President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.img_assist_customMayor Bloomberg,

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the main supporter of anti-Jewish and anti-American terrorism in the world, must be arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity.

You will be hosting Ahmadinejad, one of the most evil men on earth, this week when he visits the UN for his turn to poke fun at the world’s democracies.

Just a peek at his recent portfolio:

STOLE the recent election in Iran,
TORTURES political opponents
LIES about the Holocaust, and his nuclear ambitions

Ahmadinejad has crushed his people and opponents, kept Americans hostage in 1979, and promises to wipe Israel off the map. His actions and his words speak volumes about his intentions to build and use nukes. He sends guns, ammo, land mines, missiles, money and bombs to Hamas, Hizbollah, and those killing American soldiers in Iraq. He is a murderous madman like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Imagine the suffering that could have been avoided if anyone of them had been apprehended, tried and sentenced before they were allowed to institute their evil plans?

Do the right thing— and the world will thank you. It will raise your profile and your moral standing.
It will be a mitzvah.

America wants this madman off the streets.


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  • I’m waiting for Danny Glover to shout, “HAS JUST BEEN REVOKED!”

  • Addendum after I submitted:
    Oh wait, he won’t, b/c he’s just as bad as Mad Mel and Ahmadinejad!

  • If a Reagan was in power, perhaps. With President Pantywaist in power, fogetaboutit!

  • Blowhard?
    the man tortures opponents, sponsors terror worldwide, just to mention a few things….
    What is your litmus test for criminal?

  • how would the arrest work? how would it be done legally? is this political posturing or are you actually trying to achieve actual goals? if so, what are the goals? if ahmadinejad is “arrested,” who will replace him in Iran? what if it is someone even more hardline? will you advocate with Mousavi as a replacement– the man who worked in the background as Iranian President to pave the way for Iran-Contra?

    for the record being “the most evil man on earth,” while it is a cool-sounding phrase, is not in any criminal code I know of. Nor are alleged crimes in committed another country. Nor is causing “suffering that could have been avoided.” no– you actually need real counts on which to arrest people, not moral platitudes.

    where are the weapons of mass destruction? give specific locations and data. why don’t we round up the Israeli delegation while we’re at it?

    how about extraditing American settlers in the occupied territories for war crimes.

    of course, the true place to try people for crimes against humanity is the International Court. but, I know, agro-Zionists think that ICC is “stupid” and “boring…”

    i’d like to call for the arrest of Jewlicious for being “the most evil stupid, hate speech-spewing website on earth.” hah.

  • That’s great Please and Imma let you finish, but CTC is the greatest sockpuppet-master of all time!

  • Alexk: Ronald Reagan was President of the US between 1981 and 1989. In that time exactly 0 world leaders with blood on their hands were arrested while visiting the General Assembly in New York. Maybe because he was napping at the time? “Please” makes a valid point – you can’t just arrest world leaders, even scuzzballs like Ahmadinejad. But you can lobby for more sanctions. That seems like a reasonable solution… unless you’re JStreet of course.

  • If you arrest him, make sure it’s after not before he’s scheduled to meet with Obama.

  • All good points, but rather than alter focus on American politics and leaders — why not turn the discussion towards some of the corruptions and dysfunctions of that other political entity, the UN??

    Have a look –>

  • And Tom, would you like to tell me when Obama plans on meeting Ahmadinejad, especially since the two will not be in the same place very much? I believe he will be giving his shpiel at the UN, then making his way to Pittsburgh shortly thereafter.

  • Reagan destroyed the USSR. That’s good enough for my family and me. F**k President Pussybama.

  • Reagan destroyed the USSR.

    Yep. And I thought communism was just starting to work wonders for the Soviets. And to think that Chernobyl was a poster child for the superiority of the Soviet system. I mean, things were going so swimmingly in the USSR that an outside superhero like Reagan was needed to dismantle an empire built on such a superior economic system.

    Right, Alex?

  • MUL, I have always found you to be a repugnant person with his head so far up Obama’s ass that even if you possessed a rudimentary understanding of American, Soviet, or world history in general, I still wouldn’t gratify you with a response. The best I could expect from you is a warming that Dear Leader has polyps. Basically, go get bent.

  • Shorter Alex:

    “I have no idea why what I said was incoherent. So I will offer no argument as to whether or not communism was bound to fail, and instead insult anyone who doesn’t cheer me on while I suck Ronald Reagan’s decaying, liver-spotted dick. I will insult such people with homosexual innuendo while I do so.”

    Sound about right, Alex? About as repugnant as someone with his head up Reagan’s ass would put it?