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Well, the title says it all – cartoonist extraordinaire Chari Pere and former director of Israeli Agunah Rights lobbying group Mavoi Satum and ROI alum have collaborated and produced a cartoon that details the story of Ariella Dadon, a former Agunah – a Jewish woman who was refused a Jewish divorce from her abusive husband. Titled Unmasked: The Ariella Dadon Story it is available in both Hebrew and English and is sponsored by the ROI as part of their seed grant fund for projects by alumni of the ROI summit.

So go on… check it out, it’s even available in PDF format for printing and perhaps pasting all over the homes and cars of recalcitrant husbands… but you didn’t hear that from me…

Oh and guess what? I didn’t know this before I posted it but today is International Agunah Day. Imagine that! Celebrate by shunning your local recalcitrant husband douche bags!

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  • not funny froylein…
    ok maybe a little funny because its already Purim in Germany and I will assume you’re drunk

  • Just as funny as the trouble many Orthodox males have in getting a divorce without being ripped off.. Neither is fun[ny].

  • A serious issue – but tying it to Purim is bound to backfire. People REALLY don’t want to hear about this now, and it comes across as more humorless feminist twaddle – when in fact it is a very important issue.

    Now is not the time – from a PR standpoint.

  • As someone whoe waited 3 years for a get, I can tell you that I now see the best solution to this situation is disavowing the “need” for a Get. Women should just say “fuck it, I’m getting on with my life, I don’t need an arcane piece of paper from men”. If someone goes on to call her future children mamzers, that shows who the true mamzer is.

    I thought a get would “spiritually” separate me from my ex so we would be divorced in the “eyes of the Lord”. Bullshit. All it did was physically separate my Father from thousands of dollars.

    Women can not serve as Judges in a Beit Din. Allowing oneself to be controlled by a process that disenfranchises you is allowing for self-enslavement. How’s that for Feminist Twaddle?

    Any way you spin it Ben-David, the PR for your cult is not good when it comes to women’s rights.

    Did anyone call in the injury count for drug and alcohol related incidents from last night yet? The Passaic Yeshiva bochurs all got on line early for their Ecstacy this year.

  • Messy divorces are always bad, and I’ve seen partners of either gender acting irresponsibly and disrespectfully. BTW, and this is just my personal impression, but the sooner the and the bigger the wedding, the sooner and messier the divorce seems to come about.

  • Chutzpah:

    1) We both know that the problem in this case isn’t Judaism, it’s corrupt Rabbis who don’t put clearly stated Halacha into practice.

    2) With each ranting post I understand your ex more.

  • Funny how Judaism created so many corrupt leaders. The problem is that “Halacha” and the system of Rabbinic interpretation keeps men in power and women disenfranchised.

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