In the words of one of my favorite fictional writers, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Is there really no such thing as bad PR?

Earlier this week, a Republican National Committee (RNC) web site began promoting the so-called “Obama Card.” It’s all part of, where you can supposedly shop with abandon, thanks to the reckless ways of Washington.

Let’s say you’re ready to go do some damage with your plastic. Like a smart Jewlicious shopper, you throw a word into the search engine. Take “Jew” for instance.

Put “Jew” into the Obama Card search engine and what do you get? Several titles, including mine, Cool Jew. Oh, and a few others… like a little special somin’ somin’ in the lower left hand corner entitled, Jews and Their Lies.


Hello, RNC? This is your conscience calling. Isn’t this entire site one big whopper of a lie? There is no Obama Card. And your shop is a fake filled with bigotry, pornography, and well… you take a look.

Just go to

Oh wait, what was I thinking? That doesn’t work. You have to add on a word. Try putting this in your browser:


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  • Well, Well…
    I wonder where CK is on this one.

    You see we have this little debate going on where I say:
    “sure there’s bad PR – the insensitive, stupid and unoriginal Mccann Erickson ad for Cellcom is a great example”

    and he says:
    “no way man, look at the debate it’s provoking and the coverage it got them”

    Check out:

    Let’s not forget the “wonderful” free PR ROI & LCI are getting here:
    ; )

  • Why don’t you call RNC’s press department and ask why those items are sold on their site?

  • I knew something smelled fishy.

    “Obviously, the site uses some kind of filtered search engine, like Google Shopping or Amazon. While probing the search feature for results like this carries the same juvenile charge that reading the word “shit” in the dictionary does, accusing the RNC of anti-semitism in the headline takes it from fun to frakked up. You could as easily accuse Google of “promoting,” well, pretty much anything on the entire series of tubes.

    I get the whole partisan warfare thing, and I get that the right doesn’t always fight fair, either, so please spare me that argument. All crying “Wolf!” does is make people tune you out when you actually do have something important to say.”

    Haha. For a minute there I though that the Left and the Democrats might not own the title of Party of Anti-Semites and Dictator Loving Hacks. Luckily I was wrong.

    I think this post needs an Update note so that when American Jews read it and think “I knew those Rethuglicans were evil! And to think I was starting to worry about my party!”, they will see that this has nothing to do with the RNC.

    By the way, I LOVE the “Obama Card” idea.

  • “Obama Card” is highly offensive to those without a sense of humor and should be taken down.

  • I’m using my Obama Card later this month, trading in my clunker for 4500 towards a new car. Hey, its partly my money anyway.

  • Just checking back. Still no update to the article that’s misleading? You wouldn’t want people to think Jewlicious has no credibility would you? No one is saying take the whole thing down. But at least an admission of “well, it’s not technically under the RNC’s control that these anti-semitic books showed up in their product RSS feed” would be nice.

  • Well I guess I didn’t catch it in time to try it out (can’t find the ObamaCard anywhere – would have loved to see what I could buy), but guys the point has been made. Obama is spending too much and accomplishing relatively little. We don’t need CK to chime in on this he knows that Obama was never good for the Jews or America. Hey look at the bright side only 3.5 more years. YAY!

  • Louder, you missed last year’s infamous Obama endorsement?

  • Obama card page is down. Even the RNC, or whatever is left of it, knows when they have fucked up. I will throw y’all a bone though. Just read an interesting piece about Nancy Reagan in Vanity Fair. She’s a very lovely lady.