So you know how there was the whole deal about the mass-production of keffiyeh-like scarves by Urban Outfitters but then they stopped making them?  There are unfortunately still thousands of White People out there wearing keffiyehs, clueless to the fact that they have become a homing beacon for Hizbullah Recruiting, USA Division.  Or maybe just wearing it out of irony. White people love irony.

How ironic would it be if there was a shirt printed with the scarf on it?

How ironic would it be if white people stopped wearing the scarf, and just actually wore the shirt with the scarf print?

How ironic would it be if those white people were Jews?

How ironic would it be if those white people were Jews that looked like Russian goyim and also had goy  names but were crazy Jewish?

The fifth dimension of White People Irony

How ironic would it be if the person wearing the shirt were also a Zionist and grinned like an idiot in irony pictures?

This is what a Zionist wearing an ironic keffiyeh shirt looks like

I cannot believe this shirt exists.  I’d better buy the rest of the ones in the store just to make sure nobody falls victim to tacky irony.  It’s a heinous crime. Even for a Russian Jew that keeps hoping she is related to oligarchs.

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  • Now, ironic would be for it to come in colors – Green to support Iranian “revolution” against Ahmadinejad; Orange to support Gush Katif, etc.!

  • Oh yeah, baby, show me that attitude…

    A couple of months ago I saw a blouse with an all-keffiyeh pattern. And a couple of years ago, there were T-shirts with rosary prints. And I hear one of the en vogue colours is foreskin nude.

  • Where do they sell these shirts? I have a couple creative ideas on things that can be done with them.

  • I wear keffiyeh’s all the time. Great protection from both the sun and the cold. But I stick to traditional black or red. None of those effete colored scarves in mauve or rainbow. I’m classy that way!

  • Kari, I actually got it at, which is cheaper even than WalMart. I don’t know if they’d have it because they have pretty much leftovers from everyone else. I have no dignity when it comes to being cheap.

    Did you wear one when you went to the Temple Mount, ck, on top of your mohawk? Because that would have been practical.

    Akiva, that is crazy. Of course some Jew would want to make money off of it.

  • wow, how sad, you people are so hateful towards arab cultural icons that you are actually devoting a portion of your time to bitch and whine about keffiyahs

    i am beginning to understand your mentality

    by the way since you guys have so much time, feel free to investigate the phenomenon of stalag porn, its about holocaust porn

    the interesting thing is holocaust porn industry was located inside israel

    i bet the keffiyah fashion thing was thought of by a jewish new yorker

  • Steven, A company called Spark in the Dark (at least that’s what the t-shirt label says). I bought it at a generic department store, so not sure exactly where it’s from. Actually, here it is:

    Great goyim, I have nothing against Arab cultural icons (i.e. Umm Kulthum, the dabka, Aron Kader). I have stuff against Arab cultural icons that promote organizations that like to kill some Jews and that are then made ‘cool’ by popular culture. Remind me again how Holocaust porn (not even going to look into that one) is comparable to the signal that the keffiyeh sends?

  • To my knowledge the Palestinian keffiyeh pattern is unique to them and goes back to before Israel. All the different indigenous people in the ME have their own national keffiyeh. Hizbullah is in fact Lebanese.

    To suggest that the keffiyeh promotes “killing Jews” is akin to claiming the Magen David promotes “killing Palestinians” Its absurd.

    Palestinians have already given up so much. Now they have to abandon their cultural identity as well?

  • Neutral observer, There is nothing wrong with it as a national symbol, but what about its current status as a political symbol endorsing terrorism)a? That is what it has morphed into (courtesy of Arafat and Leila Khaled, pictured here: , a “terrorist pin-up”). It is up to the Palestinian people to reclaim it as simply a symbol of culture without the context of endorsing terror, and for people who don’t know its loaded implications to stop wearing it as a jaunty fashion statement.

  • “To my knowledge the Palestinian keffiyeh pattern is unique to them and goes back to before Israel.”

    Evidence of this please?

  • neutral observer dont bother with themiddle, i provided numerous evidence on lots of stuff, he always changes the topic without contributing anything

    conversing with themiddle is pointless

  • g.g. and n.o. – I have no problem when ARABS wear a kuffiyeh. The problem is when westerners wear it as a political symbol – and then it entitled rich white kids who pretend to have liberal guilt (let’s see them give up those trust funds) wear it. All these people, pretending to support a ’cause’ – when all they’re doing is espousing hate through fashion and OPPOSING a cause.

