Hola! Don´t cry for me, Jewlicious and Eretz Israel, for I, your intrepid correspondent, am in Argentina for a Bar Mitzvah. I arrived in Buenos Aires, the city with the largest Jewish pop. in South and Central America, this morning at 7AM, after an 8 hour, red eye bus ride from the South. I immediately facebookéd and googled for any Yom Haatzmaut parties in BA, and found that our Spanish speaking cousins spell in Iom Haatzmaut. Tonight, I arrived at the proper spot at the proper time, but alas, security was tight, as it should be, with police and barriers set up in 2 block radii around the event. I was not given access, so I hung at a local fast food joint with a naranja soda instead, where I was able to hear Hatikva in the distance. Little did I know that this fast food spot was ground zero for the buses of Jewish Zionist kids who drove in for the event from Rosario, Bahia Blanca and the other towns, so I was able to hang with them for a moment or two, which, honestly, is so much better than hearing some machars speak from the podium.

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