I just flew from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. I’m now in Long Beach trying to reign in this juggernaut called the Jewlicious Festival. Blogging is hard work man… so David Kelsey has offered up another one of his patented guest posts, sure to stimulate lots of conversations. Once again, the disclaimer is that while I may not necessarily agree with what he says, I support his right to say it and this is an issue that we may need to address and acknowledge. So, without further ado, take it away Duvidle:

The American economy continues to devolve, with massive unemployment and underemployment furiously ravaging the American working landscape. But while much of the rest of the U.S. is wondering how they will pay their bills, our far-Left co-religionists have decided that this is a perfect time to demand that the U.S. cease and desist raids on law-breaking employers and employees who seek to skirt the labor laws our ancestors fought so hard to enact. The name of this Jewish coalition demanding (essentially) amnesty for illegals, and for giving a free reign to employers to avoid pesky details such as security checks, minimum wage, and benefits of any sort, is named, “Progress By Pesach.”

Raids on illegal worker sites are targeted for “progress,” i.e., suspension. Raids are undesirable because they create “fear,” and are “aggressive.”

But what are the purposes of these raids, and what do they accomplish, if anything? Are they indeed “failing,” as Progress By Pesach asserts?

The purpose of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids is to improve,

immigration enforcement through … focused enforcement efforts that target the most dangerous illegal aliens, worksite enforcement initiatives that target employers who defy immigration law and reducing the pull of the “jobs magnet” that draws illegal workers across the border in search of employment.

The crime and criminals stopped by ICE is hardly limited to illegal labor alone, however. Criminal activity is rarely so benign. Rather, major and minor criminals and even crime syndicates have been thwarted by these raids that Progress By Pesach seeks to end. Gangs. Human trafficking. Document and benefit fraud. And plenty of other wonderful (but unfortunately, illegal) activities.

Why on earth would any loyal citizen want to stop these raids?

In addition to ceasing and desisting raids on lawbreakers, Progress By Pesach has demanded that the U.S. offer illegal immigrants amnesty, otherwise known as a “path to citizenship.”

Why, in the midst of today’s economic meltdown, is this in the American worker’s interest?

Well, Progress By Pesach and her allies offer a singular reason for insisting the U.S. do so, and it has all the wonkishness and Talmudic scholarship of a nineteen year-old Evergreen coed who swallowed a few too many organic marijuana brownies.

The ICE must stop raids because the Jews were strangers in Egypt. That’s why. Okay? Therefore, the U.S. must stop raids at rogue employers and offer “a path to citizenship” to those who have broken U.S. law. They have until Pesach to do so. Read it here, here, and here. Or here, here, and here. Or for a similar effect, turn on a beeping alarm clock, and listen to that for eight hours.

If this were merely contained to a far-Left initiative, perhaps we could be forgiven for ignoring them. But because of our silence, and because the far-Left is as unremitting as it is self-righteous, mainstream Jewish organizations have joined them.

No less prominent than the AJC, B’nai B’rith International, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), have joined “Progress By Pesach,” to name but a few. Even the Jewish Labor Committee has apparently joined them. Perhaps they should explain how this is good for the American labor movement generally. Preferably an answer that doesn’t invoke “the stranger” — thanks in advance.

These (and other) mainstream organizations have joined the far-Left. But what is really motivating the Jewish far-Left?

Come and Hear,

The Jewish far-Left fancies Jews “people of color,” and seeks to promote other peoples of color in solidarity. While to many this ostensibly might sound quite noble (if dubious) and inclusive, on a closer look, it is quite a hostile, even hateful, position towards the majority population. Quite frankly, these far-Leftists seem to hold quite a grudge towards our white Christian countrymen, and consider them and this country to be something akin to a Jim Crow society that they seek to dismantle. Dismantle through displacement.

The Jewish Community Action claims, “Racism shapes not only individual behavior, but institutional policies and practices. In the United States, this generally harms people of color, while benefiting white people.”

JFREJ warns us that, “Racism permeates US society.”

The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs assures us that, “Jewish communities and communities of color are better able to work side by side to fight racism, poverty, and Anti-Semitism and to realize social justice.”

The JCUA works with our good friends (and fellow “people of color” of course), the Muslims, to do just that. Our natural allies. And if “Progress By Passover” succeeds, we can expect many more of them. What could be better for American Jewry than more Muslims? All the more colorful friends with whom to fight white racism, and of course, anti-semitism.

Because no one is doing more today to “fight anti-semitism” than the Muslims.

But those of us outside the far-Left might take note of a different holiday than the one in which some twist to demand the U.S. stop enforcing her borders and laws. We will arrive at the holiday of Purim,

In Megiallat Esther, commentaries note that Mordechai thwarts an attempted assassination on King Achashverus. According to many, King Achashverus was himself a major anti-semite. Why did Mordechai never the less save him from the plot?

