Last December, Hazon had it’s Food Conference, the seminal gathering of all those involved in the New Jewish Food Movement:

The third annual Hazon Food Conference was the only place in the world where farmers and rabbis, nutritionists and chefs, vegan and omnivores, came together to explore the dynamic interplay of food, Jewish tradition and contemporary life.

What’s that mean? It’s kind of cool actually… below is a video created by Hazon Food Conference attendee, ROI120 alum and friend of Jewlicious, Sasha Perry (who I don’t miss at all) that seeks to explain what went down at the conference. Check it out:

Yeah! Jewish Farmers! Ethical food! Cool no? Check out Hazon and JCarrot for more information on this very interesting trend in Judaism. Leave your brisket at home – just sayin…

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  • iy”H I will be helping pack food with my Father with Hazon for Pesach.

    This is a truly amazing organization.

    Maybe one of the few things we can all agree on.

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