Sorry. What am I? Fucking 12 years old or something? No. You don’t in fact have cooties. I don’t even know what cooties are. Man. A generous interpretation would be that I am writing this in a fit of whimsy! Why? Because after watching the latest interview on with Tel Aviv musician Kutiman, I am addicted…

Ya gotts ta check out Kutiman’s YouTube musical alchemy project Thru You where he takes otherwise banal musical video clips from YouTube, many shot in drab, North American Suburban basements or bedrooms and magically transforms them into wicked ass grooves. I am sure the women at Hadassah are bumpin’ booties to “The Mother of All Funk Chords” as we speak! Kutiman also fronts the Kutiman Orchestra which includes the amazing MC Karolina and you better believe next time they perform in my neck of the woods, I’m a be there.

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