Has the economy wreaked havoc with your post-graduation career plans? Having a tough time finding a job or even a decent internship that doesn’t involve moving to Alaska or fetching coffee? It’s ok. You have options thanks to MASA Israel – check out their Web site, abetterstimulusplan.org for more information on a variety of subsidized long term programs in Israel that involve Internships, volunteer programs or study. Ride out the current economic storm in Israel while generating some serious resumé fodder to boot! While you’re exploring your options, you MUST check out the hilarious videos produced by Heeb Magazine promoting this valuable and timely initiative. Below is my favorite. Why? Because it involves a Buick of course – though be warned – of the three produced it’s the only one that includes a little nudity…

Yeah, ok so that was a little provocative. I did warn you. But kudos to MASA for doing what it takes to reach its target demographic – namely producing good quality videos that combine humor and creativity with an important message. And yes, they are also advertisers, but like I told Kelsey, I would have featured their vids regardless. Because of the Buick reference. Of course. Yup…

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