Yup. No speeches. No pitches. Just a great opportunity (starting at 8 pm) to meet cool and interesting people in an appropriate setting conducive to friendly networking. Free wine (while supplies last) and yummy snacks to boot ought to guarantee a good time for all! But who are these sponsors that are helping to make things happen? Well, they are a very diverse lot and include high tech startups, non-profits and partners just helping to get the word out. So by all means please RSVP on our Facebook event page and keep reading to find out more about our sponsors!

In the realm of non-profits we have Leadel.net, a project of the European Jewish Community. Visit their Web site and find out what they have planned for the future. Then we have The ROI Community who will soon be hosting their 4th annual ROI Summit in Israel. ROI brings together young Jewish innovators from around the world for skill building sessions and networking opportunities. Some of our other sponsors and partners began as ROI projects – for instance JewTube which is a user generated Jewish video streaming Web site, the Israel Artist Agency which helps promote Israeli artists to an overseas audience on the strength of their awesomeness as opposed to their Jewiness, and GoJerusalem.com which started off as Jerusalemite, a site dedicated to highlighting cultural and touristic events in JTown.

Of course where would we be without the support of the Press. Haaretz has signed on as a major sponsor and will be there to chat with anyone interested about new and exciting things that are coming up. The Jerusalem Post is sponsoring because it’s Jerusalem, silly and Shani and Ricky have always been supportive of all our attempts at innovation and networking. WebAds, Jerusalem Blueprint, eJewishPhilanthropy and Presentense can also always be counted on to support and publicize all such events and I have to thank them for always being there!

Finally, we have our high tech contingent. These are listed last because that’s how my brain works but these folks have kicked in serious cash and resources in order to let you in on what they do. Look for reps from Headup.com, an awesome firefox add in (and more), Glooq an innovative tool that helps you make the most out of your email, and tweeture, still in beta but sure to change the way you tweet. I’m glad we have a goos sampling of Israel’s high tech peeps because these guys are SMART. Talking to them, it’s no wonder Israel is at the forefront of tech innovation.

Meet all these people. Talk to them. Have a drink. Shake your booty. Whatever. It’s good Jewlicious times all around in Jerusalem my friends. See you there!

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