Manager fends off hotdog eaters before Shomrim save him

Manager fends off hotdog eaters before Shomrim save him

Not since a candy bar was found floating in a country club swimming pool, has there been such a near riot over something tubular. It began when a patron thought there was something fishy about his plump chicken frank that did not fit into his challah roll. He accused the worker at Brooklyn’s 13th Avenue Cheskel Shawarma King restaurant of not serving a kosher frank. It had come from a package that did not look like it had a hecksher. It didn’t. It has been reported that a hungry, but enraged, mob as large as ten minyanim, pushed and yelled and attacked the restaurant’s staff. The manager had to fend off attackers with an electric carving knife (which could be used to stop the attacking Jewry, since it had not come into contact with the unkosher meat). Rabbi Naftali Meir Babad, who had certified the restaurant as kosher, wrote a note to the Boro Park community in Yiddish defending the eatery and explaining that it was a one time incident. It seems as if the worker who was sent to the market to buy some dogs went to the local grocery and not the kosher purveyer. The sullied equipment was disposed of and the restaurant cleaned.

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  • Thanks for the laugh.It seems a little over hyped i did not see any where near 100 people there.