Just how is he spending Citgo petrodollars

Just how is he spending Citgo petrodollars

The news from Caracas today was sad. Armed thugs broke into one of the oldest synagogues in Venezuela’s capital, overpowered guards, desecrated and vandalized the property and Torahs, and scrawled anti Jewish and political messages on the walls. The synagogue is Tiferet Israel, a Sephardic rite synagogue in the Maripérez district of Caracas. This occurred after Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, called Israel a criminal nation, and expelled Israel’s Ambassador, Shlomo Cohen. In response to the expulson, Israel told Venezuela’s Ambassador to Israel that they must also leave. Hundreds of demonstrators supported President Hugo Chavez’s decision to expel Israeli ambassador. They hurled shoes, and not even stylish ones, at Israel’s embassy building in Caracas, and some sprayed swastikas on a Caracas synagogue.

Although the Venezuelan government was quick to condemn the attack on the synagogue today, saying that maybe it was done to embarrass Chavez, and said they would find the criminals and prosecute them, they surprisingly added a condemnation of Israel to their press release, thus linking the two events. There are about 15,000 people who identify as Jewish in Venezuela

Beatriz Rittigstein, a member of CAIV, said that it is perverse that the government which must protect Jewish Venezuelans is also the invisible hand behind the attacks.

As for me, I will avoid CITGO and their pal, J. P. Kennedy II

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  • I am from Venezuela and after I heard this terrible news I felt so sad and horrify. I cannot comprehend how this is happening and furthermore how the leaders of the Jewish community in Venezuela are not speaking out.

    It is well known that Chavez’s regime is 100% antisemitic…I mean, what do we expect from a guy that kisses Ahmadinejad and invites him to have some coffee with him, and on top of that supplies him with uranium for a nuclear bomb? Many leaders of the Venezuelan Jewish community are making business with the government and taking advantage of all that they can. They are forgetting about the reality and gravity of the problem just because right now they are making a few bucks. It is a lack of self respect and Jewish pride and identity to do what many of the Venezuelan Jews are doing. We must never forget that we are Jews first of anything.

    Am Yisrael Chai!!!! Moshiach NOW!!!!!

  • Maybe this is the kind of thing that will get Joe Kennedy and Bill Delahunt to stop shilling for Chavez. Then again, maybe not.

  • In related news, Dr. Goebbels has issued a press release denying any official involvement with Kristallnacht.

  • The post did not illuminate the involvement of JPKII with Venezuala and/or Chavez. I saw a link, but it led me nowhere.

    As my high school english teacher used to request: Expatiate, please.

  • Yeah, but we’d lose those lucrative sales of advanced weapons to Colombia.

  • Citgo in Lagrange, Illinois has posted in their business Anti-Israel propaganda on counter. I will not be using Citgo services in the future.

  • “The post did not illuminate the involvement of JPKII with Venezuala and/or Chavez. I saw a link, but it led me nowhere.”

    You never saw the commercial where he went on and on about “the good people of Venezuela and Citgo” providing reduced cost heating oil? Call 1-800-JOE4OIL…


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