…even if it’s not particularly Jewlicious. One can have a reasonable fight over the healthcare plan proposed in the US (or one of the many proposed…) but this may be the greatest case of refusal to engage Muffti has ever seen, care of Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma:

I don’t have to read it, or know what’s in it. I’m going to oppose it anyways

Muffti is charitably assuming this was taken out of context. But it’s still funny.

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  • The senator was demonstrating the old adage “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Since the majority of Democrats, including the president himself were trying to ram a bill through congress which they didn’t bother to read, why should the opponents? But, I’d wager a bet that far more opponents of the bill(s) have read it than supporters. Oh yeah, that and the Constitution.

    I have read parts myself and its a travesty that ideas so stupid were ever thought up by Americans, albeit by Marxist psuedo-intellectuals.

  • I hate republicans and all politicians. I just hate democrats more. I’m sure Inhofe is an idiot like the rest if it makes you feel better. How can we expect good legislation if it’s drafted by lawyers and aides and is so full of legalese that no politician has time to read it, what with their great vacation time and lack of oversight? If there is anyone I’m defending, it’s the actual grass roots movement of concerned citizens opposed to the Socialist takeover of health care, whom the democrats call “astroturfers” while busy busing in union thugs to feign support for the embattled politicians at town halls. Hey, I saw this headline on Huffpo last night. I just find it funny that you quoted him and not the multitude of democrats who are the ones ramming it down our throats who’ve admitted they haven’t read it, like John Conyers (IIRC). Actually, I’m not surprised. American Jewish loyalty to the democrats always outweighs objectivity.

  • Actually, Muffti didn’t read Huffpo – he just saw this quote on Littlegreenfootballs and thought it was funny. Teh funny thing to muffti wasn’t that the guy hadn’t read it — it was that his no vote was assured come what may.

  • AlexK, are you sure you aren’t talking about the Patriot Act? If we had followed the same schedule that the Patriot Act did, THEN we can talk about health care being rammed down your throat. However, we are well past the 24 days it took from proposal to passage. Nevermind that health-care reform has been debated for 45 years already.

  • The same was rumoured about Obama and the Stimulus Package.

    Thanks to my grandpa, who was active in politics, I know several MPs and I know it’s common practice for them not to read every piece they get to decide on; they’ve got personal assistants that pick for them what to read, provide summaries of stuff they’re not reading, they even pre-write the speeches to be held in parliament.

  • uhhh, Froylein – we’re talking about a bill that will nationalize an entire industry, subsuming and impacting other large industries such as pharmaceuticals.

    A bill that will add TRILLIONS of dollars to what is already the largest national budget in the world.

    A bill that will vastly expand the power of the government over individuals, and limit their choices in some very critical personal decisions.

    This is not the time for legislators to plead ignorance, or palm the policy-making off on aides….

    …. and to all those young Jewlicious voters who voted Obama based on the flash and image of cool that the campaign projected:

    See what happens when you elect style over substance?

    • BD: I still think universal healthcare is a great idea. I’ve lived in Canada, France and Israel and those societies haven’t fallen apart because of their healthcare.

  • B-D, bills passing parliament here are not necessarily any less influential; knowing how to delegate tasks is key to political success as you need to produce your likeness more often in the public square than any efficient political work could permit. You might recall I lamented the lack of political content during the Obama campaign compared to how content-filled campaigns are over here. It matters little to the cat whether it gets sold in a designer bag.

  • “A bill that will vastly expand the power of the government over individuals, and limit their choices in some very critical personal decisions.”

    And that doesn’t happen right now thanks to insurance “death panels”? Give me a f’n break, I know every trick in the book by now.

  • CK, well please feel free to stay living in those less populated states. We don’t need to be subjected to those standards. Some of us chose to move to America knowing the rules of the game over here. Many of us are content with less government involvement in our life which is why we chose to be here. You’re a nice guy, and all, so please come visit.

    Joshua, 145 Democrats voted in favor of the Patriot Act. Republicans were told by Nancy Pelosi to get bent as far as Healthcare or any bill for that matter. You have 60 votes, pass it. What are you waiting for?

    “Give me a f’n break, I know every trick in the book by now.” = “The debate is over, all your points are BS, and I will never be convinced otherwise.”

    We know every leftist trick in the book too. This isn’t about Healthcare. There have been plenty of great ideas pitched around from people on both sides, especially in the private sector. Everyone agrees health care needs reform. Most of us don’t want a government takeover. This is about the far left rewarding their unions and voters with more socialism. No thanks.

  • So, you defend ramming bills down people’s throats? You don’t think a sizeable chunk were intimidated by the “with us or with the terrorists” rhetoric? Thanks for proving my point for me, that you support ramming bills down people’s throats only if it’s your bill.

    As for “good ideas”, I have yet to hear one good idea from the Republicans. Co-ops are a cop-out and a non-starter. Come to think about it, that’s about the only idea I have heard, and even now the Republicans are against it! So, bring some ideas to the table or STFU.

  • Well, I’m from Canada, lived in the US, and Australia (2 tier system) and I’ll take the Canadian system where you are guaranteed medical care regardless of income or pre-existing medical problems. The lies we hear about the Canadian system are mind boggling to say the least, did you know that we can’t get transplants here in Canada?!?!?!

    At this time, the US spends the most per capita of any of the world’s developed countries and is ranked one of the worst countries for medical care. If the US were to switch to a fully national system they’d actually save money on the long term.