Who Couldn’t Have Seen This Coming Part II?

Those tricky Israelis. Those dastardly Jews. Throughout Operation Cast Lead, Israeli propagandists and apologists kept insisting that theirs was a war against Hamas Terror and not against the residents of Gaza. Now comes news that a grass roots initiative, launched by Qassam battered residents of the South, seeks to collect urgently needed humanitarian materials to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza. Is there no end to their hubris? Have these genocidal maniacs no shame?

Those of you wishing to participate in this sham may contact Hadas Balas, a student at Sderot’s Sapir College, at 054-3168878 or peace activist Lee Ziv at 050-7245050. Ziv stated that:

“There is no connection to politics,” said Ziv. “We don’t represent a side, we just see an immediate need for blankets for people who have nothing to cover them at night and milk for infants who have nothing to eat.”

Those of you not in Israel wishing to participate in this obvious attempt to derail Palestinian national ambitions may make a donation to this nefarious campaign via our PayPal account (all major credit cards accepted) using the following button:

All sums will be remitted to Hadas and Lee. Please try and make your donation as soon as possible as the first shipment is going out on Wednesday. Click on the link below for more detailed information care of Oleh Girl (thanks Yael!):

How YOU can help the civilian victims of Hamas in Gaza:
Blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags, tents
Dry foods: Flour, sugar, salt, mineral water, pulses, hummus, lentils rice, powered milk, tea, tinned beef (luf), Tuna
Hygienic products: detergent dish soap, body soaps, washing powder, cloth diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, house cleaning agents, underwear, shampoo
Baby products : Disposable diapers all sizes ,cloth diapers ,maternal and all other baby milk formulas, powered milk
large plastic sheeting
Additional way of donation, is buy buying a blanket for 5 shekels: Call SARAH 0542297791 for details on how to donate a blanket from afar in this way

The collection will continue until the 21st of January at 14.00, when the equipment will be taken by Lorries to the Gaza crossing, where it will be transferred to the U.N.W.R.A. Lorries, the only ones working in Gaza at the present.

Where to bring/send the items:
There are four collection points across the country:

Ken Bakaa – Shomer Hatsair branch
Rechov Harakevet 57 (next to the Moshava)
Days: Sun. Mon. Teus. Between 17. 00 –20.00
Contact: LEV 052-4840697

Rechov Abarbanel 5 (next to Honda) in the alley
Days: Sat Eve. Sun. Mon. Teus.- between 17.00 – 20.00
Contact: TIMOR 050-6886873

Bet Hachesed 6 .
Rechov Pal Yam next to Kiryat Hamemshala
Days: Fri. -8.00- 17.00 Mon. Teus. Wed. Between 17.00 – 20.00
Contact: ELIAS 04-8666235

Days: Sun. Mon. Teus. Wed. between 09:00-19:00
Contact: Eyal 050-2054580

Here is the flier with further information:



We are organizing a collection of aid and equipment supplies badly needed in these difficult days. This operation is with the co-operation of many International bodies as well as Israelis and Palestinians all joining together for this very important goal. We are working with one common wish: -to allow those alive – the right to live. We are talking about tens of thousands of displaced and helpless people, without running water, electricity, blankets, milk for babies or reasonable sanitation means. Thousands of children without blankets, or food. Or in simple language, FOOD, WATER AND WARM COVERS. A widespread collection and donation project is being organized at four different centers in the country.

All who can help by donation please contact one of these centers.

For all inquiries, please call
HADAS BALAS 054-3168878
LEE ZIV 050-7245050

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