  • The swastika used to be a sun symbol and still is in its original context, but in certain societies of European background it has taken on a different meaning. You cannot translate a symbol into another meaning and then point to its original meaning, hoping to get away with that. That’s so gay, you know.

  • Carl Sagan theorized that the swastika was originally a comet symbol, representing a comet with somewhat symmetrical outgassings rotating on an axis that for a while was facing directly towards Earth.

    I think it’s funny when people wear scarves that look not like keffiyehs but like Rustic Picnic Tablecloths Desperately Trying To Be Keffiyehs.

  • The Palestinian keffiyeh has been politicized but its quite a leap to assume those who wear it are violent, hateful or support violence without asking them if they know where its from or why they wear it.

    LB, I would not wear a keffiyeh, especially one from Outfitters, as it might qualify as overt cultural appropriation. However, if a Palestinian offered one to me I would be honored.

    I think much of the upset over the keffiyeh comes from a resentment of “Arab-lovers” or those who sympathize with the Palestinians.

  • It comes from resentment of those who support the violence Palestinians have foisted upon the Israelis with their terrorism. It is Arafat who made the Keffiyeh into a known article of clothing and he was affiliated with the warlike aspect of the Palestinians’ fight against Israel. Let’s face it, it has not been a peaceful or gentlemanly struggle.

    Have you found any information related to your statement, “To my knowledge the Palestinian keffiyeh pattern is unique to them and goes back to before Israel?”

  • really?? all this back and forth because of a scarf?? how bout getting pissed of at your zionist government killing thousands of people in a nazi style ghetto of WW2 in Gaza? or your illegal occupation of the West Bank? your country receives almost 4 BILLION dollars from my country every year to further prop up your country and it’s a damn shame. i would like to see you live in those conditions and watch your whole family die because some chicken-hawk dropped a bomb from thousands of feet in the air and killed innocent children. yeah Israel is SO tough they run over women with bulldozers standing in front of homes, or shoot journalists when they film them behaving like nazis. get over yourself, the bible is a fucking slanted history that has been written and re-written by men for their own purpose. god didn’t create us in his image, we created god in ours. and to say you were “given” this sliver of land for all times is a joke at best. so by this reason then all of the “Anglo’s” of the US should be deported, ghettoized, and killed because the 1st Nations were here first?? tell your government to stop treating other HUMAN BEINGS as if they were nothing more then dumb animals that need to be trained and beaten into submission. you have 250-300 ILLEGAL NUKES IN YOUR COUNTRY what the hell are you so scared of??? teenagers throwing rocks at tanks, which by the way sums up the entire arms difference?? does a few rockets that leave pot-holes in the streets justify mass bombing and wholesale destruction of a city or village? wake up and smell the dead bodies!! and act as though you are the moral “chosen” people of the bible and live in peace and give the Palestinian people a country or have ALL of Israel and Palestine destroyed. cause sorry to tell ya Israel will lose in the long run simply by size of the demographics of the population.

  • Geez, art, I don’t even know where to start?? Let’s begin with Googling sarcasm and humor??? Second, maybe change your writing style a little so I don’t feel like I’m hyperventilating as I read five over-punctuated sentences with 250-300 MISPLACED MODIFIERS. Other than that, I’ll make sure to relay your message to MY ZIONIST OVERLORDS.

  • Art, we do appreciate of your compassion for the Palestinian people. However, we kindly suggest that you might want to get a few minor details right. It is not just rocks that Palestinians throw at Israelis. It’s rockets. Rockets are not small rocks. They are not the dancers at Radio City Music Hall either. Those are the Rockettes. Let me think of an explanation that might relate to your everyday life…. Hmmmm…. Heureka! Rockets are like huuuuuuuuuuuuuge butt plugs, loaded with explosives, that can travel far distances. That might sound like a thrilling prospect to you, but people in Israel don’t take it in the back that way.

