Who Couldn’t Have Seen This Coming Part II?

Those tricky Israelis. Those dastardly Jews. Throughout Operation Cast Lead, Israeli propagandists and apologists kept insisting that theirs was a war against Hamas Terror and not against the residents of Gaza. Now comes news that a grass roots initiative, launched by Qassam battered residents of the South, seeks to collect urgently needed humanitarian materials to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza. Is there no end to their hubris? Have these genocidal maniacs no shame?

Those of you wishing to participate in this sham may contact Hadas Balas, a student at Sderot’s Sapir College, at 054-3168878 or peace activist Lee Ziv at 050-7245050. Ziv stated that:

“There is no connection to politics,” said Ziv. “We don’t represent a side, we just see an immediate need for blankets for people who have nothing to cover them at night and milk for infants who have nothing to eat.”

Those of you not in Israel wishing to participate in this obvious attempt to derail Palestinian national ambitions may make a donation to this nefarious campaign via our PayPal account (all major credit cards accepted) using the following button:

All sums will be remitted to Hadas and Lee. Please try and make your donation as soon as possible as the first shipment is going out on Wednesday. Click on the link below for more detailed information care of Oleh Girl (thanks Yael!):

How YOU can help the civilian victims of Hamas in Gaza:
Blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags, tents
Dry foods: Flour, sugar, salt, mineral water, pulses, hummus, lentils rice, powered milk, tea, tinned beef (luf), Tuna
Hygienic products: detergent dish soap, body soaps, washing powder, cloth diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, house cleaning agents, underwear, shampoo
Baby products : Disposable diapers all sizes ,cloth diapers ,maternal and all other baby milk formulas, powered milk
large plastic sheeting
Additional way of donation, is buy buying a blanket for 5 shekels: Call SARAH 0542297791 for details on how to donate a blanket from afar in this way

The collection will continue until the 21st of January at 14.00, when the equipment will be taken by Lorries to the Gaza crossing, where it will be transferred to the U.N.W.R.A. Lorries, the only ones working in Gaza at the present.

Where to bring/send the items:
There are four collection points across the country:

Ken Bakaa – Shomer Hatsair branch
Rechov Harakevet 57 (next to the Moshava)
Days: Sun. Mon. Teus. Between 17. 00 –20.00
Contact: LEV 052-4840697

Rechov Abarbanel 5 (next to Honda) in the alley
Days: Sat Eve. Sun. Mon. Teus.- between 17.00 – 20.00
Contact: TIMOR 050-6886873

Bet Hachesed 6 .
Rechov Pal Yam next to Kiryat Hamemshala
Days: Fri. -8.00- 17.00 Mon. Teus. Wed. Between 17.00 – 20.00
Contact: ELIAS 04-8666235

Days: Sun. Mon. Teus. Wed. between 09:00-19:00
Contact: Eyal 050-2054580

Here is the flier with further information:



We are organizing a collection of aid and equipment supplies badly needed in these difficult days. This operation is with the co-operation of many International bodies as well as Israelis and Palestinians all joining together for this very important goal. We are working with one common wish: -to allow those alive – the right to live. We are talking about tens of thousands of displaced and helpless people, without running water, electricity, blankets, milk for babies or reasonable sanitation means. Thousands of children without blankets, or food. Or in simple language, FOOD, WATER AND WARM COVERS. A widespread collection and donation project is being organized at four different centers in the country.

All who can help by donation please contact one of these centers.

For all inquiries, please call
HADAS BALAS 054-3168878
LEE ZIV 050-7245050

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • arent you forgetting the fact that before the war israel imposed a blockade on gaza, it was as severe as the blockade on iraq from 91 to 2003

    gazans couldnt even import anti cancer drugs or other vital medicine, now you are trying to be humanitarians?

    thank god for the tunnels, those were all life lines, the gazans also made engines that could run on cooking gas, and fat americans complain about oil,lol

    do you know why the palestinians are eventually going to win?

    its because they are willing to sacrifice more, face the facts they have no friends and no money yet they have forced israel to concede land because of israels demographic fears, they have also faced check points, walls,military strikes, random arrests, depleted uranium,missiles from f-16s,settler thugs

    how much did the jews sacrifice to protect their temple when the greeks came???

