity is not a real monotheistic religion, even the most anti islamic rabbi would agree to that

    coming back to the topic of skin colour, wasnt it theodore herzl who said jews in arab lands represented the european race against all other eastern races.

    your zionists called themselves europeans, proving what many have been saying all along, you DO NOT BELONG HERE,

    please build your walls and settlements, you will never be considered as a part of the wider middle east, you are and will be euro-american whites.

    as for us arabs, we will marry other races such as asians and africans, we will realize the dream of universalbrotherhood, we will obliterate the concept of race.

    you will be stuck in your outmoded ideals of “pure jewish race”, struggling all the time to reclaim your heritage but deep down you all know that you never can, the yoke of hellenization has stuck to your souls.

  • in theodore herzl’s diary he admitted that the jewish state would remove arabs by refusing empolyment, or “transferring” them, so his diary proves that the arabs were right to react against the jewish settlers, the palestinian uprisings were justified, if we didnt, then we would have faded like the american indians have in their reservations.

    david ben gurion predicted that the old arabs would die and their young would forget,oh how wrong he was.

    do you know what pisses you jews so much, despite your occupation, your brutality, your promises, your american and european support, the rich arab support, we are still not beaten

    you can bomb and kill, but eventually you will realize that you dont belong, like the crusaders bfore you, you will lose, like the turks and the british, you will lose,
    we have more determination and we are willing to suffer more for our cause, the palestinians would rather eat garbage and die rather than submit to your arrogance, build as many checkpoints you want,build as many walls as you want, buy as many american weapons as you want, we will still persevere, even if you kill thousands we will not give up, you can bring in as many american right wing christians you want, we will not give up,you can swear at us and strip us naked but we will not give up.

    we have faith and the faith of one palestinian is more than enough to face your wrath and military-industrial complex

  • Now hang on a sec themiddle: we have a slight problem when talking about ‘white’ skin, in fact I’ve never ever seen anyone with such a complexion. I can turn a decent sort of bronze when I get a tan, though it always retains a sort of slightly reddish under-hue. My youngest brother, though, develops a truly wonderful Mediterranean bronze tan, and looks this way most of the time, as does my sister’s son. Spreading further afield, I’ve seen Europeans with an almost blue, pink complexion (heaven knows what a dose of the Negev would do for them) and I could go on . . . the diversity is almost infinite. But were I to really stir the pot, I’ve seen albinos in South Africa and they are supposed to be black, though ‘albino’ means white, but they are neither. Hell man, I’m confused.

  • so are you telling me you israelis are albinos????

    please, dont insult my intelligence, albinos suffer from a lack of melanin, its a genetic defect, naturally white people have melanin levels corresponding to their race.

    look at moshe feiglin, now that guys is white.

    go and live in a cold country for a few months and i promise you will lose your tan wherethewindblows

    but arabs will never lose their tans, because we are the true people of the middle east

    sorry, you cant change that fact, and one more thing, why do american christian tourists come to israel and attack arabs??

    i once saw an american tourist kick a palestinian childs leg just because the kid was playing in front of his car, what kind of a shitty attitude is that?

    the kid wasnt throwing stones or anything, he was just playing, god americans are creeps

    and whats with the insult “camel jocky”???

    i mean why on earth would an american get pleasure by calling me a camel jocky?

  • I don’t want to inflame the interchanges any more, but prejudice, wars, persecution hatred, the whole realm of alienating is based on ideas and generalizations. France and Egypt are attempting to bring about some sort of peace process, but if these blogs are anything to go by the ‘process’ doesn’t stand a snigging chance. The blog about skin colours is meant to be tongue in cheek, O simple guy. It is just that vitriol never gets anyone anywhere. As you may have noticed, the ‘conversations’ tend to cover much of the same ground . . . over and over again. That is because no one is really listening. I suppose it’s a sort of cyber war. Thank God we don’t have the technology to shoot ourselves through our computers.

  • to be honest wherethewindblows i dont enjoy vitriolic exchanges too

    lets suppose all the jews and arabs stop fighting, even that will not stop the conflict, here is why:

    the american right wing christian fundamentalists will immediately come to israel in hordes, they will demand to be treated as special immigrants, israel will have to oblige for obvious reasons, they will then create trouble by trying to force the arabs out of israel.

    no israeli will dare to stop them considering the financial power of america, they will then try to force the jews to accept jesus, this will then escalate into more violence

    why isnt anyone addressing the issue of the american christians?

    they are more powerful than us and they control america,
    and yes i know america elected barak obama but can barak obama change the domination of american indutrial-military complex by the christian fundamentalists?

    if you think we muslims are brutal, you have no idea what christians are capable of, they created the concept of the jewish scapegoat, not us.

    dont buy into the christian lies about love and brotherhood,they dont love you jews, they want you to convert

    at least we muslims are honest, if we dont like you, we tell you leave, but christians are different, they will tell you they will love you and then they will burn you.

