He used to be such a hottie. Funny what time and 30+years of bitter, gutwrenching hostility can do to a man, habibi.Â

[Sidenote: for a COMPLETE list of Middle Eastern hottie/dead leaders, see this link.]

I am concerned. Muammar Gaddafi doesn’t have a place to sleep during his stay in the United States, having been denied by the Dirty Zionist town of Englewood, New Jersey,possibly denied by Jewish conspirator Donald Trump, and turned down at a number of major New York hotels.

To help him feel a little more at home in his Bedouin tent cum traveling Ringling Brothers Flying High Top as he continues to bring the Haterade on America (and Israel), I’ve graciously come up with a list of locations should feel free to use.  You can thank me later, Mo Mo.  Preferably by giving me my own AK-47.

1.  Newark, New Jersey-Its crime rate has plummeted to only 60% shootings every day!
2.  My home hood near Susquehannah Univesity, Pennsylvania, where there’s only a slight chance he’ll get cancer
3.  Clearfield, Pennsylvania, where he could possibly choke to death/die of cholesterol poisoning from a 5 lb burger
4. Some place in New York where there is a very small chance he could get run over by an epliplectic lorry driver (WTF is a lorry?)
5.  And the most obvious place?  An actual Bedouin Tent! Granted, it’s a restaurant and probably they could stick him near the sink or something, but still.  Duh, MoMo.  Think on your feet.  How did you ever stay in power so long.  You should just hire me to do all your major decisions for you.  First decision Ouiki would make? (yes, that’s right.  There’s no V in Arabic, so you have to substitute with a U.  No wonder Lybia never got anywhere.  How retarded is that? Oueri.)

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  • There’s been a lot of good laughs in response to Gaddafi’s speech, and many major news outlets have commendably highlighted the Holocaust denial is Ahmadinejad’s speech (though some news outlets regrettably chose to characterize his speech instead as merely “critical of Israel.”).

    What I haven’t seen much of in the news is frank discussion not of the anti-Israel nature of Ahmadinejad’s speech, but of the bald anti-SEMITISM of it.

    “It is no longer acceptable that a small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks, and establish a new form of slavery, and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the U.S., to attain its racist ambitions,” he said.

    WTF…none of the major news networks called this out for what it was.

  • He looked like my uncle, I have to say my uncle looks better than him nowadays.

  • Being a non-Jew myself whose family is rooted in West Africa I found it appalling to begin with that “Khaddafi” was given the red carpet treatment” back into the fold” by Western Governments to begin with, that he was allowed to tour all the major European capitals and now the US as a “guest of honor”.
    Libya now holds the presidency of the African Union – do any of you folks know how Gaddafi fulfilled that life long dream of his?
    For decades he wanted that position (noticed the expensive “African” jewelry Gaddafi displayed on his robe during that UN speech? – that could have fed a lot of hungry kids) and for just as long even the most corrupt of African dictatorships didn’t want to be associated with that “mad dog of the middle east”.

    So how did Gaddafi finally succeed, how did he manage that feat? The usual way (for a criminal like him).
    Blackmail, intimidation and outright terror. Whenever there was a government in Africa weakened by internal turmoil, Gaddafi used his oil wealth to support which ever side would vow him allegiance in his struggle for the AU presidency.
    And while many countries meddle in the affairs of their neighbors, Gaddafi did so in countries a thousand miles and more away from his own and he specifically choose the side which used the most ruthless, most barbaric means to crush their opponents. This as to send a message to anyone else even thinking of opposing their sponsor – the “enlightened leader”.

    So by this Gaddafi’s henchmen managed to turn the once thriving Ivory Coast into a wasteland, in Liberia Charles Taylor rained down a terror on his people unheard of in that nation once founded by freed American slaves and in neighboring Sierra Leone Gaddafi’s special pick Foday Sankoh trained an army of drugged up child soldiers to chop of the limbs of their own family members, as a means to break their spirit and brain wash them into mindless obedience.