    not a lot, jews in israel will never endure the hardship or suffering faced by palestinians, you are all “cosmopolitan urban elite”, you rely on the arabs as an object of hatred to unify you, the fact is

    you want all arabs to be like the beduins,docile,servile,grovelling beduins who allow israelis to take pictures for a few dollars,

    and by the way, i can post the story about the palestinian boy who drowned after saving a jewish childs life in the sea, or the story of the palestinian man who donated his sons organs to a jewish family, who didnt even want their child who was saved to be friends with arabs, they later apologized.

    and ck it isnt a widespread campaign, just a few bleeding heart israelis who will donate a few old clothes and some food.

  • why do jewish tourists go to the sinai?

    you have universal access to america and europe, arent those places better than egypt?

    how would you feel if arab tourists visited israel?
    you wouldnt feel good, so please dont visit any arab country and stick to america and europe,

    american and european airports shouldnt also allow arabs to enter their respective countries, this will stop all lousy foreign exchanges.We have nothing to offer each other, arab countries only supply 8% of america’s oil.

  • Duh! I know CTC!! You are so right! There really is no end to Jewish duplicity! That reminds me of that story about that Jewish guy who did that thing that was bad to that other guy. I have the link! Those Jews….

  • hahahah, ck you are funny, you remind me of my cousin(you look like him, but with paler skin)

    the point i was trying to make is that israel cant be two things at once, you cant declare gaza a war zone and then declare it to be a humanitarian interest and then bomb them and then……..

    you get the point, would you feel good if neo nazis offered money and food to poor jews?(yes there are poor jews)

  • so far i have been an asshole in this blog, i admit, and i know you guys dont give a shit on what i have to say or do, but what the hell, i am going to post what i feel should be the future of the middle east

    israel should give the human rights it gives its arab citizens to the palestinians, you dont have to give them voting rights, just give them human rights, like no random arrests and equal punishment for settler thugs

    also remove the check points and connect gaza to the west bank,palestinians dont even have the freedom to move into their own terrotories, no one is asking the israelis to allow them into israeli cities, also build the fence in israeli land, not in palestinian land

    you say that america built the fence around the mexico border, but did america build the fence in mexican villages??

    and the last thing, many palestinians want to leave palestine, they have even received scholarships into foreign universities but they have been prevented from leaving. by israel, and israel didnt even charge them with terrorism, so whats the problem?

    its because israel forces them to act as informants

    if you can trust the israeli arabs(who are ethnically the same people), if you can trust the egyptians with over a thousand american tanks and planes over 30 years, then israel should trust the gazans when they say that they will recognize israel if israel gives them their rights

    sorry for spamming your blog.

    peace to all

  • Arab tourists wouldn’t be welcome? How about they come and then decide, they’ll be surprised. Assuming Israelis racists based on ridiculing their action that help an Arab state, show that they don’t mind visiting Egypt is utterly ridiculous.

    This horrible blockade was so awful that thousands and thousands of tons of many kinds of staple foods, medical equipment, food, etc were trucked into Gaza. Truly, the incendiary Israelis only allowed those trucks into Gaza to keep the Gazans alive in order to continue torture them.

  • LB israel allowed less than the bare minimum,thousands of tons of food isnt enough for 1.5 million people, do the maths

    also gaza wasnt allowed to import many vital medicine, i am not making these facts up, its been confirmed by everyone

    only the tunnels kept the people alive,

    why dont you try to live with the bare minimum, and americans are the most fattest people on earth, they wouldnt live without a cheese burger

    as for arab tourists, are you crazy, if they visit israel they would be attacked by israelis, i have seen the hebron riots, if an arab guy eats at an israeli restaurant and he is wearing arab clothes, he will most probably be treated harshly, tourists dont want unfriendly places.

    many gazans have died due to lack of dialysis fluids due to renal failure, gaza wasnt allowed to import it, what medical equipments?

    you need more than gloves and syringes, you also need anaesthetics and antibiotics, i have seen with my own eyes as patients screaming with pain due to lack of anaesthetics, and this was before the war, only god knows how much they have suffered due to the war.

    during the iraq war i have kept in contact with iraqi doctors and they have told me the pain iraqis suffered during the war, americans and neocons and all war profiteering people are all animals, pure and simple, and like the mongolians, america will be history

    the bloody mongolians cut a swathe across the world, so did the americans

    do you know which country in the world is the worlds most bombed country???………its not germany or iraq or japan or vietnam

    its a little asian country called Laos, they were bombed for 7 years straight by the US and the US didnt even declare war on them, they were bombed just because the americans didnt want communists to hide there, what the fuck is that??

    go to laos today and see the effect, i am not an anti semite, and yes i am harassing this blog, i just feel too strongly about american interference, you had 9/11 for one day, the country of laos had 9/11 for 7 straight years.