  • so a handful of rocket attacks that have barely done any damage or loss of life equals mass slaughter and bombing of cities, and the use of white phosphorous? has anyone hear ever tried to look at the other side of the coin here?

    oh yeah froy that was so well thought out, comparing rockets and butt plugs. just because it was done to jews by hitler doesn’t mean jews can now do it to Palestinians.

    what extreme measure would you take if an army and air force took out your whole family, stole your home and land. then be forced to SHOW YOUR PAPERS PLEASE?

    why not be critical of your own people? you shouldn’t be so blind with patriotism that you don’t care about right or wrong, what’s wrong is wrong no matter who says or does it. Israel is the 21st century version of the Germany of WW2 and apartheid South Africa.

    just 1 more thing, Vicki are you saying Israel doesn’t have over 200 nuke war heads? or isn’t in violation of over 60 UN resolutions? if so then You might wanna get your facts right. the 4 countries not to sign the non-proliferation act involving nukes are India,Pakistan,North Korea and ISRAEL! boy you guys are in real good company there.

  • art buf – I do not have nearly enough respect for you to respond to everything you’ve said, but just one point – in the same breath you accused Israel of being in violation of UN resolutions and then of not signing a VOLUNTARY treaty, presumably so that people like you can accuse it of being in violation of another.

    Regarding the rest – you’re sorely misinformed, or just plain dense, read a real history book, another one on international law (not what the UN and the NYT think it is). Or just plain learn how to read.

  • BTW, art, to support what LB says, get some actual reading done. You accuse us of bias but will content yourself with some of the most stupid propaganda cliches that take a high degree of simplemindedness to fall for.

  • i get feed propaganda all day by America’s msm, which is not propaganda for Palestinians by far.

    so by not signing the voluntary nuke treaty that every other country except you, a dictatorship, a military state, and India you are doing the right thing? why not sign a world wide treaty? what could you possibly be afraid of? what is your point if you signed the treaty and followed the rule of law how could their be a contradiction? simple rules of occupation of a another country or land during war is right on paper for you and the world to see!

    weapons used on civilians is ILLEGAL PERIOD! how can you justify white phosphorous? how can you justify cluster bombs? how can you justify stealing other peoples land? cause your flipping fairy tale of a religion history book says you lived there over 2,000 years ago.

    look if Israel actually acted like a civilized country with morals then i wouldn’t be biased towards Palestinians. in the same way i wouldn’t be biased towards the 1st Nations of the western hemisphere after what the governments of Europe and the slow extermination done by the American government.

    it’s real simple if you have half a brain to see, if you treat a whole people like slaves and animals then sooner or latter you are gonna get bit or have a revolt. if you really support Israel then you have to support the
    Palestinians and their fight to rule themselves and their own country. go back to your borders b4 the 1967 war and what conflict do you have?? every arab leader has already agreed to a peace and recognition of Israel as a state if you simply follow the laws you are breaking now.

    what happened when you gave back the land to Egypt? Egypt signed a peace agreement with you and haven’t done a damn thing to you, even turning their back on the people of Palestine.

    KILLING PEOPLE FOR PEACE IS LIKE FUCKING FOR VIRGINITY. for a race that has been prosecuted, hunted, and had mass slaughters you would think that would be the last thing you would ever want to be like.

  • Reality check, please! In the meantime, read the Geneva Convention and its take on guerilla warfare / bellicose struggles and also try to figure out how come that the fastet-growing populace of the world could allegedly be suffering from a centrally organized genocide as per your analogy. Please do. I’d be interested in seeing how much incorrect English it will take to convince yourself of actually having made an intellegible point on that matter. In addition, to maybe step down a little from your high hill of moral hypocrisy and deliberate misinformation, try to make a case that Jewlicious has actually been supportive of misbehaviour by IDF soldiers. You’d be amazed; the over-simplified stereotyping you apply to us is nothing but cheap propaganda for simpletons.

  • Oh Art, could you at least do some research before you talk? And please don’t use Electronic Intifada as your source.

    Here, why don’t you start with the attacks of 1920 by the local Arabs of Palestine upon the Jews of Palestine. When you look it up, make sure you also look at the number of non-Jews and Jews in Palestine at the time.

    Now explain the following to us all. If these Arabs, which now call themselves Palestinians, were attacking Jews with the intent to kill and remove them from land which they purchased outright at a time when there were 10,000 Jews and 500,000 non-Jews, why do you think that Israel will be safe or secure now?

    Second, in what year was the PLO founded? 1964. Since this preceded 1967, on what basis do you assure Israel of security if it moves back to pre-1967 lines?

    Third, unlike Egypt, which actually controlled the Sinai prior to 1967, the Palestinians have never controlled anything. They have never had a state, controlled only about 20% of the land of Palestine through ownership – and most by a handful of families, not the general Palestinian population – and comprise over 60% of Jordan’s population and Jordan is a country that evicted every single Jew from its territories. What claim do they have to anything? That they want it? That they use language just as you did about “theft” or “giving back” land?

