Il Papa Can You Hear Me? Last week, Pope Benedict XVI (not to be confused with SuperBowl XLIII) rehabilitated Bishop Richard Williamson, an unrepentant Holocaust denier. Williamson has said that there is no historical evidence to prove the Holocaust occurred or that gas chambers existed.

The Pope lifted its excommunication of Williamson and three others who ran the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). British-born Williamson runs a seminary in Argentina

And now, the Pope has elevated an ultraconservative Austrian priest as a bishop in Linz. Rev. Gerhard Wagner, 54, was named to be auxiliary bishop in Linz, Austria. Wagner is famous for blaming Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans as divine retribution for the city’s acceptance of abortion and gays. He also has written that the Harry Potter series of novels leads children to Satanism.

Geee… I wonder what is next.. Can you say “Pius?”

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