  • the Guardian reported, on Wednesday 3rd December 2008, that Laos was hit by an average of one B-52 bomb-load every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, between 1964 and 1973. US bombers dropped more ordnance on Laos in this period than was dropped during the whole of the second world war. Of the 260m “bombies” that rained down, particularly on Xieng Khouang province, 80m failed to explode, leaving a deadly legacy.)[2]

    80 million bombs failed to explode, thank you america, for fighting a useless war and making the lives of laotian villagers a living nightmare, yeah america is blessed by god all right

    fucking animals

  • Wow. I am not going to respond to your lies anymore after this. But – since you bring it up – I don’t care who confirmed what -the amount of food, supplies and VITAL medicine was more than sufficient – and I know this FIRST HAND. Furthermore, Israel is not responsible to supply those who clearly act and define themselves as its enemy – yet we do so nonetheless. AND where is Egypt?

    You honestly believe that a Jew in the midst of an Arab city has a lesser chance of being attacked than an Arab in Jewish city – then you are deluding yourself even more. Funny you should bring up murderous riots in Hebron. 1920, 1921, 1929 mean anything to you?

    Finally, you bring up Laos – there is no comparison whatsoever. At all. It’s not like Israel has been carpet bombing Egypt (or anyone else at all) for years in order to catch Palestinians who try to escape. And I’ve been to Laos.

    You are nothing but a liar, and I will not waste my time on you any longer.

    On another note – Jewlicious – can someone please start moderating comments – this spamming is ridiculous, and in my view, does not really contribute to the site.

  • Uh oh, CTC, it turns out that your spamming really is bothering people. It seems your shallow knowledge of the topic and Al Jazeera newsbytes don’t carry much weight around here.

    By the way, were you serious that the Quran is a scientific book and the Torah isn’t?

  • LB i said america is responsible for the bombing of laos, and i mentioned laos because it shows america isnt as innocent as it claims

    themiddle i am serious, and once again i am sorry for spamming, i tend to get angry sometimes, i can be a jerk

    themiddle the holy quran mentions the universe is expanding, this is in contrast to the earlier theories where people thought that the universe was constant, but thanks to modern science it has been proven true

    also the holy quran describes the human embryo in extraordinary detail, remember the microscope wasnt discovered at that time, also the holy quran mentions that mountains and land move away from each other, which has been also been proven by modern science., its called continental shift
    as for the laws regulating eating and sexual behavior, well its similar to the torah so you cant criticise that

    people complain that the holy quran is repetitive, well thats because people forget god, so the best way to be religious is to be repetitive, like praying 5 times a day.

    the torah contains contradictions and you know it themiddle

    themiddle keith L. moore who is considered one of the greatest embryologists confirmed that the holy qurans description of the embryo is scientific and amazing considering the microscope was invented much later

    i can post the verses from the holy quran but something tells me you guys will ban me from this site if i do so

  • Oh, looks like we’ve got another spammer.

    CTC, your Quran was clearly ahead of its time and we know that Muslim scientists were very influential in the 10th-12th centuries. However, in the past century, the Jewish people, with only 14 million people, have won a large percentage of the Nobel prizes. The Muslims, with 1.2 billion people, have won a handful. The same goes for other major prizes such as Pritzker (architecture) and Wolf (mathematics).

    To what do you attribute this discrepancy, since your Quran had the head start on embryology?

  • all right CTC. If you have a point to make, then make it. In one post. Your point ought to be on topic and that ought to be your rule rather than your exception. You are allowed to disagree with us of course – that’s not the point, but back to back to back posts on peripheral issues is just dumb and while I’ve never banned anyone, and I am loathe to do it, your freedom of speech ends where my uh… nose begins. So stop being a nuisance. You are welcome to comment but do it with a modicum of, you know, restraint. You can consider this your final warning.