    Israel has offered the Palestinians half of the land in 1937 and in 1947. In 2000 Israel offered the Palestinians a state over 94% of the West Bank, 100% of Gaza and additional land for transportation purposes. In 2001 they upped the offer to include 97% of the West Bank. They included the Muslim and Christian parts of the Old City, east Jerusalem, $30 billion in reparations for refugees, permission for some refugees to move into Israel and even a form of shared sovereignty over the Temple Mount. in 2008, they offered a similar deal but this time the Old City and other areas around it were to be made into an internationally governed city so the issue of sovereignty wouldn’t obstruct peace.

    The Palestinians have refused all of these offers.

    The Palestinians would like to move into all of east Jerusalem and the Old City. So what if the Jews have their holiest site there? They don’t even acknowledge a Jewish connection to the place. They don’t even give the Jews the credit you give the Jews for stories about the distant past. They reject those stories. And facts like archaelogical discoveries that reveal the Jewish connection to the place? They ignore them when they’re not busy trying to steal them.

    So what were you talking about again? Oh yeah, that Israel needs to compromise.

    You are barking up the wrong tree. You should be yelling at the Palestinians to compromise. Tell them to build parks and kindergartens with the money they use for weapons. Tell them to stop depicting Israelis in the most heinous ways when they educate their children. Tell them to stop firing rockets at civilians. Tell them to stop treating captured Israeli soldiers in a way that violates all rules of war. Tell them to end their international propaganda campaign against Jews and Israel. Tell them this and you might get peace.

    Because the Israelis already have offered peace.

    Oh, and all those laws Israel is supposedly violating, I bet when we look a little more carefully we’ll find they are not in violation. For example, Israel has every right to occupy the West Bank right now thanks to UNSCR 242. But I bet that’s on your list of resolutions Israel is supposedly violating.

    As for nukes, on the day the Arab world backs down for real on their aggressive stance towards Israel and on the day those same countries aren’t in danger of being overtaken by Muslim extremists (Egypt, for example), then maybe you can make a claim that Israel shouldn’t hint strongly that it possesses a nuclear arsenal. Until then, this ambiguity has been a key to preserving the state and ensuring its security.

  • you see this is what i was trying to get to a real response and debate and Middle you make some very good points.

    as for froy at least make a case instead of little one liners and anything critical against Israel is propaganda or misinformation.

    ok if anyone here was around during the 20’s or anytime b4 lines on a map made by a foreign power were drawn we could go that far back. however if anyone is gonna go anywhere in this you gotta look back at events and learn and move forward.

    i’m not sitting here defending the leaders of the arab countries or Palestine, they are as corrupt as any leader or politician in power. but to say that Israel opened it’s arms wipe and said we’re sorry for the last 40 years here goes all your land back is just wrong. and yes fault lies will the PLO for being hard headed jackasses.

    on the whole land issue 60% of Jordan’s population is Palestinian but ask why. could it be the same reason Jews were evicted from Jordan?

    you speak of having an international city of jerusalem, yet Israel rejects that offer also. so to say that is a mute point, though it makes absolute sense to do so seeing as how the 3 branches of Abraham all share common claim.

    why build parks and schools if their gonna get bombed or bulldozed? but how are you gonna get the resources to keep the school up if you have them surrounded in an open air prison?

    firing rockets at civilians is wrong, as is dropping bombs from f-16’s or f-15’s into neighborhoods.
    captured soldiers? rule of law? since when did that matter for the Israeli military? how about the hundreds of political prisoners and members of their government Israel has locked up?

    why does this propaganda keep coming up? what massive campaign are people in ghettos doing to sway governments their way? and how much money does Israel spend to stage their propaganda campaign?

    settlements are ILLEGAL. having a base in a country and taking over and merging into another country is something completely different. our occupation in Iraq now is (though still illegal in my mind) what they mean, not colonized and have people shipped in to move and say i now own this land.

    the only real peaceful resolution in my opinion (not some web sites as you suggest) is to either go back to the pre-war borders or make 1 state for ALL people. if you believe in real rights for people and yourself then i see no reason to find fault with it. unless you have to have a jewish only state which is in complete contradiction to your holy books law.

    if people could see the difference between Zionism and Judaism we just might be able to get somewhere.

