A disturbed stalker who is accused of murdering a student at Wesleyan University surrendered to police yesterday in Connecticut. A greater tragedy was averted, since it seems that the suspect, Stephen Morgan, 29, was filled with hate for Jewish people and this fueled his larger plan to target Jewish students at Wesleyan for a murderous attack.

Prior to the capture of the suspect, the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford issued a warning to Jewish agencies, organizations and synagogues in Greater Hartford and surrounding towns, including Middletown’s Congregation Adath Israel, located a block from the murder site, to “implement heightened security measures at their institutions, be aware of unusual or suspicious behavior or persons and trust their instincts.” There are over 600 students at this school that identify as Jewish.

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  • Wellesley is all women and in MA. Wesleyan is a co-ed school in CT. Please don’t make mistakes like that, it’s embarrassing.

  • My error completely.. Thanks. I work with a grad of Wellesley and a grad of Wesleyan, and we were talking about the issue today, and I completely mixed up my schools. I was obviously listening to too much heavy metal in prep for my next post

  • the police are only speculating that he hated jews, there isnt enough info, so dont cry wolf larry

    who knows, maybe he was the girls jilted lover or he was a victim of a ponzi scheme, who can tell?

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