The answer often given is that Mordechai preferred the status quo to something possibly much worse. Perhaps the next king would hate the Jews even more, and be more effective to boot.

Mordechai’s wisdom was proven again and again by those who did not follow his shrewd precedent. The conversos assassinated a troublesome inquisitor, only leading to the full brunt of the Inquisition. A Jewish anarchist wounded the tyrant Lenin, leading to the even more villainous Stalin.

But we do not live in ancient Persia, the Spanish Inquisition, or in Communist Russia. Rather, we live in the greatest Diaspora in Jewish history, the Goldene Medinah. A nation of tolerance the likes of which we have simply never experienced. Far-leftists and other Jewish victimologists will offer isolated cases of anti-Semitism and a few unfortunate policies of the past as “proof” of how the U.S. (and her majority population) is inherently anti-Semitic. Do not take these embittered fools seriously. The American Diaspora must be evaluated in the context of other Diasporas, not contrasted to a perfect utopia that (as always with the far-Left) exists only in their own minds.

Additionally, there is no mass immigration of Jewry to fight for. There are smaller pockets of potential Jewish refugees. These pockets can and should be advocated for without calling for continued mass immigration, including illegal mass immigration, of all things. If there is an emergency situation, we should address that as a separate communal concern. We need not demand the U.S. absorb millions of Muslims and those sometimes harboring various levels of Reconquista ambitions to potentially provide an exit strategy to a few thousand Jews in Venezuela, for instance. HIAS needs to be downsized, its particular Jewish immigration mission restored, and the radical Gideon Aronoff replaced with a responsible member of the Jewish community who looks out for Jewish refugees specifically. Just because there are no longer mass immigrations of Jewry to the U.S. does not mean HIAS had a mandate to expand its mission. Aronoff placed the needs of his organization over the needs of the community HIAS supposedly services. The HIAS of today has nothing to do with the HIAS of yesteryear. Do not be swayed by sentimentalism. Aronoff can get a job at the Muslim Immigrant Aid Society or the Southwest Mexican Reclamation Project. He is already effectively working for them anyway.

We have to be sensitive to our countrymen, the vast majority (of all “colors,” sorry, far-Leftists) who desperately do not want the financially destructive immigration policies of the Jewish far-Left implemented. We have a disheartening labor surplus right now, assimilating problems with some immigrant communities, and a terrifying Muslim problem everywhere in the West where they exist in significant numbers. These Muslim communities are increasingly exhibiting fundamentalist ambitions, and harboring a special rage just for us.

That a future reign by “people of color” thanks to continued mass immigration will somehow translate into as positive an American experience as we have enjoyed, never mind better, is most speculative. An impossibility, quite frankly, considering what is happening in other countries blessed with Muslim mass immigration, which these Jewish communal immolators support risking here as well.

Beneath the brandishing of “loving the stranger” as the inspiration for supporting all and every type of mass immigration—both legal and illegal–lies an implicit goal of significant demographic shifts in our population, often alluded to in obsequious references to the “strength” provided by “diversity,” and exhortations against omnipresent American “racism.” It is, essentially, a not so stealth demand by radical Jews for regime change.

And I think we have all had quite enough of that sort of thing.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I suspect those who favor “mass immigration” are better served by supporting crackdowns on illegal immigration. Too much of the illegal kind will create opposition to the legal variety, too.

  • Sorry, DK, I forgot. Further, I apologize for my lack of compassion.

  • WTF are you people asleep or what? DK is promoting an anti-immigration agenda because he claims that that is what is best for America and best for the Jews and that the mainstream Jewish orgs that disagree with him are either ignorant or simply interested in increasing the govt money they get to service a predominantly non-Jewish clientele. Well that’s what DK is saying more or less and yet? No one has anything to say on the subject? No one ants to take him to task??


  • Brilliant polemic, David.

    “Why on earth would any loyal citizen want to stop these raids?”

    Because they aren’t loyal citizens; they’re traitors. And while they are allegedly Jews, they feel no loyalty whatsoever towards Jews, or they would never support Moslems. They might as well claim, “Hitler was misunderstood.”

    And do not be fooled by the talking point about the Jews having been strangers in Egypt. There is an equally phony “Christian” counterpart. The only new aspect is in these characters claiming not to be white. (We’re not talking here about Falashas or black converts or the latters’ descendants.) White supremacist/Neo-Nazi/whatevers routinely deny that white Jews are white, and I’ve had one philo-Semite intellectual tell me the same thing, though with a different moral import, but I’ve never heard of a Jew making the same claim.

    But the rationale isn’t hard to fathom. These alleged Jews are racist, and are engaged in a genocidal race war against America’s white majority. Although white leftists have for generations encouraged blacks (and later encouraged Hispanics, as well) to wage war on whites, such calls always caused cognitive dissonance. A white guy says we should hate and kill white people?