  • just 1 more thing on the settlements, look at Northern Ireland, Ireland, and England for a similar case. they couldn’t beat the irish so they shipped in as many as they could to move in until protestants were the majority over the catholic resistance.

  • Art, it was you who started off spewing generalizations and accusations of the worst kind. In doing so, you disqualified yourself for any any serious “debate”. There is no point in debating your incorrect presumptions and set ideologies.

    As for the Ulster Plantation Act, it put a tiny Protestant minority (that was not wanted in England either) in control of a Catholic majority.

  • Art, you continue to post long posts without knowing much about what you write.

    Jordan’s population is 65% Palestinians because the British used their authority to divide Palestine into two parts: TransJordan, east of the Jordan River and Palestine, west of the Jordan. TransJordan was supposed to be a province of Palestine, but the British ensured that it remained separate and indeed Jordan declared statehood in 1946 without any contest. It was sitting on about four fifths of the land that was Palestine which might explain to you that far from being a population of refugees, there is a natural Palestinian population in Jordan.

    And they evicted all the Jews just because.

    By the way, the British Mandate was to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine (there had never been a state called Palestine, it was an Ottoman province). This Mandate was declared by the predecessor to the UN, the League of Nations. Yet, despite this international support and promises, and despite the fact that the Jews had to give up the idea of a Jewish state that included the land east of the Jordan River because that was given to the Arabs as a promised Arab state, they still were asked to split the remaining fifth of Palestine with the local Arabs, now known as Palestinians. The Palestinians refused, but the Jews agreed in 1937 and 1947. And again they offered to divide in 1994, 2000, 2001 and 2008. The Palestinians continue to reject compromise, do not negotiate in good faith and educate people like you with tons of misinformation.

  • maybe i should again mention i have no problem with jewish people or even a right to protect yourself. what i am trying to explain is the government of Israel is NOT jewish it’s zionist.
    and that Palestinian people are not all rocket wielding or suicide bombers in a market or on a bus. but in the same breath you have to look at what extreme measures brought this person to kill himself and innocent life when it goes against every belief of his “god”.
    no one wakes up in the morning after a good stretch and goes “you know what i think i’ll do today, go downtown and blow as many people and myself up.” what got this person to where he/she is?

    middle your right there is and was a natural Palestinian population in Jordan, however there was a natural Palestinian population in the state of Israel as well.

    the whole thing goes back to Britain and it’s reshaping of borders after the fall of the Ottoman empire and the moving in of Britain and France as major powers controlling the area.

    ever wonder why they keep refusing to compromise and are leery to negotiate? could it be that they see the entire state as a fraud because foreign powers drew up the lines and said here this is yours now?

    Every arab state and leader is responsible for the plight of the Palestinians no question about it. again they are as corrupt as any PM, President,and King or Queen.

    but the question remains the same how do you expect to have any peace when you have cut the West Bank and Gaza into 2 separate parcels and are continuing to build settlements? shit just yesterday or today Barak and Netanyahu said 1,450 apartments of which 50 are green lighted to go now are to be built in Adam as part of a plan to relocate Jewish settlers there from Migron, an unauthorized outpost that is to be evacuated.

    why not simply give up land for peace? as you say there never was a Palestinian state, also there never an Israeli state until Britain.

  • Art, I told you that getting information from places like Electronic Intifda wasn’t going to help you understand much.

    I’ll make a couple of points to help you out.

    The government of Israel is made up of the elected representatives of Israel. There are Zionists and non-Zionists who run for office. Because of the Jewish identity of most of the population of Israel and because Israel was founded as a state of the Jewish people, it has always been the case that the elected representatives who have built the various governments Israel has had over the years have been both Jewish and Zionist. In fact, Zionism is the embodiment of the nationalist part of the Jewish people. It’s quaint when people try to separate the two, but in fact Zionism is about Jewish nationalism and while you have non-Jewish Zionists and non-Zionist Jews, the fact remains that Israel is run by Jewish Zionists. You can’t separate the two, sorry.

    Second, the “West Bank” and Gaza are divided because they were always divided. It’s simple geography. It has nothing to do with Israel. Israel has offered a land-bridge between the two in their various peace offers. As noted already, the Palestinians won’t compromise.

    The Palestinians can complain all they want about how others can’t determine their borders for them but that is precisely what happened with Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So why not the Palestinians? Oh, and Israel. So why not the Palestinians?

