Yet more evidence that CNN is rather behind the curve…when you basically open up with a paragraph like this, one has to wonder if you are a real news organization or, more like, um, Jewlicious. Let’s see what light investigative reporting has shed:

A blogger writes about how one of Judaism’s holiest days ended, for her, in a strip club, while elsewhere a guy strolls into a tattoo parlor requesting a Star of David. Two women exchange wedding vows in a Jewish ceremony, and hipsters toss back bottles of HE’BREW, The Chosen Beer. A full-time software developer prepares to lead a group in Jewish prayer, as a PhD candidate in Jewish thought pens a letter criticizing Israel’s policies.

I’m shocked and amazed. If you want to find out about a magazine called ‘Heeb‘ that sometimes puts provocative pictures and messages on their cover, go check out CNN on New Jews.

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  • It’s about de-legitimatizing Israel as the physical and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people.

    As Yaakov Kirschen (Dry Bones) recently said in a lecture I attended in Boston. We are potentially on the brink of another world effort to rid itself of its Jews.

    Sad but true…

  • Moskek, maybe you could take a couple of sentences to describe the relationship between the post/CNN content and the de-legitimization of Israel as the homeland?

  • Interesting choice of “name” “grandmuffti” as the Grand Muffti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, was a Nazi Sympathizer as noted below:

    I am not going to waste my time debating issues with you but anyone who is an observer of current affairs knows there is an wide spread effort, mostly from the left, to de-ligtemize Israel. Even “J-Street” the ostensibly pro-Israel new-age Jewish organization dropped the word Zionist at it’s most recent Washington DC event.

    Am Yisral Chai – “The people of Israel Lives” !

    • Aw geez Moshek258 dude. The Grand MuFti, Haj Amin al-Husayni was a total dirt bag. There’s no question of that. Whereas our grandmuFFti (two Fs, see the difference?) is a fancier of all things “muff” as in toasted English muffins with country fresh butter and home made strawberry jam or a warm and cozy woolen muffler worn on an autumnal jaunt through the country side to see the leaves change colors or a carrot and walnut muffin and a tall glass of milk, part of a delicious breakfast treat. Furthermore, I am a people of Israel – I live in and love Jerusalem. And I have a cold. Will someone please come over with hot vegetable soup???

  • Moshek, please note that Mohammad Amin al-Husayni was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, not our or any Grandmuffti.

    Also, I don’t see how reporting on cultural achievements of diaspora Judaism is in any way preparing a future genocide. You might disagree with the notion that there can be a fulfilled Jewish life outside of the immanent state of Israel, but then you’d have a hard time explaining how most of the world’s Jewry can live and thrive outside of Israel and why, to very religious people, it appears that the immanent state of Israel clashes with their concept of an eschatological state of Israel. As far as I can see, diaspora Jewry has become a benefactor of Israel politically, monetarily and infrastructurally as well as it benefits from Israel’s existence politically and, in part, educationally.

    Alas, that is neither the topic of Muffti’s post nor of the CNN article. So there is no need to even suggest that you might be wasting your time debating issues with Grandmuffti as he had merely asked you to elaborate on your point and not contradicted you in any way. He wasn’t debating you. He was trying to understand what prompted your comment. If you are a regular reader of Jewlicious, you may have noticed that there have been plenty of posts that would fit your comment better.

    So I won’t waste my time being offended by the suggestion that there is no legitimate Jewish existence outside of Israel. That is not the topic of this post.

  • Dear froylein,

    Please point out to me where I stated that “that there is no legitimate Jewish existence outside of Israel”.


  • The land of Israel is the physical and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people.

    I do not see how one can call themselves a Jew and not agree with this statement.

    For the record, I never stated nor do I agree that it is impossible to lead a fulfilling Jewish life outside of Israel. On the other hand it would be impossible to live a fulfilling Jewish life WITHOUT Israel.

    Lech L’shalom.


  • 🙂

    I wish that I could! One day when I find myself again in Israel I will be happy to oblige 🙂

    I hope your server issues are now resolved! (i hope u know who this is!)

    Refuah Shelmah and Shavua Tov 🙂

    • HWOTD?? Is that you? Then surely you know that we’re not that kinda Jew. And yeah… you saved my ass!

      I keep telling everyone to come to Israel but for the most part they don’t listen to me.


  • Moshek, Muffti didn’t want to debate you, just to ask you to draw out a connection that seemed at best massively distant from the content of the post.

    Out of curiousity, you claim:
    “On the other hand it would be impossible to live a fulfilling Jewish life WITHOUT Israel.”

    Is it really plausible that, i.e., the Rambam didn’t live a fulfulling Jewish life?

  • yep that’s me 🙂

    Glad to be of service. You are providing a great resource with your websites and I thank you!

    One day i will return….just a question of when! i will bring you your vegetable soup then!

