UNIFIL – the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. They are the peace keeping force in Southern Lebanon. Part of their job is to monitor what Hezbollah does in the South of the country. While they often attest that it is not their job to stop Hezbollah from doing things (and what could they possibly do to stop them even if they acknowledged that its their job), yet they are supposed to watch and if violations occur, report them.

The IDF Speakers Unit has released footage from 7 months ago which demonstrates that Hezbollah was creating and maintaining a series of store houses connected by tunnels, despite the fact that UNIFIL has claimed, since 2006, that no such activity has occured.
IDF Footage of Hezbollah Resuming Activities in Violation of UN Resolution 1701

On Tuesday morning (July 14, 2009), according to the IDF, a house in “Hirbet Salim in Southern Lebanon, approximately 7 km from the Israeli border, exploded on 14 July 2009 at 0730 exposing the large quantity of munitions stored in the building. The many holes on the roof and walls attest to the destructive power of the weapons being stored and accumulated by the Iran-backed Hizbullah in Southern Lebanon. This is a clear and blatant violation of UN Resolution 1701, which prohibits the use and storage of weaponry south of the Litani River in Lebanon.” The footage attached is of the house, prior to its explosion.
Hezbollah Munitions Store House

Imagine how UNIFIL feels now. UNIFIL, on Wednesday, stated that this incident was a “serious violation.” Lebanese Security Services have confirmed the explosion, but Hezbollah has not yet commented. It would appear that UNIFIL is not doing a very good job at watching. If things are going on under their watch, one must question what it is that they are actually doing. Hezbollah is clearly stockpiling arms and munitions, many of them gifts from their friends in Iran, as well as training their “soldiers” for a not-too-future war. It is rather dubious that the United Nations’ Force is unaware of this. Between tacit compliance and simple incompetence the options are not too great.

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  • This is the same group of people who saluted the terrorists who were released by Israel last July. Israel should have nothing to do with the UN – in a basic cost-benefit analysis, Israel’s relationship with the UN costs Israelis lives. Israel is already criticized ad nauseum by this organization – and it cooperates with them, knowing full well they help Israel’s enemies.

    I once heard the head of UNRWA-WB categorically deny that there were any posters of “martyrs” or any antisemitic slogans on the walls of their schools. This was done in a room full of IDF officers and soldiers, many of whom have been to these schools and seen these things themselves MANY times – the rest had seen photos.

    The UN’s MO, when it comes to Israel, is first deny. Then admit some wrongdoing months laters. If it is too hard for them to defend – say it is “serious” (like here). Otherwise, just say there is nothing wrong with that (like UNRWA’s admission they hire Hamas members all the time).