    Because they don’t agree that there is a historic connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel even though the Jewish people have lived there for 2500-3000 years. They need to disabuse themselves of this lie where the Jews somehow are less worthy of this land than they are. They also need to digest the reality that all their attempts at obstructing the return of Jews to Zion have failed. They need to digest the fact that the wars they caused and brought on since 1920 are the key reason that 800,000 Eastern Jews had to leave or flee their homes in Arab and Muslim lands eventually landing in many countries including Israel where they and their descendants are more than half the population today.

    How does one expect to have peace? It’s simple. The outlines for peace – a fair and just peace – were outlined at Taba in 2001 and last year by Ehud Olmert. On the day the Palestinians decide they don’t want the whole enchilada – that is, all of Israel – they will settle for these fair terms and there will be peace.

  • “It’s quaint when people try to separate the two, but in fact Zionism is about Jewish nationalism and while you have non-Jewish Zionists and non-Zionist Jews, the fact remains that Israel is run by Jewish Zionists. You can’t separate the two, sorry.”

    didn’t you just separate the two? you just made my point for me. zionists are jewish nationalists just like the nazis were German nationalists so what’s your point? and don’t give me any of that “they were a socialists” they were far from anything remotely considered socialist.

    how are Palestinians responsible for the actions of the populations of Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Iraq,Iran,Russia,Germany (who by the way every arab country sided against)or any other country?

    so only jews lived in the area for 3,000 years? and only they have a right to a safe and secure country? only they are allowed an army, air force, and navy?

    tell me again why the borders of 48 aren’t good enough?
    oh yeah a book, that if you had never ever heard or seen before and was walking through a book store and so happened to stumble upon and read it for just a few minutes would think it belongs in the science fiction section right along side H.G. Wells,harry potter,and the guy who wrote the lion,the witch, and the wardrobe.

    don’t cry wolf about unrest and militias over policies and claim the moral high ground meanwhile the government is akin to a Fascist government. even the american people reject the far-right tactics and blinders. and i know,i know “just another misinformation propaganda campaign by 3rd world poverty level people in the millions”

    there’s a famous quote someone with your (if i haven’t read ya wrong) political and everyday thinking once said. something along the lines of “Mister Gorbachev,tear down these walls!”…only YOU are the Russians in this conflict.

    F it why not just have 1 state and have equal rights for all? anyone who doesn’t go for a united whole state and brings matters to the point where innocent civilians are being killed in mass numbers and terrorism in it’s truest form is being done. then you crack down on them like the f-ing mob was cracked down.
    but not just you cause if you believe in freedom and and right to live your life w/o fear of death,hunger,and sewer lines running down your streets. water being taken in violation of common sense and morals. then you should be the bigger “man” and man up and live together or wait till no one even remembers why their fighting each other.

    oh wait that’s now

  • Nice, you actually got me to talk to somebody who compares Jews to Nazis.

    Well, the Jews are nothing like the Nazis. It was actually the Palestinians who collaborated with the Nazis. Something else you may wish to read.

    The Palestinians are certainly responsible for the attacks on Jews going back to 1920 and repeating for decades to come. They were part of the forces which attacked Israel in 1948 and are no less responsible for the losses the Arabs suffered than any Arab country.

    As for ’48 borders, they are clearly not good enough considering that the Arabs conquered the holiest part of Jerusalem, destroyed every Jewish place of prayer, used gravestones for walkways and kicked out every last Jew from the place. These borders facilitated attacks on Israel by Arab terrorists and encouraged their armies to believe they could attack again in 1967.

    As for a single state? The Palestinians can move to Jordan. The Jewish people have a right to self-determination. They have offered sufficient opportunities for the Palestinians to compromise that all the Palestinians need to do is negotiate in good faith and close the deal. Instead, they have shills like you calling Jews Nazis. Well, that’s why they have nothing except their rhetorical attacks and their leaders’ Swiss bank accounts.

    As for you, congratulations on getting me to talk to a pig who compares the Nazis to Jews but our discussion is over.

  • Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    The synagogue of Satan.

  • Now, how ironic would it be for the Jewish Zionist to pick up a book or read a newspaper that hasn’t been vetted by the Zionist lobby, only to find out what the Israeli government is really doing to the people of Palestine, and were to suddenly decide that, “Hey–maybe building a country on racism isn’t such a good idea after all…” Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be ironic, but it sure would be a nice.

  • Are you suggesting we don’t read books? That we don’t know what is happening in Israel? Actually, we do. You want to pull out some Avi Shlaim or some loony like Ilan Pappe?

