In the words of one of my favorite fictional writers, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Is there really no such thing as bad PR?

Earlier this week, a Republican National Committee (RNC) web site began promoting the so-called “Obama Card.” It’s all part of, where you can supposedly shop with abandon, thanks to the reckless ways of Washington.

Let’s say you’re ready to go do some damage with your plastic. Like a smart Jewlicious shopper, you throw a word into the search engine. Take “Jew” for instance.

Put “Jew” into the Obama Card search engine and what do you get? Several titles, including mine, Cool Jew. Oh, and a few others… like a little special somin’ somin’ in the lower left hand corner entitled, Jews and Their Lies.


Hello, RNC? This is your conscience calling. Isn’t this entire site one big whopper of a lie? There is no Obama Card. And your shop is a fake filled with bigotry, pornography, and well… you take a look.

Just go to

Oh wait, what was I thinking? That doesn’t work. You have to add on a word. Try putting this in your browser:


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