    All of those terrorists were trained in Gaddafi’s own country, in his own terror camps and all of that is well documented by the UN War Crimes Tribunals for Africa.
    I’m soooo sick & tired that everyone goes on about Lockerbie, but no one in the Western Media mentions the millions(!) Gaddafi made suffer in agony throughout Africa. And now that the West has welcomed the mad dog back into the fold, what else were those terrified African countries supposed to do but to finally grant Gaddafi his ultimate price?
    Last year Libya finally, finally was granted presidency of the AU – Victory at last!

    Charles Taylor was put on trial, Foday Sankoh was tried and Milosevic died in a UN war crimes jail for only a fraction of the victims Gaddafi got murdered. That *dictator* should have been arrested right there and then at JFK airport.
    Instead Trump “the hair” offered him his own land for a tent – whoever said crime doesn’t pay obviously never, ever followed the news.

    The UN & Human Rights? Talk about a bad, bad joke….

    PS: Why, oh why didn’t Sharon mention any of that during his speech?

  • tim, you don’t mention the primary reason gaddafi was welcomed back into the fold; he pursued a WMD program, then gave it up at western behest.

  • Ouicky – Loved this. Literally LOL. BTW – they might have room for him in some parts of Boro Park with similar world Oiews.

  • xisnotx, you got to be kidding me.
    When Saddam screamed from the highest mountain tops “I got no WMDs”, nobody in Washington (neither Democrat nor Republican) believed him.

    And now we believe a murderous thug like Ghaddafi because he says so…and Ahmadinejad doesn’t even deny his quest for WMDs – he simply declares that his country would have the right to such weapons and that he wouldn’t have to justify any such cravings to “outsiders”.

    Even in his worst days, Saddam made a heck of a lot more sense than that rambling monster Ghadaffi at the UN did.
    And if *everybody* insisted that Saddam was just to crazy to be trusted, then were does all of a sudden this enormous fuzzy feeling of love and trust for Ghadaffi and Ahmadinejad come from?!

    Has the Western World gone completely crazy or what?!!

    I am telling you here and now as a non-Jew, that if Israel feels compelled to whipe the Iranian WMD infrastructure of the face of the earth, because America & Europe are just to cowardly to do it, then I can only hope their bombers make a short detour to Tripolis.

    After all, that is where the PLO terrorists fled to after they were driven out of the Lebanon.
    In any case, they would have my support to do it!

    I am ashamed that my government allows people like that to openly spew their Anti-Semitism in the UN.
    Ghaddafi even blamed JFK’s assasination on Israel at the UN!

    What kind of a bizzare circus is that place anyway?
    They once promised us all “never again” and now the whole damn world sits by idly while those two freaks openly prepare another Holocaust.
    Yes, I call both of them freaks, because for me they don’t classify as “human” no more…

  • Tim, i’m a little confused. are you saying he hasn’t actually given up WMD’s? or just that his word is worthless? on his WMD’s:'s+Libya.-a0179571582
    But a link between Saddam’s fate and Qaddafi’s about-face is plain–self-evident. A few days after Saddam’s capture, Qaddafi did precisely what Saddam had refused to do: He opened up his WMD programs to inspection, and gave them up. He also pronounced himself through with terrorism. Today, Qaddafi’s WMD materials are at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee.

    Qaddafi gave the United States and the civilized world quite a lot: his WMD; his pledge to quit terror, and cooperate against al-Qaeda. What did he get? Successively, the United States lifted sanctions, struck Libya from the terror list, and restored diplomatic relations. American oil companies are back in Libya, after an extended absence. And Qaddafi is on the Security Council of the U.N. Indeed, he was its president for a month.

  • xisnotx, what I do say is that *anyone* who entrusts the life, safety & security of himself, his family & loved ones and indeed that of his entire nation and culture to the word of a tyrant, who just month before his supposed “return into the fold” was holding a whole bunch of unfortunate Bulgarian nurses and doctors hostage – whose only crime it was that they had come to his country to help the Libyan people, should get his head examined. Seriously!

    If all that it takes to win your trust are the assurances of someone who has more innocent blood crunching under his finger nails than all the Ted Bundies and Green River Rapists of this world combined, then I’m scared out of my wits of the day when the likes of you get to make the decisions about all of our safety and security.

    And about those oil deals you mentioned:
    They (the Westerners) would gladly sell us the rope we’d hang them with, as long as they think they’d make a profit in the process – Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

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