    Israel is not built on racism and Zionists are not racist. What’s ironic, though, is that people who attack Israel like to forget that Jordan, a country with a majority population of Palestinians, does not permit Jews to be citizens. In fact, they may not even be residents. Likewise in Saudi Arabia and Gaza.

    And you are right. Looking at Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Gaza, I have to agree that countries should not be built on the basis of bigotry and hatred.

    How ironic that people who cannot abide Jews living in their midst should be supported by people who attack Zionism, a liberal, democratic movement, with accusations of racism.

    Well, maybe it’s not ironic. Maybe it’s just disgusting double standards.

  • Then I suppose if the Kippah becomes popularised, you’ll all stop your moaning? I mean, who could possibly care if the Arabs got offended? Stop wearing a piece of clothing that protects against cold and harsh weather! It might be useful!

    But..yeah, let’s all turn our cheeks on Hamas, a Judaism militant group who kill with prejudice as well. Let’s turn our cheeks on the Jewish massacres on captured villages which only had a rare chance of containing PLO during the 1948 War. Let’s turn our cheeks to the Qibya massacre, where hundreds of civilians, including schoolchildren hiding in a school, were killed. Let’s forget the entire damn thing which started this conflict in the first place: The Palestinians being FORCEFULLY removed by Israeli soldiers from their homes, their olive trees torn down, their homes destroyed, flattened or taken over, and many of them sent to refugee camps.

    I’m not denying the Arab atrocities committed, I’m not denying the severe acts of terrorism the PLO have committed over the years, I’m not denying that many of the Middle Eastern countries have ganged up on Israel in a sole attempt to decimate the country rather than negotiate with it, I’m not denying that anti-Semitism is rife in Middle Eastern countries with high volumes of Arabs and Muslims, but Double standards? Double standards?! How about you idiots open your minds for once and actually look at the WHOLE picture, THEN you can whine about double standards.

  • Good grief Caine. You really need to relax. And do some research. Please let me know for instance, in what year the PLO was founded and how they managed to have anything to do with any villages in 1948. As for Qibya, characterizing that unfortunate military operation as a “massacre” is a gross, one-sided, over simplification of history. In fact, pretty much most of your rambling post makes no sense. So listen carefully. This post is meant to be light hearted and humorous. Keffiyehs are great. I live in Israel and wear them often, making sure to buy authentic garments and not the made in china crappy knock offs. So basically… please get back on your meds.

  • this is stimulating. sort of… I just think they look cool. I frankly dont support terrorism or killing kids or muclear war or really any of that stuff, but I have a couple of these scarves and they are great for the heat and the cold, which i live in both, and while whoever invented these scarves may not stand for the same things i do, bottom line they made a pretty sweet looking piece of outerwear… I suppose i understand both sides and I realize what the represent to some and bottom line, respect is important to all. but i mean really??? idk. i think this is why blogs are so popular. the anonymity gives people a sense of power in that they can seem to fly off the handle and be super political while they are calmly drinking their morning coffee in a goddamn bathrobe in suburbia with no reprocussions(spelling?). Art, or whoever for that matter, if you have a real point then lay it on us, but you dont need to compare Jewish people to Nazis just like we shouldnt compare rich white kids-who think a kaffiyeh or shemagh or a frilly ass scarf is cool-to terrorists. The Jewish people I know, I love, and The Palestinian family that lives next to me are maybe the most laid back people Ive ever met. Maybe not the norm, but we can be all Fox News about it or just realize that its a blog about scarves (actually shirts with scarves printed on them). by giong Chris Crocker on a scarf is probably half the reason this is an issue in the first place. lots of love!

  • How dumb American Jews look in any Kaffiyeh is perfectly illustrated by the nightclub scene in the new HBO show, “How To Make It In America”. You can say it was just coincidence that they put a Kaffiyeh on the rich Wall Street “out of touch, un-hip” Jew, but there are no coincidences in the “mise en scene”.

    Now CK can wear one in Israel if that’s what is considered normal in a desert environment, but when I see a Kaffiyeh on any non-Arab in America, I think one of 2 things:

    1. They are ignorant of its historical context and think it looks cool even though that trendy look was played out over a year ago when it started showing up in every high budget Hollywood movie


    2. They purposefully wear it to show support for either the Palestinian Cause or for other anti-American sentiments, as in Nation of Islam, etc. etc.