  • Hey CTC, do you see the comment 4 above this one by ” Supporting civilian victims of Israeli warfare is okay when Dan Sieradski isn’t doing it | Orthodox Anarchist.” He’s got a really popular website and he’s a very astute thinker who has expressed both support and criticism of Israel over the years. You may wish to try his blog on for size for a while. He may even know a couple of available Jewish women who are looking for a thin, hairy, devout Muslim commentator who likes to cuddle.

  • ok ck,

    themiddle arab scientists werent prominent before islam, mecca and medina were important trading posts but they were not centres of learning, so it was impossible for arabs to know about such science, not to mention the microscope wasnt invented yet, so the phenomenons described in the holy quran could not have been obtained from any existing knowledge, proving it was god who was the source

    arab scientists were prominent years after the holy quran was disseminated, so saying arab scientists were responsible is wrong,

    furthermore arabs concentrated on science , but sadly after the mongolian conquests,plagues,crusades and the turkish conquests arabs lost steam.

    the plague wiped out the city of cairo in its peak, the mongolians destroyed baghdad when it was the most advanced city in the world and crusaders destroyed the library of tripoli

    the arabs couldnt reestablish the trading routes because of new civilizations and mongolian dominance and not to mention the rise of the european navies, but that didnt mean other muslim civilizations declined, the east and south asia prospered but declined during the british period but they are growing again, like indonesia and malaysia.

    as for nobel prize winners, i know you are not gonna believe me but muslim scientists dont receive the same recognition and funding compared to western and jewish scientists, and singapore and singaporeans are more advanced and successful and more wealthy compared to the jews, does that mean they are better than the jews?

    the ancient romans who oppressed the jews had more scientists, so did the ancient greeks

    themiddle today the arabs in america are not backwards,they are well educated and wealthy,even richer than the average american, their average income is 59000 dollars, well above the national average of 42000(for the jews it is 75000 but they had a head start in america) considering the fact that many of them are recent immigrants, they did a good job

    also the palestinian diaspora in south america, both christians and muslims are successful, christians are more successful in politics in south america

    countries like malaysia and UAE, even tunisia, may hold the key asfuture models for egypt,palestine,syria,yemen,jordan

    and arabs are steroetyped as not caring about education, which is wrong, look at how palestinian students study under harsh conditions, i doubt that other people could do the same

    if arabs were a bunch of brainless clods, then gazans would not have been able to build car engines that run on cooking oil.

    jews in the past century were persecuted, they had to be successful and influential to survive.

    the arab diaspora has many successful people, they fit into societies where they resemble physically the race of their hosts,like south america and in USA they had good educational opportunities so they succeeded.

    i dont know how they are in europe though.

  • LB — your knowledge of the amount of food and medicine necessary for 1.5 million people is “first hand”?

    Enlighten us. How much is sufficient?

  • gotta add one more thing, sorry ck

    the mongolian destruction of baghdad also destroyed the jewish community there, so did the plagues,

    the mongolians also destroyed the persian empire, which meant that a large proportion of middle eastern jews were wiped out, so the european jews became the dominant ethnic group.

    it took a very very long time for arab population to recover, but by that time the turks dominated.

    arabs fought against the turks for independence, so that shows they care about their land and identity, the image of arabs as a nomadic careless people is false, urban arabs have always dominated the political and cultural scene, nomads and beduins do not constitute the true arabs, they are just the part of the arab body.

    the arabs dont want to be treated as a relic, like the beduins,israelis will only see arabs at best as noble savages and at worst as squatters

    Moshe Feiglin once said that arabs dont live in deserts, they create them, which is false, look at libya, they are an arab country but they created the largest water body in the hottest desert,they libyans call it a man made river and it is admired around the world proving moshe feiglin wrong,people have been predicting the demise of arabs for centuries, but the fact is the arabs are not gonna die out or “convert”.

  • It’s nice to see you on the defensive, CTC. Nobody said that Arabs are “clods.” I was merely getting tired of your “Islam is superior to Judaism” spiel.

