Muffti is always suspicious about how the MSM presents things but if they have this one right, it’s rpetty scary. The UN boldly takes a few more steps towards irrelevance by pushing an ‘anti-blasphemy’ resolution — which would protect religions from criticism. Muffti tried to find the text of the infamous resolution 62/145 but the UN site doesn’t link to it (Muffti isn’t the only one to have this problem…).

This is just sad, though Muffti is annoyed that he can’t seem to find a copy of the text (there is a resolution 62/145 that he did find but it is about mercenaries. If anyone can post the text please do. In the meantime, here is grumpy old Lou Dobbs and Chris Hitchens bantering over the resolution.

UPDATE: The text can be found here. Thanks to themicah!

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