    And now, with blacks and Hispanics comprising app. 27 percent of the country, and with the possibility, through a combination of another mass amnesty, the elimination of our southern border, massive refugee airlifts from Africa, mini-amnesties (AgJobs, guest workers, pentagon mercenaries, H-1B), etc. of bringing about a majority non-white America by 2020 or 2030, the communists/racial-socialists need to do something to distinguish themselves from the people whom they have slated for genocide, so they don’t end up hoist on their own petard. After all, they’re looking to later cash in. So, they announced that they are not white.

    They’re liars, of course. While I’m not sure if they are Jews, I have no doubt that they are as white as I am, and they are not going to fool any “persons of color,” once the bloodshed starts in earnest. And while I really don’t care if they get killed, I do want to save my country from being destroyed by their evil and stupidity, even if that policy unintentionally results in saving their hides.

  • Does anyone on the left view Jews as “people of color”? It is clear that the left views American Jews as having “white privilege.” I doubt that Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, and Susan Sontag (the white race is the cancer of history) are excluding Jews when they call for, in extreme cases, abolishing the “white race”. The Left does not hesitate to denouce Israeli Jews as racist in the conflict with the Palestians — even the Mizhrahim are viewed as “white” by the Rachel Corrie crowd.

  • I’ve said this before but haven’t said it here, so here goes.
    If the left wants to really help immigrants, they should focus on changing the law of deportation. In 1996 Clinton signed a bill that makes an alien eligible for mandatory deportation, with no relief, if he has a conviction for certain crimes and was given a one year sentence. (The law used to require a higher sentence.)
    This means that people who are here lawfully and did something criminal long ago, but have since turned themselves around, are subject to mandatory deportation, even if they have to go back to some place they’re likely to get killed.
    It’s one thing to kick out the thugs, but a lot of these people aren’t thugs.

  • It’s all the Arabs fault! And they’re coming to get us! AAAAhhhhhh, I’m terrified. So much so I’m willing to throw any sort of Jewish values of equality and justice I had out the window! weee.

  • Heh. Good one friendly reader. DK and his gang are the first to pipe up when us Zionists posit Israel as an appropriate place for Jews to settle in. No immigration issues per se here. They go on about how awesome the diaspora is and has historically been for the Jews. But the fact remains that Americans NEED immigrants. Who is going to do the work born Americans don’t want to do? Who is going to keep social security afloat? Immigration is and has always been good for America. So what, now that the some elements of Muslim immigrants might be not so good for the Jews, is that a reason to go all bat shit? Nations evolve. Come to Israel if’n you don’t like it.


  • CK, how will bringing in people who are a net burden on the treasury help to pay for social security? By “work Americans won’t do,” I assume you are referring to illegal aliens. They’ll hurt, not help, prospects for a viable social security system. http://cboblog.cbo.gov/?p=33

    And when will Israel start admitting, say, 15-20 thousand people from neighboring countries each year? The U.S. has been accepting around a million/year for many years. Is it not time for Israel to do likewise, on a scale proportional to its size? I believe it may be.

  • Uh CK, you need to re-read DK’s post. He’s talking about ILLEGAL aliens, not legal immigrants.

  • He’s talking about ILLEGAL aliens, not legal immigrants.

    No, Ichabod Chrain. There are problems as well with legal mass immigration. This is not a good time for that, and certain populations (read: People of the Koran) are a particularly bad supplier for that.

    ck, what is happening in Europe should be disconcerting. What happened in Seattle and Chicago should be a wake-up call. Instead, our communal leaders are saying we need still more.

    They are as rational as the protesting NYU students.

  • Forgive the intrusion. I am a Catholic who wandered into your site and I have a question. Is it truly the majority of the Jewish community who either accept this war on the Gentile population (and by extension, themselves) or is it, as I suspect, the Jewish leadership behaving as elites of all stripes are these days, in comlete antagonism towards the interests of its membership? I can tell you that few Catholics, unless they’re upper class liberal twits (and those are lapsed), agree with or support what the Church hierarchy is actively doing to abet mass third-world immigration. In fact we are fuming about it. So what’s the real story, among the average Jew?

  • I personally don’t believe there is a consensus regarding this topic. Maybe the author of this post can answer better than I. I’ll let him know you asked.

  • Richard, elites behave as elites in all communities, and the Jewish community is hardly the exception.

    However, the push for a mere e-petition of a measly 10,000 signatures for amnesty and an end to raids (called “Progress By Peach”) failed miserably. This is amazing, considering the backing this petition had. They got a mere 3,500. Jewlicious could probably single-handedly gather 10,000 signatures for something or other protesting something or other about how Israel was mistreated by Reuters/the U.N./some schmuck of a professor who wrote some drivel of an essay. It isn’t real hard to get Jews to sign petitions in support of something they agree with. And yet, Progress By Pesach and her many allies could not get 10,000 signatures. It’s a stunning defeat.


