Diab: I love Paree in the Spring time! I love Paree in the fall...

Diab: I love Paree in the Spring time! I love Paree in the fall...

Meet Ottawa academic Hassan Diab. Thirty years ago, in the first attack against the French Jewish community since the Nazi era, 4 people were murdered in an explosion at a synagogue on the Rue Copernic. French authorities issued a warrant in November 2007 for Diab’s arrest, following a lead from German intelligence saying he was involved in the October 1980 bombing. Now awaiting deportation hearings, Diab is set to teach a class on Intro to Sociology at Carleton University in Ottawa this summer, as a last minute replacement for another professor who bailed. If you are planning on taking Intro to Sociology this summer at Carleton, don’t. Carleton seriously sucks. You’d be better off taking a 6-week certificate course on video production or something. Then at least you can re-brand yourself as an interdisciplinary artist and get a job with some clueless organization. This is especially true if you are visibly Jewish. I mean why take a chance?

I’m not opposed to his bail conditions which include him having to live with his common law wife even though he recently cheated on her. The presumption of innocence is the presumption of innocence after all. I am also heartened by the support he has received from members of the Arab community who have testified to his good character, the presumption being that actual Arab terrorists have bad characters. That’s something isn’t it?

But yeah. Intro to Sociology at Carleton. Stay far, far away David Goldstein and Leah Levy. Just sayin’ is all.

Source: Vancouver Sun and a hat tip to Yankel.

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  • Carleton doesn’t suck; and if you really took the presumption of innocence seriously you wouldn’t be telling people to avoid his class…

  • Carleton does suck. Hassan Diab can and ought to benefit from the presumption of innocence in a court of law. that’s his right and I would vigorously defend that. I am not however on the jury nor am I the judge and I don’t have to extend him any personal privilege or courtesy at all. I trust he will have a fair trial but my advice was all of the better safe than sorry variety. And Carleton sucks. Did I mention that?

  • It’s not the best in Canada but it certainly doesn’t suck (see here for a brief showing of rankings). No one is saying that you HAVE to extend him social courtesy or personal privilege – you don’t have to let him blog here and you can entertain all the thoughts you like about him and his innocence. Muffti is just saying that you don’t govern yourself and your attitudes by a GENERAL presumption of innocence so much as treating it as a norm of the courts.

    • Oh look Muffti! Carleton canned Hassan Diab in a move meant to provide students “with a stable, productive academic environment that is conducive to learning…” As for the presumption of innocence, it’s a legal term. I have no issue with his being free on bail pending his extradition hearing. I have no issue with his right to a vigorous defense, in fact I’d be greatly offended if any of his rights were violated or even diminished. I can state unequivocally that at this point, Hassan is innocent and he will remain so until he is proven guilty by a competent court. I’ll even go one step further! The harsh condemnations that Carleton has received from Jewish organizations in Canada is wrong. Hassan ought to be free to make a living and Carleton has every right to hire anyone they like. All I was saying is that until the charges against him are sorted out, as a Jew, I would try avoid taking his class and would counsel others to do the same. Just to be on the safe side. There’s nothing wrong with that. How’s Hungary btw?

      Sorry if I offended any of your colleagues in the academic community. My assessment of Carleton sucking is based on personal experience – 3 of the dumbest people I have ever met were Carleton grads and people I know from Ottawa have been verily scathing in their critiques of the University. I’ll go with your assessment of “maybe not the best” instead.

  • Yeah, Carleton has received a pretty bad rap latley, especially as it pertains to Jewish student life there. It’s probably in the same category as Canadian schools like York and Concordia in that the “anti-Zionist” crowds there are vocal, large and Jewish students have been made to feel intimidated. In one anecdotal incident I heard, an Arab student tore up pamphlets about the Holocaust that were made availible by Jewish students on Holocaust rememebrance day–I guess it was a protest against history or something.
    As for the academic quality of the shcool though…I can’t really say, it has some very popular and well respected programs, but for an arts degree, if I were forced to do it in Ottawa, I’d choose Ottawa U over Carleton.
    As for the presumption of innocence: one of its failings is that it cannot account for the stigma an accusation brings. It is certainly a controvercial decision to hire anyone formally suspected of committing any crime–especially one such as this and especially when the accused person will be a teacher. Diab is legally entitled to the benefit of the doubt, but until his name is cleared, I’m happier to have someone not suspected of terrorism teaching young people.

  • Fair enough. Hungary is awesome…Muffti thinks he loves eastern europe. The beer is great, the women are gorgeous, the weather is nice…