As you may be aware, living in Israel can have serious consequences.  That’s because the State of Israel commits horrible crimes against humanity every day. These manifest themselves in the form of hideous Israeli wedding dresses.  Since we are knee-deep in wedding season, I thought I’d take a moment to remind you that tomorrow is Hideous Israeli Wedding Dress Awareness Day (HIWDAD), a day that was made up by me just about fifteen minutes ago as I was going through Facebook pictures of Israeli weddings.   To be fair, Benji Lovitt has been valiantly fighting this troubling trend for years.

If you are familiar with Israeli weddings, you know this dress has been popular for the past five years or so.  You know, the one with the barely-there middle that seems the be reenacting the parting of the Sea that exists between the bride’s upper chestal region and her navel.  (yes, chestal.)


The 11th plague. Whorrible.

My question is, why do Israeli women do this to themselves?  Ladies, please.  We may be at war with terrorists.  We are not at war with extra fabric.   Russian Israelis are particularly guilty of adopting this look.
Oh, the whorror.
I’ve heard from several sources in Israel that this look seems to be dying out.  Is it true?
wedding dress 3

Sleepless in Seeattle

Please spread the word.  HIWDAD is a serious day, for a serious cause.

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