    Additionally, the recent attempt by HIAS based on a flawed and unfair analysis of the SPLC to essentially blacklist Dr. Stephen Steinlight, the most prominent “affiliated” critic of these ill-considered immigration policies was exposed: http://jta.org/news/article/2009/04/05/1004260/a-campaign-to-silence-or-just-providing-information

    HIAS and others will still note the very problematic push polls from 2006-7 by the AJC that are used to “prove” that the Jewish community supports heavily pro-mass immigration policies, but they simply weren’t acceptable polling procedures, because were not reasonably exhaustive. Most problematically, they did not allow for an attrition option for illegals through enforced documentation procedures (as opposed to just a ’round ’em all up right now’ option), and it is the attrition method which is preferred by far by most of us who favor immigration curtailment.

    Take that away, and essentially, you eliminate the most plausible and acceptable form of ending mass illegal labor.

    Which is exactly why this option wasn’t on the poll, of course.

  • Any policy that keeps Muslims out of the US is good for America, and, thus, good for the Jews.

    However, most people who are “anti-immigrant” (read: they don’t want any more Mexicans here) are blazing hypocrites and generally racists to boot. I doubt if they would complain about well-educated, English-speaking, white Europeans coming here in droves.

    The reason you can afford to buy lettuce in the US is because Mexican farm laborers are treated like animals and work for slave wages. If farm workers were paid a living wage and had the kind of medical benefits, etc., that we “natives” take for granted, a head of iceberg would cost you 20 bucks if you were lucky.

    If people really wanted to keep Mexicans out, they would fine the companies who employ them up the yin yang. But that would drive food prices through the roof so it’s not going to happen.

    The immigrants are here because we want them here to pick our food, mow our lawns, care for our kids, be our maids, and clean our office buildings. So until we’re willing to do the work they do, we should stop pretending that we want “immigration reform”, whatever that means.

    But keeping the Muslims out is a good idea on general principle. Anybody who thinks that what is happening in Europe can’t happen here is crazy.

    Even so, this “Progress By Pesach” thing sounds stupid. Just because we’re Jews we don’t have to automatically support everybody who some bunch of deracinated “Jews” decides is “oppressed”. Especially when that “help” has an ulterior motive and is clearly for the sake of a specific political agenda.

    Jews aren’t “white” if by white you mean WASPs. But the whole idea that all “people of color” must band together against “the Man” because all non-whites automatically share the same outlook and have natural solidarity with one another is stupid. I’m sure some “progressive” Jew came up with the idea as a way to get over the guilties for being “privileged”.

    Well, my mother wasn’t “privileged”. When she was growing up, there were schools Jews couldn’t get into no matter how good their grades were and the Klan burned crosses on her lawn. So fuck off with that shit.

  • Ok, it’s a little late to post a comment, but the reason why there are so many Hispanics coming to America has more to do with the weakness of the US economy, not its strength. Europe is still over 90% native White European(In France it’s 80-85%), and it’s very difficult to integrate if you don’t have the necessary skills. America was built on slave labor(the blacks) and is continuing the tradition with the Hispanics. You reap what you sow, live with it!

    On a different but related note, America is 10 times less densely populated than Israel or Japan, so there’s plenty of room and time for it to turn into a third world hellhole. Karma is paying back the Americans, and the nation of Aztlan will rise in its stead. Even Hawaii is 8.3% Hispanic, for god’s sake!

  • I guess even though I’m stumbling on this article two years late, I’m surprised and saddened

    Surprised, because before this I had thought all Jews were in league in support of mass immigration to the detriment of my people (the majority white protestants)

    Saddened, because if Jews aren’t behind mass immigration and don’t benefit from it, then who the hell supports this crap? If it’s hurting all Americans (except the mexicans, who are mostly illegals or illegal-spawned “citizens” anyway) then why the hell are we Americans permitting this?

    I guess for Jews and Christians, for America and for the West and the white people overall, this next half-century is our last hurrah. I dearly hope though that those of us who oppose the browning and islamizing of the West will see positive candidates that are viable in elections rise up soon.

    I am also sorry I misjudged the Jewish people. We should be friends then, since we are both being ruined by this mass immigration. Neo-nazis are equally ruining our efforts to stop mass immigration, since they give the impression that all whites are racist. I wonder if most neo-nazis are actually funded by whoever supports this crap or if they really think alienating the majority of people from anti-immigration movements is a good thing.

    Anyway this is a long comment, and I don’t think we- the white Western Americans- can win this fight. Russia here I come I guess, in 10 years if by 2020 we haven’t fixed this mess.