  • KFJ – I don’t know the exact figures, but having worked with the relevant parties involved in the transfer of goods (NGOs as well as Israeli officials), I can say that NGOs were not limited in the amounts of supplies brought into Gaza, and reports by ICRC (usually not published in the press) always warned of an impending humanitarian crisis, that miraculously never materialized for years of this “siege.”

  • Define “worked with the relevant parties” please. As in, you asked your IDF buddy who worked at the checkpoint doesn’t count. That’s not an expert.

    You’re not being very transparent here. Thus, I call your bullshit. You know nothing except IDF press releases.

    Shame, I was hoping for reality.

  • KFJ – It’s not asking my “IDF buddy who worked at the checkpoint.” I know these things from inside. Deep inside. Not revealing anymore. And I’m sorry my online anonymity is more important to me than your wishes for “transparency.”

    You call bullshit simply because you don’t like what I said. Well, sorry again, but you’re just going to have live with that.

  • Oh gag.

    I would dearly love to believe what you say, LB, because I care for the well-being of my friends in Gaza. But the evidence — the news coming out of Gaza, the first-hand accounts of Israeli NGOs, not to mention Gaza NGOs, plus the folks I know — is to the contrary.

    Just because I enjoy poking holes in your attempts to defend Israel’s harpooned credibility on these matters, do please explain what you see as “humanitarian crisis” because I think your criteria would have be a second Shoah. Of course, I imagine you consider the slow rocketing of Sderot of utmost crisis propotion, meanwhile the densest population beneath $2/day is Gaza doesn’t classify. Your dupliciousness is obvious.

  • So you don’t believe me. Big whoop. And you actually are pulling the “my buddy who works/lives at X” told me so. So much for intellectual honesty.

    The NGOs THEMSELVES are the ones that keep saying “stop, there’s almost a humanitarian crisis,” but save for the latest operation in Gaza – they never actually called it that. It’s not my definition – it’s your beloved, oh-so-honest NGOs.

    That picture of Lauren Booth in the store in Gaza is beyond telling – if the stores are well-stocked, then Israel must be doing something else wrong. I don’t know what it is, yet, but I’m sure someone will come up with something.

    And oh, will you people please stop with the bullshit of “Gaza is the most densely populated place in the world”? Even Tel Aviv is more densely populated.

  • You people? You mean, those of us who base our arguments on publicly available facts? My bad. Wikipedia something to your defense, please.

    No, no, the people I rely on for advice work for NGOs there like Gisha, the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement. Hardly my war buddy who knows nothing.

  • Gaza not even CLOSE to the most crowded place – http://www.spectator.co.uk/stephenpollard/631851/gaza-is-not-too-crowded.thtml

    Last time – it’s not from my “war buddy” – it’s from me (actually having been involved in talking to the NGOs face-to-face, and not in the press, actually been involved in the coordination of the supplies that enter Gaza). I am not going to respond here anymore, I’ve had enough. By you people, I mean anti-Israel. People who cannot stand to see Israel defend itself. Cannot stand to see a Jewish state, because it might offend their friends with too much liberal guilt. Yes, that is exactly what you are. Deny it all you want. I couldn’t care less. But I’m not responding to this anymore.

  • Except you’re obviously not a professional. Did you drive a truck? Take pictures for the propoganda corps? You’ve not been able to profer any way of measuring how much food people need per thousand heads, medicine, etc. You’ve offered photos as evidence. A photo, excuse me.

    You must consider anyone anti-Israel who disagrees with you. I’ve worked for two Israeli organizations, my present of which does development work in Israel proper. I head up a pro-Israel advocacy group in NYC. By your standards, Tzipi Livni and Shimon Peres must be anti-Israel. C’mon, question my patriotism again. You’re proving to be Likud talking points.

    By enough, you mean I have backed you into a corner. Somebody else please back up LB.

  • What do you mean, “back up?” You’ve berated him but haven’t offered any evidence of anything. With all due respect, NGOs are just as apt to misrepresent facts as anybody else. In fact, they have a great self-interest in doing so.

  • KFJ – I’ve had enough because you have not responded to a single thing I’ve said except called me liar. I’ve responded point by point (except for revealing my identity), and you simply don’t like my answers, so you accuse me a lying. Great tactic. Ad hominem attacks, without responding to actual content is not something I feel I need to respond to.

