Muffti is in beautiful Budapest and stopped by Apuchka to have a drink with ROI alum Bruno Bitter of Judapest, who is the new father of a gorgeous baby boy (Benjamin Arion). He couldn’t stay long but he met some of Bruno’s family and friends and he’s happy to say that he hasn’t seen a happier man than Bruno in a long time. Mazel tov to Bruno and Brigitta (also an ROI alum!)!

Sorry for the shortness of post but Muffti has to run to the University. Hope y’all are having a great summer.

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  • Or you could have titled the post “Bouncing baby boy born in Budapest to Bruno and Brigitta Bitter” Ouch.

  • Hey, thanks for the kind post Muffti and CK!

    As for the bris, after consulting with the mohel/doctor we realized that this procedure could cause excessive stress for both the baby and for the parents (especially Brigitta). All in all, we decided to have a ‘Bris Shalom’ celebration instead (see: Our rabbi – masorti – was really cool and understanding about it. (By the way, was there a post ever on this issue before on Jewlicous?)

    Middle: I could write a piece “on the situation” but it’s nothing scandalous really.

    Shavua Tov!

  • Yes. Well it seems we’ve discussed it a lot at least with Kelsey. He’s totally anti-circumcision (to say the least) whereas the thought of a Jewish boy not being circumcised causes me physical pain. But hey, it’s you call. And it can be a very divisive issue so I won’t say anything more on the subject. Mazel Tov.

  • Before Benjamin’s birth performing a bris sounded like a wonderful idea. After seeing his little fragile body every day and working 24/7 as a parent to create as much comfort and trust as we can, performing a bris (an open wound that needs to be actively treated for long weeks) seems like an breach of my mandate as a parent. “Life” and physical well-being is holier than any other mitzvah. So there, I even have a halachic workaround! ;] The Bris Shalom ceremony is a meaningful and beautiful way to welcome him to the Jewish Covenant. Jewish identity and expression has long transcended any physical markers.

    Have a great week!

  • Like I said, I assumed you had your reasons. I’m certainly not going to argue with you. You made your choice and that’s certainly your right. Maybe one day we’ll write a circumcision post but today is not that day.

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