On nearly a dozen recorded days since 2005, Manhattan and its Upper West Side has smelled like maple syrup or French toast. It has been a mystery. Was it bio terrorism? Was it a refinery in New Jersey? Or was it just the winds from New Jersey? Well, the mystery has been solved. It is, allegedly, Israelis in New Jersey.

Maple syrup smell from an Israeli factory?

Maple syrup smell from an Israeli factory?

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that the odor is being emitted by a factory owned by Frutarom, which processes Fenugreek seeds and other items into flavors and fragrances. The source of the odor is tied to an ester derived from the Fenugreek, also known in Hebrew as Hilbeh, seed processing. Founded in 1933, Frutarom is based in Haifa, and has a facility in North Bergen, NJ in the USA. Its majority shareholder is ICC Industries. Frutarom is known for its floral, green, fruity, rosy, herbal, fresh, citrus, spicy, woody, melon, honey, mint, sandalwood, musk, and jasmine odors, but no mention was given to “maple.”

In other unrelated news of Israelis in the world, check your hometown in the coming weeks for Israeli racing teams who are part of a new tv show. HaMerotz LaMillion is a takeoff of “The Amazing Race,” now in its 12th season in North America> IT will be broadcast in Israel on Reshet Bet Channel 2 TV. It is estimated that the production will spend $5 million.



Ten couples will compete for 1 Million NIS. Competitors will include two Tel Aviv night club owners (Shai Kahane and Guy Ossidon), and 2 Israeli beauty queens (Elena Ralph and Liran Kohner). There are also two elderly kibbutzniks (Hannah and Margalit), an engaged heterosexual couple, a stepfather and stepdaughter (Gil and Tom), and two childhood friends (Asher and Maor). One can expect lots of fights and tears, an epiphany or two, and scenes of Israelis traveling abroad in a way for which Israelis are famous. Do I mean shopping?
Guy v' ShaiIsraeli Beauty Queens
The first episode starts in Tel Aviv, where the teams fly to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and the teams must drag a log in Kragga Kamma Game Park and carry a bowl of fruit on their heads in Nomathamsanqa. If you enjoy the idea of boiling down a country to a single cultural perception (and a souvenir), then this is your kind of show, or at least my kind of show.

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  • This is yet another sickening example of Jews thinking they are above the law when it comes to making money. Then they turn around and say “Nu, what’s the problem, why does everyone hate us?” Frutarom owes the state Dept. of Environmental Protection almost 1/2 million dollars in fines for polluting a tributary of the Hackensack River and releasing pollutants into nearby Bellmans Creek, as well as 58 water violations. It’s not NJ that’s noxious, its the Jews polluting it.

  • Um Chutzpah, tone down the antisemitism. This isn’t the first company, organization or group to do something like this. Plenty of non-Jewish enterprises have done the same and worse.

  • Fuck environmental polluters, fuck Jewish environmental polluters whose products have kosher certification with a kosher carrot. Double-fuck the Rabbis who grant the kosher certification while watching the pollution taking place. This company has been accused of altering safety equipment without permission. Just because the “goyim do the same and worse” doesn’t excuse these people for helping to stink up NJ. Let them go back to Israel and make a stink there.

  • Gee. I was going to post something about peanut butter, but I think someone will write a response the an evil Jew once sold them a peanut butter sandwich and they got a stomach ache.

    Or I was going to post something about a fun trip to a concert in New Jersey, but a person might post a reply that an Israeli visitor used a public toilet before them at a rest stop and forgot to flush well enough for their taste, and that they should be deported.

    The last I saw, the company is publicly traded and owned, and happens to be headquartered in Israel with plants worldwide. The majority share is owned by a Forbes rated chemical company on Park Avenue in Manhattan. It is similar to that other evil publicly owned firm, General Electric, which was cited for dumping PCB’s, but no one singled them out for wrath. I guess there is a special place in some people’s gallbladders for firms based in Israel.

    If an international mutiinational firm has a production and research plant in the USA and employs US workers, it is because American consumers are demanding ingredients/products from them. If the market cost is not equal to the social cost of the production, then seek out some legislation and enforcement.

    As for kashrut certification policies of some agencies, you are perfectly free to start your own certification
    agency which rates companies and their outputs and products based on more than how a chicken is killed or whether non kosher products were used. A new hecksher can include whether the firm is ‘green,’ whether they pay for maternity and paternity leaves, if they have onsite childcare, if they offer health insurance including dental and psychiatric treatments to workers and their legally recognized or unrecognized partners, whether they pollute, if they offer free cologne to visitors and workers in the rest rooms, if they allow for collective bargaining and unionization of workers, or a myriad of other policies.

  • No Chutzpah, fuck those who single out Jews for doing things that non-Jews do. Nobody is excusing the actions of Frutarom. What I am doing is telling you that just because they did something improper and they’re Jewish, this doesn’t give you carte blanche to attack Jews.

  • Just out of curiosity, why are you even trying to communicate with “it”? Do you really believe you’ll manage to educate “it”?