  • Simple Guy:

    “as an arab it shames me that my people still choose to believe in this concept of “the arab race”, we are becoming like you, a narrow ethno centric people.”

    if that’s so, why are you going on about whether or not you can tan better than us so-called Heebs?

  • Not altogether fond of fundamentalist Christian, Islamic, Jew or Hindu. Fundamentalism has the basic tenant of ‘I am right’ and that of course excludes everyone else, so it is hard to love a fundamentalist whatever his colour. When the Jews were in Europe they were not called Israelis, not even those living in Syria, Iraq and Iran (prior to WWII). But there are Israelis now and a State of Israel and there is little that you, I, Hamas or anyone else can do about it . . . that is the state of play. One can either ruin one’s entire life kicking against the pricks, or one can take another tack: prayer, meditation, creative communication and there are those on all sides working towards genuine resolution. Anger simply blinds one. Sorry, I don’t intend to be pompous.

  • xisnotx simple, its proof that we are the true sons of the middle east

  • the “true sons of the middle east” doesn’t strike you as “narrow ethnocentrism” like “Arab race?”

  • no it doesnt, considering the fact that we were born here, you on the other hand werent born here but you act like you own the own the whole middle east

  • many israelis are immigrants, israel has over a million russian speakers, israel also has lots of american and european jews.

    you guys still didnt answer me though, whats so insulting about calling arabs a “camel jocky”?

    why do you do it?

    i mean many americans ride horses, do i call them all cowboys?will they be insulted if i call them cowboys?

    how to prove that we arabs are not as ethnocentric compared to you?

    well for one thing, we dont call ourselves “the chosen ones”(how stupid does that sound)
    we dont make people people undergo tests to convert to islam, but if a non jew tries to convert and if he is not a VIP, god knows the trouble he will face.
    also we arent that hung up on racial purity considering the fact that we have greater diversity, according to the definition of an arab:anyone who speaks arabic and follows arabic culture is an arab.

    if you guys speak arabic and follow arab culture,listen to arab music, eat arab food, i will call you arabs

    but if i try to convert to judaism, your rabbi will deny me the right, and you guys wont call me a jew even if i want to be one

    how do you define a jew, its simple, one who has a jewish mother

  • correction, if a non jew tries to convert to judaism, forgot to add the last part

  • “i have a question, if judaism is the true religion of abraham, then why didnt you guys try to teach judaism to others through missionary work?

    are you so selfish that you dont believe in sharing the truth with anyone???”

    Because instead of endorsing proselytization, or mind control and brainwashing for that matter, we choose to allow people to come to their own conclusions regarding whether or not they want our faith. However, it sounds as if you may be unfamiliar with such forms of inquiry.

  • Judaism doesn’t do missionary work as one of the core beliefs of Jewish eschatology is that any righteous person will receive salvation, regardless of their religious adherence, hence “justice for all”. The “chosenness” constitutes in a long list of duties that Jews need to fulfil in order to be “righteous” in the Jewish sense of the word as opposed to “righteous” in the non-Jewish sense, which doesn’t mandatorily demand the observation of the mitzvot. Therefore, Judaism doesn’t prosyletize (theoretically, that is) as it chooses not to burden others with its duties. Jews are therefore also expected to discourage hopeful converts from converting.

  • “if you think we muslims are brutal, you have no idea what christians are capable of…”

    And what would that be, other than being six centuries of civilization and intellectual maturity ahead of you guys?

    Obviously Christendom went through some rough and brutal growing pains of its own, even after an enlightenment that Islam hasn’t even experienced yet. That’s what scares the hell out of us about you guys. You still haven’t come around to accepting the enormous strengths of Western civilization (despite all its previous shortcomings), let alone propose a way of competing against them or improving upon them.

    When as many books are translated into Arabic each year as are translated into GREEK, then I’ll entertain the notion that y’all are as open to rational inquiry and an intellectually enlightened existence as those nasty Christians are. Until then, I’ll just have to assume that simple guy, as oversimplified as his ideas are, is still light years ahead of the intolerance, ignorance and ideological rigidity that exemplifies the typical man on the “Arab Street”.

  • MUL, unless simple guy is willing to discuss the reasons behind the drastic decrease in numbers of Palestinian Christians, he’ll be ruminating on the same hypocrisies over and over again he came here for, just that we’re not the right pasture for that.

  • “you on the other hand werent born here but you act like you own the own the whole middle east”

    Or at least that’s what Saudi Arabia and Egypt would like us to believe in making us their proxy against IRAN!!! 😉

  • Well Simple Guy, I was going to ask you a question, but after reading all of your hate, I’m not sure that I should.

    It’s amusing to see a person who considers his religion superior to mine consider it an affront that some Jews would say their religion is superior to his. It’s also amusing to read your blather about skin color.

    Obviously you believe that Muslims and Muslim societies are superior to Jews and Jewish societies. Fair enough. You don’t like our skin color? Fair enough. You have a problem with lighter skinned people being born in Israel because you think they belong only if they “can’t lose their tan.” Fair enough. It’s very sad to read your hate but I suspect that you represent a much broader public than your community would like to admit.