    No, I don’t consider everyone who disagrees with me anti-Israel. Not at all. However, someone who cannot see Israel as doing anything right, someone who likes to only see black and never even gray, who takes at their word those who attack Israel, but anything from a pro-Israel stance is automatically suspect (propaganda corps??) – that person is anti-Israel.

    P.S. Attacking someone by calling them “pro-Likud” or saying they are just using “Likud talking points” shows an utter lack of the most basic understanding of Israeli politics.

  • LB just because gaza has a few well stocked stores doesnt mean they arent suffering.

    even in famine struck north korea they had a few well stocked stores.

    and LB did you live in gaza?, did you eat the rations the gazans ate?

    did you live without electricity and water as the gazans did?

    did you try to smuggle medicines for your sick father by going through a hot and cramped tunnel faering that it might collapse any moment?

    did you try to go to the west bank by using idf check points?

    the answer to all of the above questions is no, so how the hell do you know how much suffering constitutes a humanitarian crisis?

    if israelis lived without orange juice for a few days, it would be a crisis for you guys.

    but if gazans suffer anything, you say “oh its nothing, it not like its a concentration camp or anything”

    that is no excuse for prolonging their suffering is it,
    how the hell would you feel if i said the jews in the concentration camps received more nutrition than the african refugees in congo????

    did you know that even today millions around the world
    receive less food than what the jews received in the camps?

    does that mean the jews didnt suffer??

    ofcourse they suffered, they suffered very badly, the point i am trying to make is that you can judge or estimate what constitutes suffering

    america today are going through a tough economic crisis and millions are losing their homes, but compared to the hungry people world wide, they still have a good life, so does that mean their suffering doesnt count because they havnt suffered the worst?

    try sleeping on the ground in the winter near your bombed out house and try to live without your daily comforts and maybe you will understand what suffering is.

  • To wit, LB, Gisha reported in the JTA today:

    Citing what they said were more than 300,000 people still without access to running water, sewage running in the streets and 200,000 people still without electricity for the 25th day, the groups said in a statement, “Israel itself brought the humanitarian systems in Gaza to the brink of collapse — and then gave them the final push. The tremendous number of injured — over 5,000 — requires substantial investment in rehabilitation. It is incumbent upon Israel to allow the movement of people and goods into and out of the Gaza Strip.”

    Nineteen Israeli NGOs issued joint statements and petitioned the government together. I don’t think these are anti-Israel groups. But you’re welcome to characterize them however your worldview sees loyal dissent. Perhaps anti-Israel is indeed your only option.

  • It’s pretty despicable that with 1200 dead men, women & children in Gaza, the story is how the brave southern Israelis, defending themselves against attacks by sugar rockets against the barbarian savages, still find it in their hearts to give aid to these animals.

  • would you let a jewish orphan vacation in a 5 hotel near a neo nazi neighborhood?

  • the doctor from gaza who had a press conference in the hospital was almost attacked by a jewish guy, it proves no palestinian arab is safe their, god knows what you would have done to the orphan, probably would have picked on the poor kid, you guys are jerks and a bunch of bullies

  • There is a word for offering aid to an enemy during time of war. The word is treason. Did these individuals do anything for the children of Sderot for the two years when that city was the most bombed city on the planet? Do these lunatics realize that they are giving comfort to the very women and children who come to murder Jews daily. Who celebrate the bombing of our homes and cities? The same people who celebrated when seventeen people were murdered at Sbarro in Yerushalyim?
    These individuals are treasonous. They should have their citizenship revoked. Spit them out. They are beyond redemption.

  • Menachem – “these” people are from Sderot. They had rockets fall on them. Have you ever been to Sderot? Do you realize what an act of rachmanut it is for people from Sderot to return rocket fire with kindness? This was such an apolitical campaign. The notion was simply that there are people that are cold, and innocent children that are hungry. We don’t have much to spare but here it is.

    I dunno Menachem. I can understand your anger and all, but dude – how else do you go about turning an enemy into something more benign? You have better ideas that don’t involve wholesale slaughter or the commission of war crimes? I’m all ears. In the meantime, the 7 truckloads of humanitarian aid represented a nice gesture.