  • Hila. U r right, it is like talking to Jimmy Carter. No way to change someone’s mind. They don’t listen. They have their worldview.

  • Hila,I’m not an “it”. You must be one of those Jews that see non-Orthodox Jews as an “it”.

    Let me know when Jews start doing something redeeming and being a light unto the nations, in the meanwhile, I’m going to read the client list of all the greedy Jews who wanted in on Madoff’s ponzi scheme. They deserved to lose the money, they invested more than the insured amount.

    As for “heckser” schemes, they all include graft and payola.

    If you’d like me to list acts of corruption that Jews do that goyim do not, I need a few extra hours.

  • Well actually, Chutzpah, since you bring it up, obviously out of ignorance, I suggest you look at lists of the top individual donors in this country. You will find that a disproportionate number of them are Jews. Then, if you look at research about where Jewish philanthropists are contributing their money, especially their largest gifts, you will learn that the vast bulk go to universal causes not Jewish ones.

    You sound like Stormfront. I’m embarrassed for you.

  • We are a magnet for antisemites because we’re called Jewlicious and some people consider it sport to come here and challenge the Jews.

    However, Chutzpah is a different story. She is angry at the Jewish community because certain parts of it have essentially ruined her personal life. Over the years, she has expressed greater hostility towards particularly elements of Orthodox Jewry, but it seems she’s having a really bad weekend right now. She’s into outright antisemitism. I’m assuming one of her Orthodox-raised children came home and said something disturbing, but really, nothing excuses the nasty generalizations she’s making.

  • I have been reading Jewlicious for 5 years now. Originally I was interested in the Jewish singles scene, but now I visit to learn about Jewish youth culture.

    Larry’s post pointed out that Israeli’s were acting in a criminal manner in my backyard. What was I supposed to say? “Yeah, the Jews are doing the same misdeeds as the Executives at GE ! We’re finally equal!” If the post was about GE dumping PCB’s I would have written something like…”damn, what can I do to protest GE? It stinks”.

    The post singled out a corporation managed by Jews for attention because it made hundreds of New Yorkers and people in NJ uncomfortable with its pollution. I then learned that the Company brags about the high level of Kosher standards it maintains while creating this pollution. Please tell me how anger at this situation is anti-semitic because I don’t see it as something to be proud of. I also think that Rabbis who go in to check for the kashrus of ingredients have an obligation to report when they see safety equipment altered or improper dumping. They didn’t see it because they had their heads too deep in their Gemorrahs. I strongly believe that Mashgiach’s are paid to turn a blind eye. Maybe I’m wrong, but the Maschgiach’s at Rubaskin’s seemed to have missed a few things.

    I’m embarrassed of all of you that defend Frutarom simply because it’s executives are members of the tribe.

  • Chutzpah – No one is defending them for any reason, whatsoever. You, however, have decided to single them out, and characterized this as “yet another sickening example of Jews thinking they are above the law when it comes to making money.” Antisemitic remark, pure and simple.

    “What was I supposed to say?” Millions of other things. 1. More oversight is necessary in the US. 2. More oversight is necessary in the Jewish community, with regards to places with a hekhsher. 3. Good thing they were identified – maybe this will prevent future polluters. And the list goes on. Saying that this is one of many examples where JEWS think they are above the law simply because of Jewish greed, is not.

  • Ok, would it be more politically correct if I qualified my statement by adding the word “SOME” before “Jews” in the sentence so it would read “This is yet another sickening example of SOME Jews thinking they are above the law when it comes to making money.”

    And, ok, I will add “Good thing those greedy Jews were identified, maybe this will prevent future legal violations in the name of Kashurus”

  • No, it wouldn’t. Not at all. You’re still singling out Jews maliciously. While Jewlicious did so for the sake of humor, you’re just pointing and saying “Look! (Some) Evil Jews!”

    And in the name of Kashrut? Why was this in the name of Kashrut? It was in the name of business. In what way did any pollution advance Kashrut? Who said the pollution was for Kashrut? The fact that they have a Hekhsher is only marginally related to the issue. Very marginally.


    Funny? Something to be proud of?

  • Once again, you’ve missed the point entirely. No one thinks the situation is really funny. They were wrong, and I’m not trying to cover up anything they did. The issue here is you – you made singled out Jews, for doing something that you classified as “there go the Jooz again, being all greedy and not giving a damn about the world, so long as theys gets their moneys.”

    You were wrong. Your racism showed through. Too bad.

  • Chutzpah, we’ve “known” each other on this board for years. You know I call it like it is and you know that I’ve stood up for you on many occasions. Please listen when I ask you to back away from this fight because I really don’t enjoy and don’t want to hammer away at you about this. It happened. You were having a bad day and things spilled over into here. Fine. From what I know from our site after all these years, you have earned your rage at your community. In this discussion, however, if it wasn’t you across me, by now I’d be trotting out the “treat-the-antisemite-like-dirt” wagon. Let’s see this for an aberration and go back to having fun.

  • yes…how ’bout some of those photos of the hot male israeli soldiers more often?

  • These israelis are giving jews a bad name everywhere. I think that this israel bullshit has to stop.

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