    All the best,

  • Apologies Grand Muffti. I am a bit tired of debating with people that do not see us as having any rights to and in the land of Israel.

    I would not dare to speak for the Rambam although I know it is impossible for one to fulfill all the mitzvot without access to the physical land of Israel.

    So now we can debate the concept of a “fulfilling” Jewish life….nah 🙂

    We in the galut need Israel and she needs us.

    I am off…be well all!

  • “cultural achievements of diaspora Judaism” = tattoos, same-gender marriages.

    Oy vey.

    • Yiddish, Jewish philosophy, diamond cutting and trade, Jewish fashion design & tailors, authors a-plenty as well as scientists, entrepreneurs and performing artists, and an above-average literacy rate no matter what the dominating culture may be etc.

      Not bad.

  • Also, where the wimmins at? The article quoted a whole mess of men but only one woman. I know there were more women around back in the dizay. Where they at??

    Might I also add, people that leave comments on CNN seem to be amongst the dumbest people I have ever read. Seriously. Read the comments!

  • Don’t tell anyone Jewish Americans are first of all American’s. They have satirized Judaism, Jewish culture and stereotypes. CNN’s latent stereotypical antisemitic disinformation subtly directed by Orwellian historical revisionists that have indoctrinated the world to believe that in fact our planet is flat, the moon is made of cheese and not only do the Jews control the world, but they caused WWI, WWII, the Civil War, financed Napoleon, controlled the Popes inspired the Crusades created the black death. cont.

  • The new Jews I guess would include Fanny Bryce, Irving Berlin the Jew who wrote the most popular Christmas song, “White Christmas”. “Al Jolson for his defaming portrayal of a Cantor who becomes a Jazz Singe. There’s the cheap, Jack Benny whose show about his vaul is hysterical. Need I mention Mel Brooks. CNN as most of the media has no knowledge of the true history of the country created s9lely for the Jewish People Palestine. Antiwsemitism has bec9me legal everywhere while the the gbigotry and hate of radical Islam is ignored, excused or blamed on the Jews.
    Judaism is being delegitimized as the state of Israel. American Jews ae far more diverse, critical of Israel and Jewish Institutions the many other minorities. Today, Black, Latino, Orientals are creating their own satirical comedians who by making fum of their communities just as the Jews they demonstrate their strenght and diversity.

  • Heeb, is far more then a Jewish Mad Magazine. The main center in the US for the Anti Israel Arab Lobby is Columbia University. But first I would recommend you read and research the true history of how Britain stole over 80% of Palestine from the Jews while they conceptualized, organized, directed and financed anti Jewish Arab violence. The two best sources documenting this are Britain’s political officer of the Palestine Administration Col. Richard Meinertzhagen’s,: “Middle East Diary 1917-1956” (London, 1959). Also : “Battleground: Fact & Fantasy in Palestine” by Samuel Katz, Used copies of Katz’s book are available at Amazon for a buck. Then the revisionist myth that creates the fantasy land of Palestine, Obana’s Bro, Walid Kalali’s : Revising the 1947 UNGA Partition Resolution” This is available on the web. This article deceitfully falsifies history, valid treaties and international law to eliminate the legal bases of the state of Israel. The ironic thing is that the Arab States declared to the UN Security Council their absolute rejection of 191 and that it was null and void. They stated teir intent to occupy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. They also called on all Arabs within tyhe Jewish State to leave immediately. Kalali denies these documented facts.He currently is the Said Chair at Columbia, where Obama attended his junior and senior years majoring in International Relations.
    Heeb was founded by Jennifer Bleyer, a graduate student at Columbia’s School of Journalism. It was financed by the Jew hating Jew, Steven Spielberg and Charles Bronfman. A magazine that demonises Jews, Judaism and Israel. It has helped promote anti Israel and anti Antisemitism on colleges across America. This Magazine is anti establishment and decidedly left wing. It has every right to print whatever it wants. But it’s 1939 and “Life is a Cabaret” If you listen carefully you’ll her the Arab voices,”The Future Belongs To Me”. 30,000,000 admit to being antisemitic. Remember as Obama draws red lines against Jews on land stolen for only 19 years by Jordan in 1948 we had red lines in this country against Jews. Ford and Lindberg preached antisemitism. In 1915 Leo Frank was lynched in Georgia. Obama attended an antisemitic church for TWENTY YEARS, THINK! His speech at Kalali’s going away banquet was censored from the public by the LA Times. WHY IS IT FORGOTTEN THAT JORDAN ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED THE WEST BANK AND EAST JERUSALEM IN 1948? THE JEWISH MAJORITY OF EAST JERUSALEM WERE EXPELLED IT’S 57 SYNAGOGUES DESECRATED AND BURNT TO THE GROUND.

    • David, it’s Khalidi, not Kalali and calling Bronfman and Spielberg Jew-hating Jews undermines everything you write.