No, nobody is paying me or Jewlicious for this. I am hoping, however, that people will flock to Macaroni restaurant in Jerusalem. The owners don’t know me although I’ve dined in their establishment a couple of times in my life, and I would guess they have never heard of Jewlicious, so this post is coming from the heart.

According to friends who have dined there with me, this great Jerusalem restaurant is not as busy as it should be. I assume it’s the economy, but I also think it’s the size of the place which is very small. It doesn’t have the “hip” factor of some restaurants in the same neighborhood that in my opinion are inferior (Link comes to mind).

The restaurant, Macaroni on 28 King George, is a small, family owned restaurant. The woman behind the counter who is also the waitress, is also the chef. She is an amazing pasta chef.

When we last ate there, I believe I had pear/Roquefort cheese ravioli with pine-nut sauce. My son had the puttanesca. Seeing as he is a puttanesca lover thanks to his father’s fine abilities with that dish, his proclamation that Macaroni’s version is superior to his dad’s is serious praise indeed. The pizza my wife enjoyed was maybe the best we’ve had in Israel and my friends who ordered the melanzane penne dish were served with a treat. We washed it down with some Recanati wine that was also a pleasant surprise.

In short, for great Italian food in Jerusalem, particularly pasta dishes, go to Macaroni on King George. It is one of Jerusalem’s finer restaurants.


So, dammit, go there and give them your money and eat their delicious food. Then come to Jewlicious and thank me for the recommendation.

Oh and speaking of Italian Jewish cooking, I enjoy and recommend Cucina Ebraica, Flavors of the Italian Jewish Kitchen By Joyce Goldstein. I have heard good things about Classic Italian Jewish Cooking by Edda Servi.

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