The State Dept. apparently forgot to condemn the latest bulldozer attack in Jerusalem that left 2 injured. Condemnations don’t do much but since they are so de rigeur the lack of one at this point is a sign that something has gone wrong. Of course, this follows a rather odd interaction and treatment of Britain’s PM Gordon Brown. The blogosphere is full of theories – feel free to concoct your own below.

From WND.

Officials in Jerusalem are quietly scratching their heads in wonderment as to why the White House did not release an official statement condemning yesterday’s tractor terrorist rampage here, the third attack of its kind in recent months.

Two police officers were lightly wounded in Jerusalem when an Arab tractor driver overturned their police car and drove it into a bus before being shot by police and an armed taxi driver. The terrorist later died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital.

The attack with a Tractor came less than 18 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly protested as “unhelpful” the planned bulldozing of more than 80 Jerusalem Arab homes built illegally upon Jewish land in Jerusalem.

Usually, following any terrorist attack in Israel, the White House like clockwork immediately releases an official statement condemning the attack. But this time, no statement was forthcoming from either the White House or Clinton’s State Department.

Speaking to WND, a White House spokesman would only confirm he was not aware of any statement regarding the attack, but he would not speculate as to why the terrorism wasn’t condemned.

A bulldozer rampage occurred while President Obama visited Israel as a presidential candidate in July. At that time, he slammed the attack, which killed three and wounded dozens more.

“I strongly condemn this attack and will always support Israel in confronting terrorism and pursuing lasting peace and security,” Obama told a news conference.

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