Muffti’s little sister, Jessie, who does not refer to herself in the third person and has very few of Muffti’s vices and annoying habits (she’s certainly not much of a clear-cut atheist, for example) is coming to the Holy Land on a birthright trip, starting Monday. If you see her, please say ‘hello’, ‘shalom’ or ‘hey, you’re that asshole’s sister!’ and treat her nicely. And keep your hands off her or the Muffti will unleash his wrath upon thee! Looking at you, ck…

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  • Sadly, Muffti’s sis apparently has beliefs. Let’s hope her brother can deal with this with a measure of sensitivity and understanding.

  • I take it little sister made it home virtue intact? Sheesh Muffti! I’m not that bad! Though she is cute. I figure you have more to fear from Canadian boys then you do from me!!

  • LIttle sister is en route to the land of our forefathers today – should be there tomorrow. Email muffti for details.